My super cool magnificently awesome gift guide:

Since the holidays are coming up, I thought I’d share a few super cool magnificently awesome gift ideas I found. – but lets be honest, what else would you expect from me?

I put together a list of gifts for the guys and the ladies in your life, here are my top picks:


For the ladies: (your BFF, sister, or yourself of course )

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.29.29 PM

1. Northface Fleece:-I have a Northface and I love it- they’re extremely warm and go with any outfit.

2. Hot Cocoa mix:-Because who doesn’t love hot cocoa.

3. Unique mug:-Just because it’s cool.

4. Fun phone cases:-I don’t love anything more than phone cases- besides tacos maybe. But anyways here’s a list of awesome sites for super cool phone cases:

5. Nike Roshes:-Working out while looking fabulous- you can’t beat that.

6. Vera Bradley duffel:-These are so nice and are such good quality, I love this idea because its not necessarily something someone would buy for themselves, but would be an awesome present to give to someone.

7. Alex and Ani bracelets:-These are great, they’re classy enough to go with anything and look so good when you wear more than 1 at a time.

8. Lip-gloss:-This is a great idea for a stocking stuffer, or even if your getting a gift for a friend and don’t want to splurge too much.

9. Candle:-Although I’m deathly afraid of fire, candles smell amazing and can make you’re your room feel so cozy.

10. Blanket Scarf:-I am obsessed with these! They can go with almost anything and are so so so soft, you can find these anywhere from Forever 21 to

11. A nice watch:-My aunt got me a watch for Christmas last year and I absolutely love it, whenever I wear it I feel super classy and like I can take over the world.

12. Michael Kors satchel:-These are beautiful, and you don’t necessarily have to get Michael Kors, there are a lot of cute satchels out there that are a bit more affordable but look just as nice.

13. High top Converse:-Can we just take a minute to acknowledge how awesome these shoes really are?!, I have a pair of black high tops and wear them almost every day- they’re so comfy and go with almost any outfit.

14. Lily Pulitzer planner:-My friend Shelby has one of these and it’s so nice, these planners are great because they’re super organizational but super fun at the same time.

15.Super comfy socks:-Socks are one of my favorite things; they’re so comfy and so cute.


Up next I have a few ideas for the dudes in your life:

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 1. A Polo shirt:-I got a few of these for my brother last year, they’re so comfy and are really good quality.

2. NorthFace sweatshirt:-Love these! I got one for my boyfriend last year and he loves it, they look so nice on and are really warm.

3. A nice flannel-Who doesn’t love a nice flannel? You can find these almost anywhere. Some of my favorite shops for flannels are:

4. Giftcards:-Although I think gift cards are kind of boring sometimes they’re just easier if you’re short for time to get a present or are just completely stumped on what to get. My favorite gift card ideas for a guy are:





5. Vans sneakers:-I have a few pairs of Vans myself and I love them, they look super nice on both guys and girls and come in so many different colors.

6. Wallet:– Who doesn’t love a nice wallet to hold the zero dollars they have?- or is that just me?

7. A wooden phone case:-I personally think these are awesome and instead of your usual “manly” plain black case, these wooden ones are unique and different.

8. Moccasins:-Moccasins are so soft and I love when guys wear them, they look nicer than your regular slipper but are just as comfy.

9. Daniel Wellington watch:-These aren’t really well known yet, but are starting to become popular and are so different than your regular watch. I love the colors of them and think they’re super classy.

10. Cologne-Who doesn’t love a guy that smells nice- am I right ladies?!

11. A beanie:-Do I need to say anything else about this one? – I don’t think so.

12. Nike Elite socks:-These socks are so so comfortable and come in so many different colors.

13. Beats headphones:-These are AMAZING. I have a pair of these and use them almost everyday, they are a little pricy but are definitely worth every penny.

14. Ray Bans:-This brand of sunglasses is awesome because they have so many different styles and look awesome on.

15.A good quality speaker:-My boyfriend got me a nice speaker this year and oh my God the difference in sound is amazing, spending a little bit more to get a higher quality rating is definitely worth it.