Our Engagement

Kenzie and Rob Engagement- sincerelykenz

Yesterday I took a trip to the bank to make a quick deposit. The first thing the bank clerk asked me was: “you have a wedding savings account?” At that point, I was just standing there like “helloOoOoOoOo obviously I have a wedding savings account???- the only reason why you asked me that is because you can see the account on your screen this very second”. Which, by the way… am I the only one who finds it odd that bank clerks can see all of your information? I know it’s their job, but I still find it weird that they can look at every single account I have, even if I’m only making a deposit into one of them.


The bank clerk than apologized for asking about my engagement, claiming that I probably get asked questions about it every day (which I do). The truth is that I actually love getting asked about my ring. In fact, I will flaunt said ring in your face UNTIL you ask me about it. I do this just so that I can brag about how cute Rob is and how I get to marry my best friend.


Which leaves me to the reasoning behind this blog post. I realized this morning after my conversation with this woman that I never got a chance to talk about my engagement on the blog! You’re probably wondering why the heck I never blogged about such an important part of my life. Rob and I actually kept our engagement pretty low key, just because we wanted it to be special between the two of us.


It has been a few months since we got engaged and I feel like it’s totally time to talk about our big day on the blog. Here’s the story:


Kenzie and Rob Engagement- sincerelykenz

Rob and I were studying abroad last semester so we got engaged in the city of Prague. One day we had a school “field trip”. You and I both think field trips are great. Whenever I think of field trips I immediately think of the good old days when I went to unique, fun spots in middle school. Places like the Bronx Zoo and the Aviation Museum. I guess when you’re in Europe and have access to such important historical sites, field trips aren’t as fun. We took a field trip to Lidice. A town, that was once full of life but ultimately was completely destroyed by the Nazis. I learned a ton from this trip but it was obviously a very sad experience.


After we got home from the field trip Rob had told me that we were going out to dinner. You know, one of those cute lil’ date nights that he had already planned and set up prior to me even knowing. Normally I’m all about this type of thing, but after a day spent learning about all of these families who had lost everything for no reason at all, I was in no mood to selfishly indulge in dinner.


When it came down to it, I decided not to pass up free food. I ultimately ended up dragging myself out of bed and going on a cute dinner date with Rob.


On our way out of our dormitory building we passed by two friends of ours. Rob asked them if they wanted to come to dinner. Weird right??! I was so confused as to why he was asking our friends to join us, on what I thought was a date night.


As we started walking towards the restaurant I knew something was up. The sun was just about setting, Rob was acting a bit off, and he had just invited our two friends to come to a fancy, romantic dinner with us.


Grab your popcorn… Here comes the good part.

As we passed by the Prague castle, which happened to be our favorite view of Prague, Rob asked if I wanted to take a picture with him. I wasn’t totally thrown off about this because the sun was setting, but usually I’m the one begging Rob to take photos with me, not the other way around.


Sure enough as Rob was asking me to take a picture with him, he got down on one knee and popped the question. To be completely honest, I have no idea what he said. But apparently his memorized speech got mixed up anyways, so I guess it’s for the best that we both don’t know exactly what was happening.


After that we frolicked off to dinner and had ourselves celebratory night with three different desserts and quite the amount of champagne. As you probably guessed, our friends didn’t actually end up coming to dinner with us.


And that about does it! That is the beginning of our story!