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    Why You Should Start A Blog In College- sincerelykenz



Friday Faves: 9/23/16

Friday…..Friday…..Friday…..FRIYAY! I am beyond happy that it is finally Friday… could you tell?! I have been swamped with homework this week and don’t think I have ever been more excited for a weekend. Another awesome thing about today? It’s a national holiday- how could you forget!? It’s the Boss man’s birthday, Bruce Springsteen turns 67 today.



Naturally, Bruce’s birthday is my first favorite on this list. I am actually (seriously, not kidding) meeting Bruce next Wednesday. He is holding a few book signings/appearances in the upcoming months to promote his autobiography, Born To Run, which will be on sale September 27th. Becuase of my genuine awesomeness and ability to do awesome things all of the time, I was lucky enough to get tickets before they sold out.



Another Friday fave for this week is Starbucks Mocha Lattes! As we all know, the PSL is back. So naturally, I have been spending a lot of time in Starbucks lately (thanks for the gift card, Grammy). I wanted to switch it up and try something different. I’m a big fan of Starbucks hot chocolate, so when I found out that they made their mochas and hot chocolates with essentially the same syrups, I was hooked.  Deff adding this one to my list of Starbucks faves. Just kidding, I don’t actually have a list but if I did this would totally be on there.



It’s official, Fall is finally upon us! You probs live under a rock if you didn’t know that yesterday marked the Fall equinox… lucky for you I’ll always be here to update you on this kind of important information. ANYWAYS, Fall is hands down one of the best seasons, October-December is just a series of magical months and I really don’t know what else there is to say about it other than yay. I’ll be spending a lot of time on Pinterest these next couple of weeks because I’m obsessed with all of the Fall outfit inspiration, Fall D.I.Y, and Fall recipes.



I have had my Birkenstocks since mid-summer and can honestly say that they are the best thing I have purchased in a loooong time. I wear these bad boys almost every day and refuse to wear any other shoe until the weather doesn’t cooperate. These shoes have awesome arch support and are so so so comfortable. I totally recommend purchasing them if you are thinking about it.



Are you really a blogger if you don’t add blogging to your favorites list? But seriously, I was in a bit of a funk with the whole blogging thing, and was having a lot of trouble figuring out what to write about. I finally brainstormed for a while and made a massive list of blog post ideas. I am so so happy that I took the time to do this because it has inspired me to get back on track and continue to post.


What are some of your favorite things this week? Do you like Bruce, Mocha Lattes,  Fall, Birkenstocks, or blogging?! Let me know in the comments!



Hump day….we meet again- am I the only one who thinks these past few weeks have been flying by?! Maybe it’s because the new semester just started? My body has been primarily running on coffee (lots and lots of coffee) and minimal sleep. My classes and assignments are beginning to get into full swing, and it has been a rough couple of days.


Speaking of college, today were talkin’ about note taking! The class lecture style in college is waaaay different than that of high school. In college, professors expect you to retain the information that they speak about in class as well as whatever information may be on their power point, worksheet, etc.


As scary as it may sound, taking notes in college is not as hard as it seems. I like to consider myself a pretty good note taker. That being said ,I know a few things that could enhance your note taking skills. I have decided to compile some of these tips to help all of my fellow college homies out there who could use a bit of help in the note taking department:



An extremely important factor of college notes is to make sure that they are organized properly. Organizing your notes in a specific, redundant way will help you when you are studying, or need to gather information in a timely manner.

Personally, I write all of my major headings in a larger font. This allows me to differentiate the information and is the first thing to catch my eye when I got back over my notes. For subheadings, I’ll usually use a mid-sized font, something that still grabs my attention, but nothing too crazy.

Titling different sections of your notes is also a huge help. You want to make sure that the titles to the different sections of your notes are complete and concise. You should be able to know exactly what the notes will be about, solely by glancing at the title. Try to make your titles minimal, as something too elaborate may confuse you.



Something that has helped my college note taking skills immensely is the use of different colored pens, highlighters, and markers. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to add a bit of color to their notes? Color coding certain sections of notes will help when help when skimming through notes quickly. Color coding makes trying to find the information that you really need to know a piece of cake. I like to create a system that helps me quickly understand the color coding that I do on my notes.

For example:

BLUE= Important terms

YELLOW= Key time periods

ORANGE= Notable people and figures

Creating a system for the color coordination of your notes is a big help. This will allow key terms, periods, and figures to immediately jump at you when you glance over your notes any certain time. Adding some color to your notes can actually be a lot more fun than it sounds! Here are some of my favorite products for color coding my notes:


  • Sharpie Highlighters:  I’m a big fan of anything from Sharpie. I love these particular highlighters because they come in a pack of 10. They also have a chisel tip, which enables users to create very fine lines. These highlighters also come in packs of 6, without a chiseled tip.
  • SharpiesHonestly, who doesn’t love sharpies?! I have this pack of 24 and use it almost everytime I need to write down anything. Although these bad boys are on the pricier end of the spectrum, they are still totally worth it because of how long they last!
  • Gel Pens:  Okay, call me a five-year-old but I think gel pens are fabulous. These are perfect for creating diagrams in your notes or underlining specific terms. If you aren’t too crazy about the whole gel pen thing, these Bic Pens are seriously perfect.



