Life Lately: My Life In Pictures- end of June

Hey guys! Happy Monday 🙂


Today I thought I would write a quick post on my happenings, since I only put up one post last week 🙁


For some reason, I lost my blogging mojo last week. I just couldn’t seem to pump out a post that was worth sharing on my blog. High hopes for this week though, because my goal is to put up a post every day.



Life Lately: END OF JUNE

  1. Adios To My Hair:

Soooooo, I decided last week to chop off literally ALL of my hair!? My hair has been long all of my life, so this was a big change for me. I’m super happy I got the courage to do it though, because my hair was getting a bit dead and I needed a change. I feel like a lot of people have been cutting their hair lately, so if you’re thinking about going short you should totally do it! My hair is so much healthier now and it’s a lot easier to style/wear everyday.


  1. Tropical Smoothie:

I have been obsessed with Tropical Smoothie lately, its sosososoo good and definitely worth the 5 bucks. I usually go with the “Paradise Point” smoothie, which is made up of pineapples, bananas, and strawberries. I need to get out of my comfort zone and try something new though. I’ll let you know if I break out my crazy self and order a different type of smoothie.


  1. Energy Gym:

I recently joined the gym! My mom has been going to this gym for a while now and the other day I decided to try a “Cardio Blast” class with her. The class was hard, but I felt so good afterwards! I decided that because of all the different awesome classes that the gym offers, it was totally worth the membership.


  1. Birds On Birds On Birds:

A week ago my boyfriend took me to this awesome nature preserve. If you live on the Island, the preserve is located in Sag Harbor, which is a little bit past the Hamptons. Besides a beautiful trail that leads to the beach, the best part about this nature preserve is that you can feed birds! If you place a bunch of birdseed on your hand and hold it above your head baby birds will land on it and eat the seeds right off of your hand! I had never been to this place prior to that day, so it was such a fun experience for me. After walking the trail, we went out to lunch and walked around the town of Sag Harbor. I had such a fun day!


  1. A Gift To Myself:

A couple of weeks ago my Grammy and I went to New York City for the day. Now, I am usually no big spender but I had wanted these RayBans for such a long time, and I finally got the guts to splurge a little and purchase them! I decided to get the ClubMasters with the brown lenses. I am obsessed and wear them all the time. Definitely worth the money!


  1. Dawg:

Meet Cisco, this guy is crazy (he may or may not have severe mental problems) but I’m so happy I get to spend the summer with him! My parents adopted him just last winter, so I didn’t get to hang out with him too much when I was away at school. I actually just bought him a rawhide bone that is the size of his body, and it is too funny to watch him try and eat it all day.



Hope you all enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for a post every day this week if I can fulfill my goal!

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