How To Stay Organized During College

How To Stay Organized During College - sincerelykenz

Another semester is officially upon us! I really don’t know how I feel about it. I am leaving for school today and while I was getting a bit bored at home, I am not by any means ready to take on the amount of stress that comes along with a new semester.


One of the things that keeps me sane during my daily life in college would probably have to be the fact that I keep myself organized.


I really believe that taking some time one day a week to get yourself organized, clean up your room, and prepare for any of your upcoming assignments or exams can work wonders.


Here are my favorite ways to keep myself organized and on track throughout college:


Color Code:

I am a sucker for color-coding .I usually color code each of my classes. For example, class “A” would have a blue notebook and a blue folder, while class “B” would have a red notebook and a red folder. I also color code my notes- but if I tried to explain that, it would probably have to be in a whole different post.


Cleaning Up:

Aside from what most people think, taking some time to tidy up your room actually isn’t the worst thing in the world. I try my best to keep my room clean because who wants to spend hours at the library and then come home to a messy room? Not this gal. The most important aspects of a clean room for me are a made bed and clean laundry. Which leads me to my next point…..



Washing your clothes once a week isn’t that hard –I promise! I don’t really mind doing laundry anymore, and that’s probably because I don’t like having nothing to wear. Point is, do your laundry! Why let your dirty clothes take up space on your floor when you can clean them?



Once a month I usually spend some time organizing my laptop and phone. I do this by deleting any apps that I no longer use as well as messages, photos, and videos on my phone. This will give your phone more storage and keep you organized! When organizing my computer, I usually get rid of old documents, delete old emails, and again, delete photos and videos that I no longer need.



Use a planner! This by far, keeps me the most organized in college. Write down everything you need to get done and take it seriously. Be sure to take a look at your planner at least once a day and cross out everything that you completed.


Check Your Email:

I know a ton of people who rarely check their emails. Emails are so important, especially during college. You never know when your professor will change an exam date, switch around some aspects of an assignment, or even cancel class! I make an effort to check my email a few times a day.


Wishing you all an organized semester at college! What do you to do stay organized when you’re at school?