Loving Lately- June 29-July 6


Ugh, Monday again. Hope you guys all had a fabulous Fourth of July weekend and maybe even tried making one of these awesome desserts I talked about in my last post.


I for one had an awesome weekend! I was lucky enough to get to spend it with both my best friend from college and my best friend from home. We had a great day and it was nice to be able to spend it with both of my closest pals.

Loving Lately- Sincerelykenz



I guess I’ll begin to talk about the whole what I have been loving lately now:


Loving Lately- Sincerelykenz; ESSIE SUMMER COLLECTION1. For starters, I am officially obsessed with the Essie summer nail polish collection. I need to buy “pret-a-surfer” like yesterday (no really though, I’m totally going to stop at CVS on the way home from work today and purchase it). All of the colors in this collection are so cute and I can’t believe I didn’t see them until this late in the summer!




Loving Lately- Sincerelykenz; DAYPLANNER2. Next, I have recently found the Day Designer planner, and am in love. I have used my Lilly planner for the longest time, but I love the idea of planning my days out from start to finish and being super productive. I am seriously thinking about splurging on this planner one of these days.




Loving Lately- Sincerelykenz; SPORTS BRA3. I recently bought the cutest little notebook with the quote “find joy in the ordinary” written on the cover of it and I love it. Notebooks make me so happy and one of my favorite things to do is to go to Marshalls and look at all the adorable notebooks they have. I also bought an awesome Asics sports bra at Marshalls and it is equally as awesome as the little notebook! Who needs Nike anyway- am I right?!


4. I have been listening to a lot of country lately (crazy, I know) and the Spotify “Hot Country” playlist has been my go to (besides my own summer playlist of course). ANYWAYS- what I was trying to say is that the song, “Loving You Easy”, by the Zac Brown Band is also on my “loving lately” list- such a cute song!


Welp, that about rounds it up for all of my fave things lately! Be sure to check out my post coming out on this Wednesday, which will focus on an awesome company that I’m working with!

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