How To REALLY Use Your Planner

How To REALLY Use Your Planner- sincerelykenz

For all of my fellow college students out there, you are probably aware that next semester is almost here. If you weren’t so sure of this, I advise you to check out your college’s calendar ASAP… lol.


No but really, all jokes aside, another semester is almost here! One of the only ways I make it out of semesters alive is because of my planner.


I don’t know what I would do without it, I write down every aspect of  each assignment, exam, or project that my professors give in my planner. On top of all that, I also write down what I need to get done each day that doesn’t necessarily pertain to school work.


Here are my top tips and tricks on how to utilize your planner to the fullest:

How To REALLY Use Your Planner- sincerelykenz

Use Your Syllabi!

Syllabus week isn’t only for partying and lounging around. Actually use the syllabi that you receive! The first thing I do after I get a syllabus for a class is write down every major assignment, due date, and exam date that will be taking place during the class in my planner. Remember to write this in pencil though, because things can always change!


Remember That Your Planner Isn’t Only For School

I use my planner for much more than just my school work. Make sure to leave a little bit of room in the given space for each day to write personal goals as well as non school related things that need to get done. I usually write down things that have to do with my blog, when to call home, etc.

How To REALLY Use Your Planner- sincerelykenz

The Power Of The Post-It

I am an avid Post-It user. I love Post-Its because they allow you to write down things that aren’t set in stone. I usually jot down blog post ideas on Post-Its, this way I can move them around when ever I need to. I use the mini Post-Its, because the regular sized ones take up too much space.


Make A Habit Of Looking At Your Planner Daily

I bring my planner with me everywhere, because you never know when you’ll need to jot something down- am I right?! It’s important to at least look at your planner once a day, or there really wouldn’t be any point in keeping a planner in the first place.


The Planner Itself

I got a Kate Spade planner this year and I absolutely love it. I switched over to this from the Lilly Pulitzer one that I had last year because I felt that it had less going on and was much more classy. I think the style of your planner can do a lot for the amount of use that you’ll get out of it. After all, who wants to use an ugly planner?


Here are some of my favorite planners:


I hope you all have a successful next semester at college! Wishing you all of the best, happy planning 🙂