Turn Your Bad Day Around Immediately With These 5 Steps

Turn Your Bad Day Around Immediately With These 5 Steps- sincerelykenz

Have you ever woken up on the “wrong side of the bed”? Maybe you slept through an alarm, or you simply didn’t think that you would get such a late start to the day. To make matters worse, as you’re rushing to get out of the door you spill your coffee all over the floor, and your fresh out of your favorite breakfast food.


The combination of these things will surely lead you to have the worst day ever, right?! Wrong.


I have been there; we have all been there. When you pretty much think that your day is going to be the absolute worst just because of a few unpleasant things that occurred during your morning routine. Every day can’t be perfect and everyone has their good days and bad days.


As soon as one or two bad things occur during my morning, I immediately start to get angry and think about how bad the rest of the day is going to be. But, throughout my 20 years of both bad mornings and good mornings, I have learned that categorizing a day as “bad”, or “the worst day ever” just because of a few unexpected mishaps in the morning, isn’t really worth it. Rather than dwelling on the few bad aspects of your morning, you should try and redirect your day and turn it around.


Here is a list of some of the things that I try to do when my day gets off to a rough start:




You know, and I know that exercise is the bomb dot com when it comes to changing a bad mood to a good one. Exercise is proven to make you feel happier! Those good ol’ endorphins that exercise produces will make you feel better and turn any bad day around in little to no time. If you are not a member of a gym, you can go on sites like Pinterest or Youtube and find some workouts that are home-friendly. If you don’t have time to smash out a real, intense workout, you can always opt for something a bit simpler like going for a long walk with your dog or BFF.



Start Off Your Day With Something That You Really Love:

Got a favorite coffee shop or food you like to eat in the morning? Go grab it! If I’m ever having a rough start to my day I try and do something that makes me purely happy. This usually entails going out to purchase an iced coffee or cookin’ up and indulging in my favorite food group, pancakes. Keep in mind that doing this doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny, you can opt for something free that is equally as fabulous.



Treat Yo’self:

#TREATYOSELF. Guuuuuurl you are a hard working, awesome individual and sometimes you deserve to treat yo’self. Get your nails done or go shopping for a bit, do something that makes you happy because you simply deserve it!


Get Crackin’ On Your To-Do List:

Most of my bad days stem from a high amount of stress that is surrounding me. If I have a ton of things to do, or just a busy work schedule I immediately feel weight on my shoulders and can’t shake it until I get at least one or two things done on my to do list. I get stressed very easily. To help me rock out the things that I need to get done, I try and make a small to do list every morning. It is CRAZY how good it feels to get some things checked off of the to do list.


Have A Simpler Outlook On Things:

Life doesn’t always have to be so hectic and fast paced. Sometimes, taking the time to look at your day through a simpler lens, and focus on paying more attention to all of the minimal things that you encounter throughout the day that bring you joy and happiness. Think of the little things that make you happy and zone in on those rather than on the bad.


Laugh It Out:

Similar to exercise, laughing produces endorphins as well. Head over to YouTube or something similar and search for some funny videos. My personal favorite place to get a good laugh is to scroll through all of the old Vine videos on Twitter!