Libester Award!

Hey guys! So I was lucky enough to receive the Libester Award (not to be confused with the Lobster Award, which it keeps autocorrecting to) from two different bloggers! Both McKenna and Shelby nominated me for this award and I’m super excited to take part in it 🙂

The Libester Award is basically a shout out to all the newbies of the blogging community. Different bloggers will tag you to this and will ask you to answer a few different questions. Because I was lucky enough to be nominated by two different bloggers I answered a few of each of their questions:

1.How did you decide on the name of your blog and what is it about?

-Hmmm, I remember when I first started my blog I wanted the name to be “The Greener Bean” but apparently that was taken by someone else!? #rude. Anyways sincerelykenz was just my second choice, I guess, because I figured not too many people have the name Kenzie. Kinda lame reason I know.

2.When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?

-May be wrong, but I think I’ve always wanted to be a teacher! I used to always go to my mom’s classroom with her when I was younger and I think it just began from there?

3.What is your favorite Holiday and why?

-My birthday, duuuuuh! I love birthdays, I think they’re awesome and they make me super happy. I LOVE how most companies/stores give you free things on your birthday; whether it is a free sundae or any type of coupon; I’ll take anything I can get. Birthdays are awesome because they’re days when you’re the center of attention, and you get a bunch of free stuff …. what more can you ask for?!

4.What surprised you most about blogging?

-Hm, maybe the fact that it’s such a big community? I never knew so many people blogged, but from the HerCampus community and the bloglovin’ community, boy has my opinion changed. Sooooo many people blog and I honestly had no idea!

5.Give us 10 Random facts about yourself.

-My favorite colors yellow.

-My favorite food would probably have to be tacos.

-I’m awesome (but we already knew that).

-I have a “hot dog” dog named Cisco who’s absolutely insane and may or may not have mental issues.

-I lovelovelovelove snowboarding.

-I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty that I love, named Pancho.

-In high school I played field hockey and basketball.

-My best friends names are Haley, Alessia, and Alex.

-I looooove the beach but I am deathly afraid of the water.

-I call my parents by their first names (Syl and Frank) because I think calling parents mom and dad is just so overrated.

6.What inspired you to start your blog?

-I’ve always wanted to have a blog of sorts but when I decided that I wanted to study in the English and Journalism field I officially decided it was time to start a blog. I thought that it was a good thing to have under my belt and really wanted a little corner of the Internet for myself.

7.If you hosted a giveaway today and you could give anything away what would it be?

-Disneyland tickets?!! Who doesn’t love Disney!?!

8.Who are your top THREE favorite blogs that you follow and why?

-Wowza this is a tough one, I have a buncha favorite bloggers but I’d have to say my top three would be:




9.What is your favorite social media outlet?

-Instaaaaa! I love taking and editing pictures. So this has to be my fave, obviously.

10.Describe yourself in one sentence.

– Taco eatin’, dog lovin’, Bruce Springsteen singin, super-awesome -fabulous individual. – Yup sounds about right.

11.Besides social media, what is your favorite way to share your blog?

-I tell people about it whenever it comes up into possible discussion. I take pride in my blog and would love anyone and everyone to know it existed!

12.What is one word that describes your blog?

– Awesome?! I thought we already knew this…

13.Besides blogging, what is your favorite hobby?

-I really really really enjoy drawing, I haven’t done it in a while and it’s something that I used to do all the time. Definitely gonna get back into it once I have more free time on my hands this summer! I also reallllllly like snowboarding. I’m gonna try and save up for a season pass this summer so that I can go a lot next winter.

14.If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If I could live anywhere in the world I don’t think I would pick one single place, I would like to travel and live in different places for different periods of time.

15.What is your favorite outdoor summer activity?

-I like being able to run outside in the summer…. Sometimes.

16.What is your best quality?

-Welp, not trying to toot my own horn or anything but I think I have a strong ability to make others happy without trying very hard; just a factor of being awesome I guess, what can I say.

17.What is your number one goal in life?

– To be able to be purely happy wherever life takes me.


I’d like to nominate:


Nominees! Your job is to pick any 5 of the questions I answered above, answer them, and tag other bloggers to answer some questions you can come up with!

Have fun : )

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