What I learned during my first semester of college

I will never quite understand how and why when you go off to college you are expected to gain the dreaded freshman 15, not get above an 80 in any class you take, and fit all of your life belongings in a 2 by 4 room, which for the record, usually smells. But hey that’s the experience of college right? – The best time of your life!

Here’s a list of a few things I’ve learned in my first semester of college:

 1. Appreciate your parents while you still live with them everyday:


Going off to college-no more parents on your back all the time about every aspect of your life and no more of their rules to live up to. Let me tell you- in these four or so months I’ve been living here, I have never missed my mom’s dried out chicken dinner so much in my life. When you’re on your own in college you have no more cooked meals, no help in general on a stressful day, and of course- no one to do the dreaded laundry.


2.Money money money money:


Not having money SUCKS and not having a job to make money for your self sucks even more. I’ve found that trying to maintain a good college GPA while having a job as well is nearly impossible- or for me at least. A gourmet dinner for two has turned in to the very classy- Taco Bell, and that’s on a good day.



3. Getting mail is everything:



I cannot even begin to explain how amazing it is to open that little 2 by 4 mailbox and have a letter in it. There is no better feeling than receiving a package or letter. I think on average, I check my mailbox about 3-5 times a day. Seriously.


4.The food- oh God the food:


Not saying that the food is inedible or absolutely unappetizing at all but you definitely do get sick of it. Not to mention the fifteen-minute walk you must hike to get to the dining hall itself.


5.The freshman 15 is a thing- STAY AWAY FROM THE FRIES:


With the types of food they have at the dining halls you’d think they want you to get fat. I’ve seen the freshman 15 in full effect on a bunch of different people. It’s easily avoidable though; just steer clear from those cookies on the dessert table- underneath their delicious looking outer layer they secretly taste like cardboard, not worth it.



6.Finding myself:


They say college is a time in your life when you truly find out who you are meant to be, although I haven’t changed drastically I’ve definitely noticed that I have stayed true to myself and haven’t molded to what anyone else thinks I should be. I’ve only been here for about four months and I’m already realizing who I am and where I’m going in life, sounds cheesy I know, but I actually kind of like it and am very happy with who I’m turning out to be.