Lessons I have Learned This Year


Lessons That I Have Learned Since Being In College- 5 Lessons That Every College Student Will Soon Learn - sincerelykenz

October Blogging Challenge, we meet again. Not gonna’ lie, I am pretty proud of myself for keeping up with this challenge so far.


Today’s prompt is “Lessons You’ve Learned This Year”.


Let’s get started, shall we?!


1// Managing People Is A Lot Harder Than It Looks.

-For those of you who don’t know, this past September I became my college’s Her Campus Chapter Correspondent! This was definitely a big step for me, but I totally don’t regret any of it! I have learned, however, that it’s hard to manage such a large group of people. When they told me it would be 15 hours of work a week, they definitely weren’t lying.


2//There Is Nothing Wrong With Switching Your Major.

-After almost failing out of my biology classes last year, I decided to make the switch to an English concentration instead. Let me just say this, THANK GOD I made this switch. I have found out that a ton of college students switch their majors more than once throughout their college careers. I actually have a friend who has switched her major more than 3 times already.


3//Ice-cream Fixes Everything.

-Well, maybe not everything…but almost everything. College has been one of the most stressful times of my life yet, and my good friends Ben and Jerry are always there to save the day.


4//8 a.ms Aren’t That Bad.

-I know what you’re thinking. You probably read the title of this one and immediately started to think about how I must be an alien or something for saying this. But I am totally not kidding, I have an 8 a.m. everyday of the week this year and they are so so soooooo awesome. I head to the library right after them and get so much work done before my class later on in the day.


5//Tacos rock.

-I think I’ve known this since birth, but I figured I would throw it in here anyway.


What have you learned this year? I hope you guys all have an awesome hump day!