Weekend Recap OCT 17-18

Weekend Recap- sincerelykenz

My sincerest apologies for missing days number 18 and 17 of the October Blogging Challenge. But worry no more; I’m back and ready for action.


Today’s prompt is “Your Favorite Books”. Although I would love to inform you of all my latest reads, I am sorry to say that I honestly haven’t read a book for personal enjoyment in like five-ever. Sad, I know; even sadder, I am an English major.


Now don’t go assuming that I am someone who doesn’t like reading, if I had the time I totally would. Lately I have been going insane about the amount of reading that I have to do for my classes this semester. I guess I should have expected this when taking on an English major, but for some reason the whole English and reading thing didn’t go hand and hand in my brain. To be honest, I don’t think it is even physically possible for me to read all of the books that I have been assigned for each class this semester.


Believe it or not, I actually spent 7+ hours in the library yesterday. I am actually wondering how I am living and breathing because if you haven’t ever spent more than 7 hours at the library, you wouldn’t know that it is the basically the equivalent to death.


Anyways, the real reason why I’m here- I wanted to talk about my weekend adventure!


Saturday Rob brought me to the Fly Creek Cider Mill. Being super cute (as always), he surprised me with this destination.

Weekend Recap- sincerelykenz Weekend Recap- sincerelykenz IMG_9820

This place was basically a huge building that makes apple cider! We actually went for a ton of food tasting including… PIE-TASTING. * moment of appreciation for pie *


After sampling cheese, dips, ciders, apples, and of course pie, we sat down and had a bite to eat at this wonderful place. I got baked mac and cheese with a side of, of course, pumpkin pie and Rob got a chicken dumpling soup with a side of, of course, apple pie!

Weekend Recap- sincerelykenz Weekend Recap- sincerelykenz Weekend Recap- sincerelykenz

I had such an awesome time and am so thankful to have this amazing dude in my life.


As far as Sunday goes, it was extremely lame. After waking up and going to the gym I ended up staying at the library for about 8 hours…. yes 8 hours. As crazy as that sounds, I ended up getting a ton of work (reading) done- which I really needed to do.


That’s really all I did this weekend! I hope you all have a fabulous Monday and enjoy the last couple weeks of October. Which by the way, can you believe October is almost over?!- whhhhhaaaaat.