Morning Blogging Routine

Morning Blogging Routine -SincerelykenzAfter reading the amazing, Rhiannon’s blog post that depicted everything her “blogging process” entails, I was motivated to create my own blogging process! Although I have only been using my new process for a short time, it has been working wonders for me! I have found that having a daily routine increases my productivity and my motivation to blog more!


My typical morning usually begins at 8 am. I wake up every day to the silent alarm on my FitBit– believe it or not this makes waking up so much more relaxing. After waking up I’ll usually grab my phone and skim over my emails and of course Instagram and Twitter. When I finally get myself out of bed, I go downstairs and debate with my mom whether we should go to the gym (this usually ends up being a mutual no, but hey at least the idea of being healthy crosses our minds).


After failing completely at being healthy I’ll play with Cisco for a bit. For whatever reason, this little monster is like a ball of energy in the morning, all he wants to do is play.


When I FINALLY decide to do something somewhat productive with my day I’ll wake up and take a quick shower (I’m a morning shower gal). Once I’m done with my shower, I’ll go downstairs, eat some breakfast, and have some coffee.


1- While I’m indulging in my fabulous Raisin Bran and amazing coffee, I’ll respond to emails as well as go through any notifications I got throughout the night on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.


2- Next up, my favorite part of every morning- commenting on other blogs! I truly love checking out other blog posts and exploring new blogs. I get inspired when I see a really fun blog post or come across a blog I have never heard of before. One of my favorite ways to do this is use Bloglovin’. I’ll usually go through my feed and click the “explore” tab to find new posts to check out and comment on.


3- If it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, this is the time where I will usually be uploading my own blog post for the day. I like having a set routine for my blog posts, so I almost always stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. I generally have the whole post saved as a draft the night before and skim over it one more time before publishing it that morning. Although I wish I could say I did, I don’t have a certain time for publishing blog posts. I’m hoping that once school begins I’ll be able to have a more organized way of publishing my posts at exact times each day.


4- Once my post is published; I’ll usually promote it via social media. This includes Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. I’ll also take some time to make sure everything is running smoothly on my blog, as well as respond to comments from you wonderful people!


5- If I don’t have set plans and have some time on my hands I’ll begin working on my next post. This includes everything from jotting down ideas, writing the post itself, proofing and creating the images and graphics.


I have found that working by a routine makes things much easier when trying to be productive in the blogging world! Do any of you have a set blogging routine?- if you do, what is it?!