Why I deserve To See Bruce On SNL

Why I Deserve To Meet Bruce

As many of you may heard, (I mean no offense, but you must be living under a rock if you didn’t hear), Bruce Springsteen will be on SNL December 19th.


I saw this and my immediate reaction was something like, “OMG I NEED TO GO”, and even hours later….. I STILL NEED TO GO.


Bruce hasn’t been on tour in about 2 years. Now, I get it, he’s kinda’ a senior citizen, but I have been very patient with him! I, among a ton of other fans are still waiting for that tour announcement email from backstreets.com. Two years is a long time for an email people- I’m beginning to think that my inbox is broken or something.


It’s on my bucket list to meet Bruce. My tip bucket at the small ice cream shop that I scoop ice cream at is labeled “Bruce Springsteen ticket fund” (old people go crazy for this, by the way).


For a reason that I cant quite grasp, he hasn’t responded to any of my emails and for some reason I can’t find his cell number anywhere on the internet. I am just here to say that I think that I deserve to at least see Bruce on SNL. After all, my birthday is December 18- so why not get a belated birthday present?


Can anybody help me out here?! Like seriously, ANYONE!?