Life Is Short- Here’s How To Live Each Day To The Fullest

Life Is Short- Here’s How To Live Each Day To The Fullest - SINCERELYKENZ


Whether we like to hear it or not, life is short. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. Before you know it, a new year has begun in what feels like just the short wink of an eye. 2017 got off to a bit of a rocky start for me. A really good friend of mine unexpectedly passed away, and it was a shock to the whole college community that we both attended as well as the best friends and family members lives that she had touched throughout her short 20 years on this Earth.


About a month or so after that devastating period of my life, Rob and I shipped ourselves off to Europe, where we spent a semester in Prague, Czech Republic. Our time spent here was fulfilled with memories that will last a lifetime and new friendships with people who we hope to stay close with forever. I recently took some time to reflect on how this year has been going, more specifically about my recent study abroad experience. The time Rob and I got to spend in Europe absolutely flew by. Our four months felt decimal and it feels like it was just yesterday when I was being dragged on to the plane (did I mention that I’m deathly afraid of planes???).

Time is a very valuable entity and it passes by extremely fast, way too fast. After taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging, I thought about all of the excuses that could be utilized as the backbone for my slight disappearance from the blogging world these past two months. But then I got thinking, and my thoughts brought me back to how my life has been going these past few months, and the idea that life is short. I should not have to explain my lack of blogging to anyone other than myself. Life is too short to be held up to these high standards that we inevitably fall short of sometimes. Yes, I had a blast in Europe, and yes I probably could have been blogging throughout the entirety of my time spent overseas. But looking back now and thinking about the time that I was in Europe, and my transition back to the states, I wanted to be living in the moment. I didn’t want my blog to be one of the things that was holding my back from spending genuine time with those who I appreciate, and care about, and had missed while I spent my semester overseas.


My point is, life is short. We need to stop wasting time, and accomplish the goals that we hope to one day achieve because life can be taken away from you sooner than you think. We waste so much time and I’m not so sure why. We choose to waste time, even though it is so valuable. Whether it is wasted time on your phone, or wasted time due to distractions and excuses, we need to be more conscious of how we are choosing to spend our time. Here are four things that might be holding you back from spending your time how you would like to:


Comparing Yourself To Others:

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, heck, we’ve all done it- the endless cycle of finding someone on a social media outlet (usually Instagram) and completely stalking every aspect of their life. Before you know it, you’ve invested 20 minutes of your time into someone who you probably know absolutely nothing about. This person most likely isn’t going to post about the negative parts of their life, and their social media outlet is probably portraying only what they want you to see…. only the good stuff. Instead of comparing yourself to others, and investing your time into people who you barely know anything about, you should invest time in yourself. Take time to pick out the qualities that you absolutely adore about yourself and work on being comfortable with yourself always. Deep down, you are a rock star, you just gotta’ know it and own it.


Justifying Your Wasted Time:

Off the top of your head, you can probably easily think of 5-10 things that you would like to achieve right now. Whether it is starting a healthy diet, working out regularly, maintaining a blog, or even starting your own business … you really want to achieve this goal, right!? Instead of thinking about all of the reasons why you can’t begin your journey to achieving said goal, think about how much time you’re wasting, and simply letting pass by while you justify reasons and excuses as to why you haven’t started yet.


Waiting Around For Something To Happen:

Most of the successful people in this world had to work their way to the top. Things normally do not land in people’s laps, and most people do not rake in millions of dollars overnight. If you know anyone who has either of these capabilities PLZ teach me your ways?! Anyway, you have to work towards what you want to achieve in life. And you most definitely have to work and push yourself a LOT if you want to make it to the top. Waiting, and thinking that something is going to miraculously one day occur to put you where you want to be, isn’t necessarily the best mentality to have. Rather than waiting for whatever it is that you want to happen, try hustling and working hard to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.


Create A “Reset” Button For Yourself:

Figure out something that will allow you to essentially, “reset”, for a little bit when things aren’t going the way you want them to. Whether you decide to simply shut down your computer for a bit, or take part in some sort of activity that allows your mind to run free for a while, figure out something that works for you. I personally love to get some fresh air or (naturally), eat a snack when I’m feeling over worked, over stressed, or just done with something that I need to get done all together. Going along with finding your internal reset button, make sure you know when it is time to stop working. It really doesn’t matter how you decide to measure this, but you need to know when to stop. Pushing yourself to finish something when you’re not really feelin’ it anymore, and just want to be done with it, is not going to produce results that you’re proud of.


What are your thoughts on time? Do you do anything to ensure that you are not wasting it?