Watch Your Health With These 5 Quick Travel Tips

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Planning to go travelling anytime soon? Your health is paramount when seeing the world, with many tourists allowing it to take a backseat and then effectively facing complications further down the line. If you’re planning a getaway, make sure you have these five quick travel tips in mind in order to keep on top of your health.


Liaise With Your Doctor Before You Go:

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One of the most important steps to take in terms of your health happens before you even board the plane. Be sure to pay a visit to your doctor beforehand, whether it’s for a general check-up or querying whether any vaccinations are necessary depending on your chosen destinations.

Some tourism hotspots around the world actually play host to a variation of potential illnesses and diseases, often contracted through insect bites. Avoid any health complications by getting vaccinated beforehand. Illnesses such as malaria are yet to receive an effective vaccination, but others – dengue fever and rabies, for example – you can be protected against. Your doctor will have all the information you need to know.


Stock Up On Your Medication:

Depending on where you’re going and whether you have any pre-existing illnesses, make sure you’re bringing a sufficient amount and range of medication in order to stay on top of your health during your travels. Whether it be something as simple as paracetamol for general aches or pains or prescribed medicines, don’t leave anything at home – travel could bring on symptoms easier than you may think, what with things such as the heat and constant movement being potential triggers.

If you have got medication you need to bring upon the plane with you, make sure you discuss with customs otherwise complications may arise. Strict security measures mean you may have some trouble bringing your medication on board, so let them know in advance why you need it – doctor’s notes are a great way to back up your reasoning.


Ensure That You Wear Sunscreen:

Jordan Greene GuestPost Sincerelykenz

No matter where in the world you travel to, it’s absolutely crucial you’re layering up on the sunscreen. Even if cloud is blocking the sun, if you’re exposing your skin it’s absolutely necessary you have sunscreen to protect yourself from any damage or burning – especially on your face, upon which you should wear sunscreen or moisturiser with an SPF every single day.

If you do get burned by the sun whilst travelling and don’t do anything to prevent it, you could find yourself at risk of more severe illnesses such as sunstroke and even sun poisoning, the latter often requiring hospitalisation due to its extremity. Stay protected, and try to avoid the sun in the hottest, brightest periods of the day.


Watch What You’re Eating And Drinking:

Your diet is crucial in ensuring you stay healthy on your travels. Try to avoid overindulging; despite how desirable and tempting the diverse cuisines can be around the world, they often come at a calorific price. Feel free to treat yourself every once in a while, but don’t make it a common occurrence – you and your body will pay for it once you’re home.

And make sure you’re staying hydrated and regularly drinking water, too. Travelling can be strenuous and, when paired with a hot country, you’ll become quickly dehydrated which could lead to serious health issues should you not be drinking enough.


 Exercise When You Can: 

Jordan Greene GuestPost Sincerelykenz

Whenever you find time, try and fit some exercise into your daily routine. Whether it be something as simple as a few stretches or a more strenuous workout, it’s important you don’t slack off – your body will definitely thank you for it if you take even fifteen minutes out of your day for a bit of exercise.

Skipping is a great choice for a quick fat-burner whilst you travel. It’s been said just ten minutes of skipping equates to 45 minutes of running, so for an effective cardio workout in a fraction of the time, it could be the best choice.


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