Reese’s Eggs- The Superior To All

First off I’d like to get one thing clear. Reese’s are pronounced Rees-IS NOT Rees-EES….

40754 Reese Egg-1

Many people at my school who are from upstate are convinced that you pronounce Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Rees-EES. Something is not right about this, it is just so wrong. The pronunciation is CLEARLY Rees-IS.  Rees-EES is so incorrect and actually makes me want to throw something at a wall every time I hear someone pronounce it that way…

I’m sure many of you are offended already; that just means you’re wrong.


Anway’s, now back to my point-


The true magic of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs lies in the chocolate to peanut butter ratio. Unlike regular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, these eggs have naked sides. Instead of sitting all snuggled in a cup with fluted sides to keep the peanut butter protected, these eggs are free fallin’ and ready for adventure with equally thin chocolate sides all around.


Sure, both the egg and cup have chocolate. But, let’s face it people, if you wanted chocolate you would have gotten a Hershey Bar in the first place, everyone knows you’re there for the peanut butter.


Lets be honest, the chocolate in peanut butter cups is subpar. The eggs smaller ratio of chocolate to peanut butter just makes them automatically superior. There is no denying that, it’s just a fact.


These little guys are also only out for sale seasonally, which makes them ten times more better. This just serves as one more reason as to why I should buy as many as possible when I go to the store during this time of year, right?


I’d like to personally thank Reese’s for producing this amazing candy, it has changed my life. So kudos to you Reese’s, you rock


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