Summer 2016 Long Island Bucket List

sincerelykenz summer bucket list long island

Hey party people happy Wednesday and happy Summer! Okay, if we’re being technical Summer isn’t officially here until June 20th BUT I have been home from college for a couple of weeks now so…. happy Summer!


I plan on spending my Summer days by working a TON, spending time at the beach, hanging out with my friends, and going on some exciting adventures. I hope to end the Summer with a nice tan, a motivated mind set, and some great memories with people that I love.


I have never really been one to create bucket lists, but lately, I have been reading some of my fellow bloggers “Summer bucket list” posts and I got inspired. I have a ton of things that I want to accomplish in  my lifetime but have never really taken the time to write them all down. Whenever I think of something that I would like to do, I usually just tuck it in the back of my mind and hope that I will someday remember to do it (I usually forget). I finally decided that I should change my ways and actually keep a running of list of all of the amazing things I want to accomplish and have already accomplished in my life time.


I figured a good start would be to set a list of goals and things that I want to do during the Summer. Thus, here is my Summer 2016 bucket list.

1. Hike The Greenbelt Trail:

The Greenbelt Trail is one of Long Island’s major hiking trails. It actually spans across about thirty-two miles. No worries, by no means will I hike thirty-two miles… even five would be pushing it for me. Anyways, the Greenbelt Trail starts in the Sunken Meadow State Park and eventually ends up in Hecksher State Park, located in the Great South Bay. As if this hike wasn’t enough, the Greenbelt is also subdivided into a ton of smaller, lower mileage hiking paths (this is more my style).  I would love to hike the Seashore Trail this Summer, which goes through New York’s only Federal Wilderness Area near Smith’s Point. I have gone on a few different hikes up by my college and they were all a ton of fun, hiking really is a great way to exercise while checking out the world’s hidden beauty.

2. Visit Some Botanical Gardens:

If you read my last post, you would have seen what Rob and I did on our crazy adventure last week. Maybe it wasn’t thaaaaat crazy, but we did go to an arboretum which isn’t what we usually do. The arboretum we visited was beautiful but I would love to take a break from the #treelife and check out some botanical gardens this Summer. Botanical gardens are awesome becuase who doesn’t love beautiful flowers AND they serve as great spots for photoshoots 😉 . I reeeeeally want to check out the New York Botanical Garden becuase it seems to be one of the biggest ones that is close to my home town. I would also love to check out the Old Westbury Gardens, the Clark Botanical Garden in Albertston and the Bridge Gardens in Bridgehampton.

3. Go Brunchin’:

I am a HUuUuUuUGE brunch fan, like feed me pancakes for the rest of my life and I’ll be the happiest girl around… probably really fat, but definitely really happy. Some of my favorite places are unique coffee shops or cutesy lil’ brunch restaurants. I love some good eggs, pancakes (duh), homefries, frenchtoast, or anything related to the whole brunch thing. I bet you’re hungry now…so am I. Some of the brunch spots I want to check out this Summer are Jam, Toast in Patchogue (I have already been to the Port Jefferson location), The Witches Brew coffee shop, and a new place called Locals, which is right near my house.

4. Check Out Coney Island:

Coney Island is located in Brooklyn, New York. From what I have heard, it is an amusement park along a board walk with some sort of beach as well???? I guess I won’t know until I actually check it out. I have seen a ton of fun pictures from Coney Island and would love to see what it has to offer!

5. Go To Six Flags:

Similar to Coney Island, Six Flags is an amusement park with fun rides, games, and food. My friend Alessia and I are going to try and head over to Six Flags before all of the public school districts end their school year, this way there won’t be as many kids running around the park with us. Fun fact, the last time I went to Six Flags I was with Rob and we actually had to take a bus there becuase we both didn’t have cars or licenses yet… I am looking forward to going back to Six Flags this Summer via a car rather than a bus, haha!

6. Go To A Red Socks Game:

I am not crazy into baseball but I do think that going to major league baseball games are a ton of fun. I have only really been to Mets games and would love to switch it up and see a different team, at a differernt stadium. I would abolutley love to check out a Boston Red Socks game. Boston is one of my favorite places and I think it would be so awesome to check out the team and spend some time in the beautiful city.

7. Eat A Rainbow Bagel:

You have probably seen rainbow bagels all over your Facebook timeline… they are new and seem to be what all of the foodies are loving lately. For the longest time I thought that the only bagel store that made these crazy rainbow bagels was in New York City buuuuuuut I just got word that a bagel store right in my home town makes these beautiful bagels as well! This should be an easy thing to cross off my list!

8. Sign Up For A Marathon:

I am by no means one of those people who can run like five miles on any given day. In fact, I have a REALLY tough time running like one mile at the gym every day. This Summer I really want to train myself to be able to run a 5K. I don’t want to sign up for a marathon this Summer because I know I won’t be ready for it but I would love to prepare for it this Summer and be able to actually complete one sometime next year in September or October. Which by the way, does any one know any fun marathons in Upstate New York?! Let me know in the comments!

9. Work On My Cooking Skills:

Next year at school I will still be living in a dorm but I will be cooking and preparing my own food. Hallelujah for no more dining hall food! I have (obviously) been pinning a ton of different recipes and food ideas that I hope to make next year at school, but I would love to actually try and make them at home before I go up to school. I really want to learn how to cook things other than just chicken and broccoli, haha.

10. Head To Fire Island And Montauk:

I went to both of these spots last Summer and had a blast. I love love love the beach so these places are perfect. My ideal day would be to lounge on the beach and then walk around the town and get some dinner. Last year I went to Montauk with Rob and Fire Island with my friends Haley and Alessia. Both spots are cute little beach towns and were a ton of fun.


What are your plans this Summer? Have you made a Summer bucket list- if so what did you write down on it?