THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT PACK FOR COLLEGE- SINCERELYKENZSummer is almost over and for all of my fellow college peeps, another semester will soon be in full fledge. With that being said, the long awaited, dreaded, packing for college begins soon!


I’m not the biggest fan of packing for college. To be honest, I think its quite a hassle to have to constantly (not constantly, just twice a year… but still) have to pack all of your things and move them into a new space. I personally think that it gets to be frustrating, time-consuming, and annoying.


I remember the summer before my freshman year of college, I really thought I had to pack everything that I owned…. like seriously everything. I was so nervous that my life would be over if I forgot to pack certain things. In reality, this was not the case at all. I could have been worrying about much more drastic things than forgetting a 7th spare toothbrush for college. If you think about it, there is a mail system for a reason. You can easily order things online if you forget to pack them. You can even have a family member/friend/loved one ship you something of your own if you really need it.  Your college also (probably) isn’t in the middle of nowhere, and you will have access to different stores to purchase anything you may have forgotten to pack.


For the most part, college dorm rooms are small. You really can’t fit all of your belongings into your new living space. You also have to remember that you’ll be living with a roommate who needs an equal amount of space to bring his or her belongings as well.


When scrolling through Pinterest and searching for college packing tips, I found a TON of posts about what to bring to college. Posts such as: “What You Never Thought To Bring To College”, “The Ultimate College Packing List”, etc were endless. BUT I found barely any posts on what not to bring to college. So, being the super awesome person that I am, I decided to create my own list all about what not to bring to college.


1.Unnecessary Clothes:

If you haven’t worn that shirt since the eighth grade… chances are you won’t decide to wear it in college either! Leave clothes that you haven’t worn in a few months (or years)  at home. My freshman year I was totally convinced that I would all of the sudden, wear shirts that I hadn’t worn in months- I was wrong. If you haven’t worn the item in a few months, college isn’t the time where you will magically start wanting to wear it. Only bring the clothes that you really love and wear on a regular basis. Dorm room closets are small, don’t take up space with clothes that you won’t end up wearing.

2.Every Medicine Known To Man:

Like I mentioned before, you have access to stores where you can buy these kinds of things! Only bring the medicine that you regularly use to school with you. Hoarding a billion of different types of medicines in your dorm room will take up space… and might freak your roommate out.

3. A Printer:

Like most other things on this list, a printer will take up unnecessary space in your small dorm room! Most colleges have a ton of different buildings on campus with printers in them. I know that my campus has a printer in every residence hall, on all floors of the library, and even in most of my education buildings. While having a printer in your room may be convenient, it isn’t exactly a necessity and will take up a ton of space.

4. All Of Your Lifelong Memories:

Do you really need your high school yearbook, a box full of the cards you received for your 16th birthday, and your “most valuable player” plaque from the third grade with you at college? No. having one or two memories to help you when you are homesick is a great idea, but don’t go over board on this. I remember I brought my high school yearbook with me to my freshman year of college…. why?! I’ll never know.

5.Decorations That Aren’t For The Wall:

A bunch of small statues/stand up decorations may sound like fun but once they are actually in your tiny space taking up room on your desk, you won’t think they’re that nice. Bringing decorations to hang on the wall is a great idea, but I seriously would advise you not to bring so many small little decorations that take up space on places that you’ll need to do homework and store your books.

DISCLAIMER: all of these opinions are from my own personal experience, I bet there are some people who brought all of these things to college with them and absolutely used them all! This post is just about a few things that I personally would advise you not to bring!