How to Capture the Best Photos of Your Pet

Now I wouldn’t by any means call myself a professional pet photographer, but I think I do a pretty good job with the tools that I have. Here are my top tips and tricks for capturing award-winning pictures of your pet!


The key to success is having a DSLR camera. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the iPhone camera quality, but sometimes it just isn’t fast enough to capture all of the movement that pets tend to do (especially when your dog is semi-psychotic like mine). I usually use my DSLR to take pictures of my dog because 1.The iPhone can’t exactly sit on a tripod and 2.The speed is too slow.


I like using a white sheet as the background for most of my photos. It makes my little guy stand out and it is comfortable enough for him to be his crazy self. Aiming for a simple and natural background rather than a cluttered vibrant one is very helpful. Picking out a wrapping paper and using that as a background is also a fun idea!


Make sure your pet is used to the noises that your camera makes as well as the camera itself (my dog actually tried to eat my camera at first). Getting your pet to look somewhat at the camera is the hardest part. Most dogs have such short attention spans that it is tough to capture them when they are looking their best. I usually bring a few toys and try my hardest to jump around trying to get my dog’s attention.


What makes the picture look the way it is? The editing software of course! I tend to use the editing software that comes with my Mac but not gonna’ lie, it isn’t my favorite. When I am editing on my phone I usually stick with apps such as Aviary and VSCO.


Taking your photos in a smaller setting will help a TON with distractions. Like I mentioned before, most pets don’t have a very long attention span so the less distractions the better! Try and take as many pictures as possible once your pet is still. Also, try shooting from different angles to switch it up!


Capture your pet’s natural qualities. Whether it is sleeping, trying to eat the setup, or chasing their tail, the personality pictures are the best pictures.


Play around with your zoom and get up close and personal to your little guy. Sometimes getting at eye level with your pet is necessary to capture their attention and capture the perfect picture.

How to Capture the Best Photos of Your Pet

Good luck trying to capture perfect photos of your pets!

Kenzie Negron

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