The darkness doesn’t last forever-

I promise you that.


Stop hiding in the darkness that’s surrounding you. Stop letting the darkness overwhelm you. Start burning the light that’s hiding inside of you. Bring in the happiness and extract the negatives.



Think about all that you’ve achieved and accomplished. How far you have come in this world. Think about all that you are and about all that you strive to be. Think about your goals,  morals, and beliefs.


You were brought into this world for a reason- you have purpose. This life that you are living in has chapters, sequels, and volumes. Stop letting the darkness take over all that you are capable of being. You are not defined by your grades, your mistakes, or your past. You are defined by nothing other than what you have came to be in this world-

an amazing individual.


Stop living in the darkness; stop living with doubts and worries. You are a spark of light. You have the ability to take away the darkness that has overcome you. You can shine brighter than any of your darkest shadows, any of your biggest fears.


You are irreplaceable; you are one of a kind.


You are the light that dictates what factors of your life will be shielded by darkness. You are the light that can demolish this darkness.


Fill your body with pure happiness.

Smile from cheek to cheek.


Think about the best moments this life has brought to you.

Immerse yourself in your brightest memories.


Think about the moments that are purely bliss, the moments that you live for, the moments that make life worth living.


When the song that’s been stuck in your head all day finally comes on the radio, when you roll down the windows and sing at the top of your lungs.


When the food you’ve been craving all day finally hits your tongue. When it fulfills all your taste buds. When it takes over.

So good, so fulfilling.


When you’ve been waiting for something for so long and it finally comes, the excitement pumps through your body, when your heart is beating through your chest and your so happy- a smile cemented to your face.


Now I know that life cannot always be happy, the light cannot always shine everyday- it’s not possible. Life isn’t perfect; you’re not perfect. So accept your flaws and begin to embrace them, when the bad comes remember the good, when the light starts burning out don’t forget the purpose of your life. You are in charge of where this life takes you. You are the light, so start shining.