Tips For Those Non-Runner People, Who Really Want To Become Running People (like me)

I would never call myself a person who loved running, nope not at all. But lately I’ve been going on runs every morning and have been loving every second of it. Now I’m no 5k runner, so sue me if you think these tips are incorrect, but here’s a list of a few tips I’ve came up with for my fellow “non-runner” people who are just really trying hard to become “runner people”.


  1. Dress The Part

-Planning out your running outfit prior to the beginning of your workout does wonders. If you’re excited to wear your new pair of fancy running shorts and your awesome sports bra, why wouldn’t you want to run?


  1. Get Up And Get Movin’

-Telling yourself that you’re going to workout at night usually falls through, maybe the first week or so when your all like “I’m gonna be fit forever” and you workout consecutively for like two days, but after that telling yourself that you’ll run at night doesn’t usually work out (or for me it doesn’t at least.) Getting out of bed and going for a quick run to start your day is the best. It gets your body moving and gives you a ton of energy throughout the day.


  1. “There’s An App For That”

-Utilize the technology you’re surrounded by! I’ve recently found some truly awesome running iPhone apps. My personal favorites are:

Map My Run:

-This app is like a GPS for yourself; it tracks where and how long the route you ran was and also lets you know how many calories you burned. It does a bunch of other fancy running stuff too, but I haven’t really got that far into detail with it yet. My personal favorite thing about this app is that it lets you know when you’ve completed a mile. You know like that annoying voice that the GPS in your car has that tells you to make the same turn like 17 times?, yeah that same voice is gonna tell you how long you’ve ran and what your pace was, not 17 times though, only once.

Zombies, Run! :

-If you’re a Walking Dead fan, or just like zombies in general, this is the app for you. The app basically puts you in a setting where you’re running away from zombies. The app plays an audio background of a survival story along with catchy music while you run. I really don’t know how running can get any better than this.


  1. Become One With Nature:

-Scratch the treadmill; we don’t have time for that. Running is so much more enjoyable when you’re able to take in your surroundings and venture off to places you’ve never ran through before. And lets face it, running for 30 minutes on the treadmill next to the sweaty 65-year-old man next to you just isn’t a good time for anyone.


  1. Tell Yourself That Something Really Bad Will Happen If You Don’t Run:

– I guess this goes for if you want to stop running too, basically mid run tell yourself something like “that squirrel that just ran across the street, yeah well if I don’t keep running for 10 more minutes, that squirrels gonna die a painful, horrible death.” Yeah I know this one might be a little extreme, but hey it works for me. I sometimes tell myself something like “if you don’t run for 10 more minutes you’re never allowed to have ice cream again” I mean that would probably never happen, but it works for the time being.


  1. Believe In Yourself:

-Waking up in the morning and thinking “I hate running; I’m so horrible at running” isn’t going to do any good for anyone. However, waking up thinking something along the lines of: “I’m so awesome, I’m gonna kill this run and cut my time down by 1 minute” will benefit you ten million times more.



So, those are my tips for all you non-runners out there. Hope you all have an awesome day and get running as soon as possible!

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