Updates & Things | 4.12.15 |

Happy Monday! Almost halfway through April… times flyin’!!


Because I have no idea what to write about I figured I’d do a quick life update and chit-chat about what’s going on over here.

Well for starters, there is a girl and her mom living in the same room down the hall, the mom does her hair in our bathroom?…


Thought we lived in a strictly student dormitory hall, but I guess I was wrong?



Anyways, that’s besides the point-



After a quick weekend home, I’m back at school and ready to role. Home was relaxing. I had REAL food, got to take a shower with NO FLIP FLOPS and got to catch up on some sleep. I really didn’t do much but it was totally needed; the amount of assignments and tests I had last week was insane so it was nice to be able to have sometime at home to hang with the parentals and relax.


I’m hoping to go on a quick hike that’s close to my school this week; the destination the hike leads to is called Table Rock, and from what I’ve heard, is absolutely beautiful. Supposedly you can see the whole campus from the top of this hike, which is pretty crazy. Definitely will do a post on this hike if all works out and I do get to go on it!


Overall, I’m excited for this week… the weather calls for temperatures in the high 60’s and sun! (That’s a first) I can’t wait to break out the flip-flops and do some homework outside!


Ohhhhh I’ve also become utterly obsessed with Starbucks iced coffee! – jeez this stuff is addicting, let me tell you. I can easily inhale a venti in less than 10 minutes, which is kind of sad actually, considering that it’s not the best thing for you.


Welp, unfortunately, that’s about all I have to say for this post-



Hope you all have a great Monday and rest of the week aswell!


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