Mind Over Mattress- 6 A.M Wakeup

Mind Over Mattress- 6 A.M Wakeup- sincerelykenz

After watching this video, I started thinking about what would happen if I changed my sleeping habits.


I have always been on a relatively good sleeping schedule. I know that’s hard to believe, considering I’m a college student, but, unlike most, you won’t really catch me partying until 3 a.m. every night. Thus, you won’t catch me sleeping in until 4 p.m. on a Saturday because of a horrible hangover.


At school I usually try to get to bed by 12 or earlier each night. I usually wake up anywhere between 7-9 on most days. I have never been a huge fan of sleeping in, just because I always feel like I’m wasting the day away when I do.


When I first watched this video I definitely did contemplate waking up at 5 a.m. I’ve always been an over achiever, and I’m not afraid of a challenge- but 5 a.m.?! Really?! That just didn’t seem too realistic for me. Especially because I am currently home for college break and have literally nothing to do all day.


Although 5 a.m. wasn’t in my future wake up plans, I at least wanted to try something. I opted for a nice 6:15 a.m. wake up time.


The first day was great; I was excited for the challenge and woke up ready to take on the day. I was surprised at how energetic I was when I woke up, but I guess it wasn’t anything to complain about.


The second day was a bit rough; let’s just say coffee was a need for me rather than a want. After my beloved coffee, I was able to open my eyes and actually get some things done.


The days following were just like the first. I woke up positive and ready to get some blogging things out of the way. Believe it or not, (probably extremely hard to believe) I honestly am happy with my new wake up time, for now at least.


From 6:15 to 8:00 I was able to write for a bit, finish a new blog post, upload a blog post, check and respond to emails and workout. That’s a lot of things to get done people!


I’m hoping that if I continue my new wake up time at school I’ll be able to get some extra homework done before class starts, or should I say before everyone else gets up.



If you’re feeling ambitious, try waking up a bit earlier! After all, time sleeping is time wasted.