Things I’m Loving, Friday:

It has been a long week people; I am actually very surprised I made it this far. Here’s a list of a few things I’ve been loving this week! Happy Friday! 🙂

  1. Omelets


Although the omelets they serve at my college dining hall are not exactly your five star meal choice, I’ve learned that I have to work with what I’ve got (and they’re a lot better than the unknown chicken dinner that looks like baby barf) At the dining halls at school the omelets station allows you to pick between a few different veggies, your choice of cheese and either egg whites or regular eggs. My favorite little concoction would have to be egg whites with spinach, onions and peppers.


  1. Pinterest


Unless you have been living under a rock the last couple of years, most of you are probably familiar with Pinterest. This wonderful app has actually become the fourth largest social media platform in the world! Besides distracting me form my homework, Pinterest is awesome, there are so many different categories and it’s so simple. Pinterest is almost like my new Google.


3. The Office


Kind of self explanatory, this show is amazing. You can catch my boyfriend and I binge watching this show almost every Friday night. (Jim and Pam are our favorite; obviously.)


4.  Going to the gym


Lately my roommate and me have been going to the gym almost every night. We try and find different workouts on Pinterest (ironic) and switch it up every time we go. It’s a lot better to do different things every night rather than falling into the same boring routine!


5.   Spotify


This new app is really changing my music mojo, I used to be all for Pandora but half the time whatever station Id be in the mood to listen to was completely inaccurate with songs that don’t even connect to the artist I chose what so ever. Spotifys awesome because you can listen to just one artist or choose through some of the awesome preset playlists.


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