November Goals

It’s already November… what?! I actually can’t believe how fast time is flying. It’s crazy that my sophomore first year of college is basically half way over.

November calls for trying to hold myself back from blasting Christmas music as well as continuously writing October as the date of everything for the longest time ever (until I actually realize that it is November and not October anymore).

As far as goals, I am keepin’ it short and simple.

1\\ Pull Through Till’ Finals Week

  • I have had a tough time keeping up with my work this semester as well as achieving the grades that I would like to, I am hoping that within this next month that I can pick up some of these grades and spend even more time in the library (If that is even possible).

2\\ Work On The Quality Of My Posts

  • While the October Blogging Challenge was a ton of fun to take part in, I did realize that my posts weren’t of as high quality as I would have liked. My hope for this month is that I can keep up with a consistent schedule (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and also make sure that I produce good content.

3\\ Continue My Gym Mojo

  • The past couple weeks I have been going to the gym almost every night. It’s such a stress reliever and I feel like a literal potato when I don’t go. I’m hoping that even when the temperatures drop this month, that I can still hike the walk to the gym on a consistent basis.

4\\ Read A Book

  • Aside from the dreaded Shakespeare reading that I have to do for my Shakespeare class this semester, I haven’t really had time to read a book for my personal enjoyment. My goal this month is to read at least one book that isn’t related to my classes. After all, I am an English major.

5\\ Revamp Da Blog

  • I want to revamp my “about me” section on this bad boy and also want to rework my side bar a little bit.

Overall, I have a ton of high hopes for the month of November! A lot of fun things are happening this month, so I am pretty excited for all that it entails. Hopefully I can hold off on my Christmas tunes until December and work on remembering what month I’m actually in.

Kenzie Negron

Hey! Welcome to my little corner on the Internet. My name is Kenzie Negron and I am a Long Island livin’, Bruce Springsteen lovin’, dog enthusiast who is currently studying at Oneonta state to become a part time journalist and full time English teacher. I aspire to be Beyoncé and dream of traveling the world. Thanks so much for stopping by, xx