You Wish Your Sunday Was This Good

Okay people this is huge, this is hands down the best sundae I have ever consumed in my life’s existence-

I feel like this is just such a great achievement that it deserves its own post, maybe that’s just me, idk.


Sunday Rob and I decided that it was the day; the day to conquer… and you best believe we conquered.

We’ve been thinking about trying to take on a Friendly’s Crowd Pleaser sundae for quite some time now, for some reason we just felt that Sunday was the day to do it.


The Friendly’s Crowd Pleaser is jam-packed with twelve scoops of ice cream and six toppings- oh and don’t forget the massive amounts of whipped cream and cherries on top!

Twelve scoops people- twelve friggin’ scoops!

Can we just take a minute here … cuz I’m still not over it … TWELVE FLIPPIN SCOOPS!!!


We decided to stick to one theme, which obviously haaaaad to be peanut butter.

We got six scoops of Hunka-Chunka-PB Fudge (my personal favorite Friendly’s ice cream flavor) and six scoops of Reese’s Ice cream (this flavor Is just needed in any peanut butter themed sundae, obviously).

As for toppings, we decided to spice it up and get two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese Pieces, Chocolate Sprinkles, and two cups of Peanut Butter Sauce.


Let’s just say this was not hard to finish at all…. It was everything I hoped for and more and it has a special little spot in my heart now that I officially have conquered it.


Although a pound may have been gained, overall it was worth it.

Proud to say I can scratch this one off my bucket list.







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