Life Lately: My Life In Pictures

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Thought I would spice things up and try one of those “life lately, my life in pictures” kinda posts… I think that’s a thing in the blogging world?- if it’s not I’m doing it anything, so hey, here we go:


Welp its official, my grandpa of a brother graduated college! (He’s not actually a grandpa, I promise, that would be really concerning and weird)

The ceremony was this weekend and I actually thought I was going to melt during it. The temperature was about 87 degrees and I’m a sweaty person I guess, so those two things just didn’t go to well together.

He graduated from the University Of Delaware in the Biomedical Engineering program. Kudus to him because I couldn’t last one semester in an intro to biology class, I am definitely no science guru (I found that out reeeeaaaaalllll quick once I started college, whoops)


Here are some pictures from the graduation ceremony:






Super proud of the crazy dude, I wouldn’t be able to study that major for more than a day, let alone four years!



We also went to this huge mall in Delaware and had some delish gelato (more like we were those annoying customers who asked to try twelve different flavors and then decided we didn’t actually want to buy anything… oops)…




The weekend was great but we got home a lot later than we expected yesterday night. I missed this little guy this weekend though so I was happy to wake up next to him this morning:




During the weekend we dropped him off at a “doggy daycare”, he loves it there and gets along awesome with the other dogs:





Oh yeah, and I finally decided that I was done with my American Eagle shorts that I’ve had for like a few years now- they just don’t fit comfortably at all, so today I decided to take the classy route and got some comfortable shorts that fit fabulous #2classy4u




omg and if you have never tried this.. YOU NEED TO

Put your cereal in the freezer for like 5 minutes before you pour the milk in it. This is a life changer guys- I’m not kidding! It’s sososo good and actually tastes so much better when it’s chilled for a little while:




Tonight I’m going to go see the new movie, “Aloha” with my boyfriend! I can’t wait, it looks really good and the cast members are all awesome actors/actresses. I mean who doesn’t love Emma Stone?! #perfection

What did you do this weekend? Hope you all had an awesome Monday to start off the week!

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