Trying Not To Try: Live Life Spontaneously

Hallo! Bonjour! Amsterdam anyone? Or Paris? I can take you there now! Well- sort of….


First of all, I would love to clear some smoke that is in the air. I can’t believe I have gone this long without posting on my dear lil’ blog. But life is life, and life gets busy- ya know? Having the opportunity to study abroad is something I’ll be forever grateful for, and is an adventure that has led me to create memories that I will genuinely never forget, like ever. However, traveling can be stressful! It’s tough to find a balance between traveling, a social life, my blog, as well as school work. Shocker, I know, but believe it or not studying abroad requires a bit of studying. With the combination of midterms in all of my classes last week as well as constantly being in and out of Prague for travel purposes I guess you could say I haven’t really had my “blogging mojo” lately. I’m very hopeful that it will come back in time, once life slows down a bit.


Speaking of midterms, Rob and I took all of our mid-semester tests two weeks ago. We ended the stressful week with a bang though, as we left for Amsterdam the following Tuesday! Rob and I have been to two different countries throughout the course of the past eight days which is pretty crazy when you think about it.


Our small adventure started off in the land of wooden clogs and pancakes- the one and only Amsterdam. After a long waited two and a half months, I was finally reunited with my parents. They came to visit Amsterdam for a week, and we met them there amongst my aunt as well as my brother.

We were in Amsterdam for only four days but they were all jam-packed thanks to the planning and preparation from my super fabulous mom. We spent some days exploring the city but also took a few to check out the areas outside of Amsterdam like Keukenhof and De Zoeker.


Keukenhof is Holland’s famous tulip … park? I’m not sure if it’s considered a park, but that’s the closest thing I can compare it to. It’s basically just a giant garden with pathways for people to walk through. Amongst the amazing landscaping and flowers, there are also areas to grab various types of foods and treats. We spent another day in De Zoeker and looked at a ton of windmills. These bad boys are massive and believe it or not, are the means of power for a majority of Holland.


After a farewell to my parents, my brother, Rob and I headed to Paris! Paris is a short train ride from Amsterdam, and I actually loved the city a lot more than I thought I would! I think it is safe to say that we squeezed every bit of Paris out of Paris. Does that make sense?

TRY NOT TO TRY: live life spontaneously TRY NOT TO TRY: live life spontaneously TRY NOT TO TRY: live life spontaneously

The three of us make quite the trio and we actually traveled very well together. We were all ambitious to see what the city had to offer and thinking back, we all do a fair share of walking (try like 10 miles a day) without complaining… for the most part.


Taking on the famous elegant city with only a map and little to no wifi, we ended up walking for hours and hours each day. One of my favorite things to do in cities I’m checking out for the first time is to get lost within their streets. While we didn’t get lost, we did walk for a majority of the time we spent in the city, which to me, is equally as interesting as getting lost. The highlight of my time in Paris had to be checking out the cities amazing views from a ferris wheel.
TRY NOT TO TRY: live life spontaneouslyTRY NOT TO TRY: live life spontaneouslyTRY NOT TO TRY: live life spontaneouslyAt first quite skeptical, my brother and I let Rob’s persuasive attitude get the better of us and we decided to take a ride on a ferris wheel in the middle of Paris. I’m still not positive if this is like a permanent thing or if it was just randomly placed by a bunch of carnies trying to make some extra cash. Either way, we surprisingly loved the ride and it was absolutely amazing. We were lucky enough to watch the sunset as we were on the ferris wheel. For a cheap 12 euro, it was definitely worth it.

TRY NOT TO TRY: live life spontaneously TRY NOT TO TRY: live life spontaneously

We spent all of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday exploring the streets of Paris. Out of spontaneity Rob and I decided to cancel our bus home (13-hour bus ride back to Prague, ew) and booked a trip to Disneyland instead! We headed to Disneyland for one short day, but it was amazing and didn’t fall short of our expectations. How could it though? It is the happiest place on Earth, right?


My goal for this blog post was to talk about spontaneity but I guess I just got so excited about both Amsterdam and Paris that I totally got side tracked… oops.


Even though this is all coming from a spontaneous trip to Disneyland I guess my point is that life is too short to live in fear. Don’t be afraid of straying from your perfectly planned out life goals. We should embrace the perfectly imperfect aspects of life and do things on a whim, do things that make us purely happy and fill us with complete bliss.


Despite being deathly afraid of flying (we’re talking mental breakdowns before almost every flight), I still travel the world. I sing so loudly to Bruce Springsteen that I’m sure my whole dorm can hear me, I eat pastries for breakfast in Paris, dance my butt off at pubs in Amsterdam, and have somehow survived two and a half months in Prague without dying.


What most people don’t realize is that it’s these small little parts of life that add up to something that feels a little bit perfectly imperfect.