Why I Blog

The Reason Why I Blog- sinceelykenz

“Why do you blog?”

Whether it is from friends, family, or fellow bloggers I definitely get asked this question a lot.  No matter what I respond the answer back is usually something along the lines of “oh, that’s cool!”. Well, to be honest, it’s a lot greater than just “cool”. It’s more along the lines of awesomeunique, or brave.


If you were looking for a response to the overzealous “why do you blog?” question, there isn’t really just one answer. I blog because it excites me. When I finally I finish a  post and hover over the “publish” button, I get a certain feeling in my stomach. I can’t really explain it. “Who will like this post?” or “will people read this post?” are just a few of the questions that bounce back and forth in my mind when I’m in the process of publishing a new post.

The Reason Why I Blog- sinceelykenz

I blog because it’s an outlet for my creativity. I can blog about whatever I want and I can blog about whatever makes me happy. That’s why creativity is such a beautiful thing, you never know where it will lead you next.


I blog because it’s different, I’m different. Not many people I know have a blog and I don’t mind that. It’s my own, unique trait that I can label myself with. I like being different, I don’t want to be the same as everyone else.


I blog because it is a reason for me to step out of my comfort zone. Sharing my thoughts and ideas with every single person on the internet is something I would have never done a couple years ago. Why live your life stuck in a bubble? I truly believe that you need to step out of your comfort zone if you want to achieve any of your goals or asperations.


I blog for me, I blog because it makes me feel special, I blog because it lets me unleash my creativity and I blog because it makes me happy.


So next time you ask someone why they blog, try your best not to  respond by saying that you think its “cool”. Because it’s not “cool”, it’s freaking awesome.

The Reason Why I Blog- sinceelykenz

Why do you blog? Do you ever get asked why you blog? What’s your answer to this question?