Lets Talk Ice Cream Cones

lets talk ice cream cones sincerelykenz

It’s Monday, the start of a new week and I (for what feels like forever) finally have a day off. I felt like having some fun on this fabulous Monday, so we are going to discuss a very serious and important topic on the blog today… Ice cream cones.


For those of you who don’t know, I am basically a professional ice cream scooper. I have worked in the ice cream industry ever since my sophomore year of high school and I hate to brag BUT, I can make a mean ice cream cone.


My ideal ice cream order usually changes all the time, but if I’m in the mood for a cone, my order is  usually pretty consistent. If we’re talking specifics: pistachio frozen yogurt, cookie dough ice cream, and chocolate sprinkles in a waffle cone. Delicious combination, I know, no need to tell me.

lets talk ice cream cones sincerelykenz

Some people literally have no idea what the differences are between ice cream cones. I can’t tell you how many times I have served people ice cream and asked them what cone they would like to eat it in and they have literally had NO idea what I was even saying. It’s not a different language people, it’s actually pretty simple.


So that is why I am here today to talk specfics and get these things straightened out. It is 2016, you should know the different types of ice cream cones that exist!


First things first,there are usually three main dry ingredients which create our beloved cones.  Wheat flour, tapioca flour, and sugar are the three major components of ice cream cones. These specific types of ingredients are chosen for baking quality, strength, and relative sweetness, and then wala-  you have your ice cream cone.


Unless you live under a rock, you would probably know that there are three major different types of ice cream cones. You got your wafer, your sugar, and of course your waffle. These three type of cones all taste and look a bit different.



Waffle Cone

What is it? In the family of cones, the waffle is the largest. The cone has a waffle-pattern all over it and generally has a combination of softness and crunchiness, it really depends on where you get it from. Waffle cones usually can hold a ton of ice cream (duh, I just told you that they were the biggest cone) and this cone has the most flavor to it, it is a bit sweeter than the wafer and the sugar cones.  Lil’ fun fact: I have decided that Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Shops actually make the best waffle cones in the world. Don’t even get me started on the chocolate dipped waffle cones that they sell…


Wafer Cone

What is it? The wafer cone or sometimes known as the cake cone is the softest of the three types of cones. This cone basically has zero taste at all and weighs in at a whopping 5 calories per cone! These cones are generally used for soft serve ice cream and they kind of absorb the ice cream flavor into themselves… if that makes sense?

lets talk ice cream cones sincerelykenz


Sugar Cone

What is it? Last but not least we have the famous sugar cone. The sugar cone is the darkest of the three cones, and probably the crunchiest. This cone is very sturdy and doesn’t usually get soggy like the wafer and waffle sometimes can.

lets talk ice cream cones sincerelykenz

And there you have it, the three types of ice cream cones. Please inform your friends, your family, your families friends, your friends friends, and your friends families about the differences in these cones, it is an epidemic! This is common knowledge and should be taught in schools or something.


What is your favorite type of ice cream cone?