Why You Should Try Hot Yoga

So you’re thinking about signing yourself up to do a series of never-ending strange body poses in a 105 degree room with a group of really sweaty people for an hour and a half?

Heck yeah you are, hot yoga is so awesome and is such a relaxing form of exercise.


My best friend Haley and I tried out hot yoga for the first time last winter and I’ve loved it ever since. So so soooooo excited about the fact that I just bought myself a month of unlimited hot yoga for only 30 dollars!


I feel like a lot of people don’t even think about doing hot yoga because of the general vibe that it gives off… I mean paying to sit in a steaming hot room with a bunch of sweaty people for a long period of time doesn’t really sound that inviting to anyone- but it’s actually a lot better than it sounds, I promise.


Aside from burning a bazillion calories, hot yoga tones, strengthens and stretches all of your muscles. It also detoxifies your body and massages all of your insides- no really; hot yoga literally massages your organs, glands, joints and muscles. It’s crazy to think that something so relaxing can contain so many health benefits!


Wait it gets better…


At the end of the class you lye down on your back and just sit there for as long as you want (sorry I’m no yoga guru, and apparently don’t listen to what the teacher is saying either because I have no idea what this pose is called… whoops) This is my favorite part of the class because it’s a couple of minutes of total relaxation and a time where there are absolutely no thoughts running through your head other than the occasional: “wow I really wish I had a taco right now” or something along the lines of that.


If you’ve never tried hot yoga or you’ve been the tiniest bit skeptical about trying it I highly recommend you do! It allows you to help your body and burn calories, while, at the same time, remaining one hundred percent stress and worry free for an hour and a half.


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