Spring What? & Friday Faves

sincerelykenz- spring has sprung ?

This past week has been crazy, weather-wise. It is almost like the weather got really really drunk, and is still really really drunk… and confused.  I don’t know if it’s only me, but for some reason, I thought Spring weather was supposed to be breezy and warm. I have been trying to work with this new Spring weather…. I really have. But, I am just having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around what is currently going on with it.  All I’m asking for is some warmer temperatures…I could even handle a few rain showers if necessary.


Aside from the strange weather, this week has been fairly “ok” for me. I had a ton of homework to catch up on but finally kinda sorta got myself on track with it. I am loving my classes this semester but honestly, can’t wait for it to be over. Let’s just say that I am longing for summer more than I thought I would be.


As far as this weeks favorites go, they’re kind of all over the place. Drumroll******


1 . 7 Beautiful Lessons Travel Has Taught Me

  • I loved this article when I stumbled upon it on Thought Catalog. I love the author’s strong mindset about what can happen if you push yourself to achieve your dreams.

2. Lauryn Evart’s Skinny Confidential Book

  • If you have never heard of Lauryn.. are you living under a rock?! Lauryn is seriously awesome, and so is her book. I grabbed this when I was home for Easter and absolutely love it. It’s basically a guide to Lauryn’s healthy eating habits, her workouts, and her life.

3. HeleneInBetween’s #7in7challange

  • Another awesome blogger! Helene is currently holding an Instagram challenge. It is spanning over the next seven days and each day you have to post a photo that coincides with Helene’s topic of the day. Each day has a new winner! Crossing my fingers I win something, at least, one of these days.

4.  Goal Digger: 6 Notebooks That Will Keep You Motivated

  • If you know me, you would be well aware that I am a HUGE advocate for little notebooks. The stationary section of Marshall’s is my absolute favorite place to be, and I have waaaay more notebooks than even close to necessary. This article has my heart because it feeds my lil’ notebook obsession.

5. This ReminderIMG_7866-900x900

  • I love this friendly reminder. I think that it is important to not compare yourself to others and to keep in mind that your body can only do so much. Sometimes a good nights sleep and a little bit of time for yourself can work wonders.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this not so “Spring-y” weather. What were your favorite things that you stumbled upon this week?!