Put the phone down; Live life in the present

Put the phone down; Live life in the present

Deciding to live in the past or the future not only robs you of today; but it robs you of the life your truly trying to live. The only important moment is the present moment.

What would life be without Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? I think sometimes the social media that’s popular now-a-days is actually almost overwhelming… feeling a sense of loss when you don’t have your phone on you for a period of time… that’s just sad.


Living in the present isn’t easy. Living in the here and now is important, yet so many people are caught up in the idea of making it sure to seem that what they’re doing in their everyday life must be publicized all over time lines, and Twitter feeds. I mean if you didn’t post a picture were you really there?


You’d be surprised to see what you can actually get done and take in when you’re living in the present and not worrying about anybody else but yourself.


Life unfolds in the present. But it’s so easy for us to let the present slip away. We forget about what’s happening in the now and let time rush past us as if we have it forever. Life is short, when your constantly worrying about what to tweet, post, and share; all your doing is letting go of the precious happenings that are surrounding you in that very moment.


Soak in as much of today as you possibly can. If your still rambling on about what you did yesterday, you really haven’t done much today.


Sometimes when your so focused on taking the perfect picture for Instagram, you miss what’s actually occurring right in front of you. Life isn’t guaranteed forever, its time to start appreciating it rather then being so caught up in sharing it with others.


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