A trick to taking down as much information in as little time as possible- A.K.A when the professor keeps rattling off information that will be on a test but you physically can’t keep up writing it all down- is to shorthand. Think about the language that you use when you text, this is the kind of language that you should write your notes in. Any type of shorthand that you will be able to identify whenever you’re going back over your notes in the future can help you take notes at a faster pace. Personally, I use shorthand for long terminology and simple words. For example:

BC= Because

W= With

Y= Why

Special Education= Sped


Something that has been super beneficial for me, is to go back over my notes at a later time. I usually will spend some time rewriting the notes that I previously took on a given day. Rewriting notes and comparing them to slide shows, textbooks, and even a friend’s notes can be extremely helpful when it comes to retaining the information.


As intimidating as it sounds, taking notes in college doesn’t have to be that bad! I use all of these tips/tricks whenever I take notes during lectures and so far, I have gotten all of the information that I need for tests and exams on the given content. I also totally recommend checking out some studyblrs for  motivation and inspiration on taking college notes. Jessica, wrote an amazing post all about studyblrs that is very helpful- check it out! 



Note: This post contains affiliate links. 


Why You Should Start A Blog In College


Why You Should Start A Blog In College- sincerelykenz

I initially went to college to pursue an adolescent education degree, with a focus in Biology. This changed immediately once I realized that biology wasn’t for me and that my heart was truly set on teaching English. I was on and off about the idea of starting a blog. I knew that as a new English major, it would be the perfect addition to my resume but was nervous about what other’s would think…. would my blog be good? would anyone other than my parents actually read it?

After debating the idea in my head for long enough, I eventually started up my very own blog.  I would post every once in a while, and to be honest, the posts weren’t very good. I don’t even remember what my first post was about.

My blog has grown in ways that I could never have imagined. I have learned (so I like to think) the “ins” and “outs” of blogging and have overall gained so much knowledge about the blogging world. Having a blog has allowed me to meet new people, learn new skills, and express myself in a series of different ways. Here are a few reasons why I think college is the perfect time to start a blog:

1.It Will Help You Network & Create Friendships:

Believe it or not, the blogging world is HUGE. There are so many different bloggers out there. Starting a blog has helped me network with a crazy amount of different people. Simple steps such as following fellow bloggers on Twitter and Instagram, moved on to bigger steps such as joining Facebook groups for bloggers and even moving forward to build friendships with other bloggers. I have gained the confidence to reach out to companies when I want to do collaborations with them as well as fellow bloggers when I am in need of some advice and tips for my blog.

2. It Is A Great Addition To Your Resume:

Yes, I am an English major so this may pertain to me more than others BUT adding your blog to your resume proves that you have writing, reading, and editing skills! All of which can be used in a variety of different jobs. Having a blog will make you stand out in the applicant crowd and will prove that you have a variety of skills that some others might lack.

3. It’s Almost Like An Online Diary:

Attending college is such a big difference than attending high school. So many opportunities will come your way and so many different things will go on in your day to day life. Utilize your blog to document all of this! Your blog is your own space to write about whatever you really want. Having a blog allows you to have your very own creative outlet, where you can blog about all of these exciting experiences and will be able to look back on them one day.

4. It Can Lead You To Opportunities:

If you are serious about blogging you can earn some serious money from it. There are a ton of different companies and brands that want bloggers to sponsor them. Some brands will be willing to compensate you just for posting an Instagram or Tweeting about their product! I have also had some amazing opportunities come my way since I started blogging. Having my own blog led me to start a Her Campus chapter at my college, something that I would have never seen myself doing a few years back.

5. You Will Learn A LOT:

Since starting my blog I have learned so many new things! There are so many bloggers out there who want to help you maintain the best blog you possibly can. Take a quick second to browse through Pinterest and you will find billions of posts focusing on blogging. I have learned so much since starting my blog. Time management, networking skills, minimal graphic design skills, and a ton of blogging “how-tos”.


If you’re thinking about starting a blog, even just a little bit, you totally should! Just go for it, you never know what could come out of it in the long run.



Hey homies, happy Friday. Today I wanted to blog about something that has been sitting on my shoulder for the past couple of days.  Not really sure if “sitting on my shoulder” is the correct phrase but we’re just gonna’ go with it, so bare with me. Anyways what I wanted to blog about today is passion.


My head is constantly on and off with the idea of blogging. When I miss a post (ahem, 2 days ago) I start to resent myself for starting a blog in the first place. The upkeep of a blog is time-consuming and at times, frustrating. Yesterday I spent some time (probably should have been doing homework, oops) trying to channel my creativity as well as my passion. This time led me to the conclusion that I actually LOVE blogging, like really really love it. Writing, and being a part of the blogging community is something I am truly passionate about.


What are you passionate about? What sets your soul on fire? Finding the answers to these two key questions is something that we all strive for. These answers are essential components to finding your passion, finding what lights up your heart and keeps you going. Seek a passion that you can find, not something that anyone else causes. Start the fire on your own and continue to keep it going inside your soul. Find a passion that leads you to create a life with constant happiness that warms you on the inside.


