October Check List


Friday- we meet again! I could not be more excited that this week is over, I get to go home today! This week has been pretty good so far. For starters, I got accepted into the university I wish to study abroad at in, Prague.  Aaaaaand I think my dormitory hall FINALLY decided to turn the heat on this morning. So what does this mean?, I’m sure you are probably dying to know.  A. That I will be blogging about all things study abroad of course! and B. It also means that I can finally go to sleep without 76 layers on!

Speaking of 76 layers….happy October! The Fall weather is finally starting to kick in where I go to school, no more Birkenstocks for me :(. With a new month comes a new “checklist”, here is a list of things I hope to complete in the month of October


1.Get Ready For Halloween:

Halloween is by far the BEST part of October. I need to start decorating for this magical holiday, and of course, figuring out what costume I want to wear. I think the actual best part of the whole Halloween season is getting the candy that is marked like 95% off the day after Halloween!

Another awesome part of Halloween is the movies- duh! The Nightmare Before Christmas might be my favorite movie. I watch this every year before Halloween. Some other faves are Halloweentown and The Corpse Bride.


2.Go Pumpkin Picking:

This is an obvious October activity, but who does not love to go pumpkin picking?! I have never been a five-star pumpkin carver, but I would love to take up the challenge.

I have always wanted to check out the “pumpkin walks”- is that even what they’re called?, I’m not sure. These “pumpkin walks” are basically a crazy amount of carved pumpkins that line up a specific walking route, each pumpkin is carved in a pretty intense way and is obviously lit up.


3.Pumpkin Everything:

Pinterest seriously has SO many different recipes, all including pumpkin. I would love to try and make some pumpkin marble bread, my own PSL, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin pancakes. I do not think I have ever made anything with this ingredient, so these recipes would definitely be interesting to try.


4. Drench Myself In All Of The Fall Scents:

Bath and Body Works is always on top of their game during the month of October. Scents like Pumpkin Cupcake, Cinnamon Apple, and  Pumpkin Apple Cookie were just released these past couple of weeks. BBW also has a bunch of jazzy candles that are perfect for the Fall.


5.Figure Out Study Abroad Things:

As I said before, I got accepted into a study abroad program! I thought the application process was a bit tedious, but the steps I now have to take make the application process look like a piecea’ cake. I need to do a TON of research, fill out paperwork, and basically just get my life together.


6.Embrace Vest Season:

I like to think of October as the month of vests. The temperatures in October are a bit on and off, it’s not cold enough for a winter jacket but it’s also not warm enough to go jacketless. This is where vests come into play. I love love love vests, they seriously make any outfit look so put together. I can’t wait to start rocking vests during this month.

What is on your October check list? I would love to know in the comments below!

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