Productivity At Its Finest

Wooooo it’s Friday! Thank GOD! This week feels like it has dragged on foooorever. Only two more weeks until I’m done with my freshman year of college and home for summer- kind of bittersweet but what are ya gonna do

The other day I went to the Starbucks located on my schools campus and I got a crrrrazy amount of work done! #superstudiouscollegegirlprobz I’ve never gotten that much work done in a single sitting. It must be something they put in the coffee I guess, right?!

Anyways, I think it’s just the atmosphere that coffee shops have, it’s an overall good vibe and my productivity level goes through the roof when I’m there

Everyone was just sitting at their little table sippin’ on their little coffees being super productive, I felt like it was only right if I did the same, I mean I’m usually not one to be a follower but this just seems like the right thing to do when your surrounded by a whole army of super productive coffee sippin’ people

After completing one paper three homework assignments and writing a blog post or two I felt like a whole new person

I think another thing that really is awesome about coffee shops is the music. I’m always up for the whole focus in silence thing, but I seriously love the jazzy tunes that Starbucks was playing

In fact, I even made a similar playlist on Spotify- oh yeah follow me on Spotify! (username: kenzienegron) I have a super rad music taste that somewhat resembles that of an old grandpa but hey at least I have a super rad Starbucks-like playlist now! (It’s called sundaze; follow it!)

Coffee shops are also totally relaxing, everyone’s productive and it’s mostly quiet besides subtle conversations and like I said before… the jazzy tunes.

If your ever overwhelmed with a lot of work and feeling like you need somewhere to just get a lot of ish done head to your local coffee shop, It’ll work wonders!

Hope you all have an awesome day!!


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