The Scoop On The Microbead Ban

The Scoop On The Micro Bead Ban- sincerelykenz

Microbeads, we’re all familiar with them, right? You know, those micro sized balls that are probably in most of your face cleansers, body washes, and exfoliators?


Turns out, products containing these little guys are doing much more than just cleansing your skin. These small beads are designed to slide through your shower drain, enabling them to end up in bodies of water.


You can probably see where this is going… little plastic beads ending up in bodies of water… marine life consuming these plastic beads… Basically, the plastic beads clog up animal’s stomachs and are causing a tremendous negative impact towards the environment.


Another problem arising from these beads is that they are practically like micro sized sponges. They absorb all other pollutants that they pass through. This includes all of the toxins that are sitting in your shower drain as well as all of the other pollutants that are lurking in the major bodies of water that they are ending up in.

The Scoop On The Micro Bead Ban- sincerelykenz

These beads have been unfavored by consumers for quite some time now. Lucky for the environment, their negative connotation has finally led them to hit the federal level.


Just a few days ago, (December 29, to be exact) The Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 was signed by President Obama. This act bans the addition of microbeads into most products.


Angry about your precious microbeads being taken away from you? Have no fear, some companies like, LUSH are producing exfoliating products which use sand rather than microbeads to give your skin the same effect. FRANK Body Scrub is also another company, which is working towards positive “microbeadless” body scrubs. This company uses coffee as its microbead replacement.


Cheers to a healthier environment!

  • Rob Dudley

    Very interesting, great post babe. I love you<3 🙂

  • Abbie Katrina

    Wow, thanks for sharing. We all need clean water!
    The Pink Paperdoll

  • Courtney Dunsmore

    This is so great to hear! I turned away from microbeads awhile ago after finding out how they were damaging my skin, but I had no idea how bad they were for the environment as well!

  • This is just an excuse for me to pick up more LUSH products then 🙂
    xoxo, Jenny

  • Kayleigh

    I can’t believe how damaging they are to the environment! I never would’ve known!

  • Liz

    Interesting… Happy to hear that they’re being banned. I only use natural beauty products, so I’m curious to see how lush is going to come up with a solve 🙂

  • Love this post! I actually have a facial wash that has microbeads in it. I should probably go ahead and toss it 🙂

  • Oh that’s so interesting. I’m going to have to send this to my friend because I now she uses facewash with micro beads.

  • I heard about this recently too! My favorite body wash uses MicroBeads, so I’m curious to see what they’ll do! Thanks for the explanation – I hope it clears things up for some people!

  • Ashley

    My favorite face wash used microbeads, but when I heard about how horrible they are for the environment, I switched immediately. I’m still craving a good scrub though, and am excited that companies are using different, safer ingredients that give the same effect!

    xo Ashley

  • Merisa Ferrell

    My sister and I have banned microbeads from our household for years now and I am so happy that there is finally a national ban. It is a regulation we desperately needed! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  • Amanda K

    Wow! I actually didn’t know about this. I am actually using a body wash now that has micro beads in it, but after reading this post, I won’t be using it anymore. Thanks for sharing!
    Amanda ||

  • caroline | thecarodiaries

    I’ve been following this, and I’m so glad Obama took a stand and signed an act to ban these micro-beads! Crazy how something so small can affect our whole world!

  • I have been reading about this. I never used anything with the beads because I have to be so careful with my sensitive skin. Good to know they are banned.

  • Lauren Ruzinsky

    I’ve been seeing headlines about this, but never bothered to read about it – until now, that is! I can’t believe how much of an impact micro-beads have on the environment. I don’t use any products that contain them, but I’m glad you listed some alternatives!

  • Sara Kate Steadman

    Wowww! I had no idea this policy was just put in place. This is such a smart decision. Thanks for sharing more!

    Sara Kate Styling

  • Allison Ellzey

    I had NO idea this was a thing! I need to get rid of all of my scrubs at home now!