So how did I find that my passion is blogging? I spent some time with myself, I asked myself a bunch of questions. I then spent time analyzing my answers and thoughts to these questions. Ever since I opened up this little corner of the internet, I have been passionate about blogging. I knew blogging was my passion, it just took some time to re-realize this. I’m no professional, but I can almost promise you that after asking yourself these few questions you’ll be on the right path to find your passion:


1. What inspires you, what motivates you?

2. Is there anything that you’re really good at, almost like a hidden talent?

3. Is there anything that you always receive positive feedback on?

4.  Are you doing something at this stage in your life that makes you happy?

5. If money wasn’t an issue, what is the one thing that you would jump to do?

6. Are there any dream careers that you have had since you were young?

7. Who is your role model, why do you look up to them?

8. If there was one thing you could be remembered for what would it be?

9. Think of the last time you enjoyed doing something so much that you lost track of time, what were you doing?

10. What is the one thing that you can’t see yourself getting tired of doing every day?

11. If you could never fail at something, what would you do?

12. Do you believe you have what it takes to follow your passion?

13. Is there something that is preventing you from following or finding you calling, what is it?

14. Is there something that doesn’t feel like work to you?

15. What do people tell you you’re exceptionally good at?

16. What sets you apart from everyone else, what makes you awesome?

17. Are you saying yes to opportunities and activities that you truly love?

18. Do you connect with people who share the same passion as you?

19. Do you spend a lot of time researching and reading about this passion?

20. What makes you stand out, are you working on mastering it?

21. Think about it…. what’s the worst that could happen if you actually started following and living through your passion?



The things that we are passionate about make us unique and different. Our passions can lead us to connect with others who share similar feelings, and can shape us as a person. Spend some time figuring out what it is that sets your soul on fire and follow it. Find whatever it is that makes you smile subconsciously and keeps you up at night and chase it.


30 Fall Blog Post Ideas That You NEED To Use

30 Fall Blog Post Ideas That You NEED To Use- sincerelykenz

Although my mindset is still summer, Fall is approaching and that means Fall clothing, Fall drinks at Starbucks (PSL anyone?!) and of couuuuuuurse Fall blog posts!  Here are my top blog post ideas for the Fall season:


  1. What is your favorite thing about the Fall?
  2. Fall fashion trends everyone needs to know
  3. A fun recipe featuring something pumpkin in it (duh)
  4. Create a Fall “checklist” post, featuring things to do during the Fall
  5. Create a Fall mood board
  6. Create some Fall D.I.Y. decorations and blog about them!
  7. Share your Fall playlist
  8. Your goals for the Fall season
  9. Best apple/pumpkin picking patches!
  10. Life update- what have you been doing during these past few Fall months?
  11. Morning routine, does your morning routine change in the new season?
  12. Fall traditions that you have
  13. Fall date ideas
  14. Create a Fall blog challenge
  15. Create a Fall Instagram challenge
  16. A day in the life: Fall edition
  17. Share Fall themed desktop backgrounds
  18. Favorite holiday during the Fall (Halloween, Thanksgiving…. your birthday?…. Bruce Springsteen’s birthday?)
  19. How to have the perfect Fall night
  20. Fun Fall activities for people who are in college
  21. List your favorite scary/Halloween movies
  22. What are your Fall essentials?
  23. Fall wishlist
  24. How to: Halloween recipe/treat
  25. How to: Thanksgiving recipe/treat
  26. Create a Fall link up on your blog!
  27. Things to look forward to during the Fall
  28. Anything related to school (Fall=back to school for most people)
  29. Your own list of Fall blog post ideas 😉
  30. Create a post about everything related to the Fall, like a guide to the Fall or something!

I hope some of these ideas help you generate some posts! I absolutely love the Fall and would love to read any of your posts related to this beautiful season, leave links to them in the comments below! 

September 2016 Checklist


For whatever reason, Fall has always been one of my favorite times of the year. To me, Fall is a new start. I find the change of weather and change of pace to be welcoming and exciting. Fall is the brink between the summer months and the holidays, it’s like a happy medium between two great seasons!  Here are a few things I’m checking off my list this month:


Enjoy The Outdoors

I’m a sucker for the Fall because of the foliage that comes along with it. The changing colors of leaves are so so soooOOoooOoOoOo beautiful, especially in upstate, New York, where I attend college. One of my goals this month is to spend more time outside enjoying the outdoors and going on hikes.

Get Sh%t Together!

The first semester of my junior year of college just started two weeks ago and a lot of things are going on. This month I want to need to sort out my life and prioritize some pretty important stuff. Between figuring out everything about studying abroad next semester as well as when I need to take certain teaching certification exams, things are going to get a bit hectic this month. No worries though, I can handle it….  I got this guys. 


 Celebrate The Boss’s Birthday

For those of you who live under a rock, Bruce Springsteen’s birthday is on September 23. Bake a cake, throw a party, and celebrate the man’s birthday!

Stay On Track With My Routine

When things get stressful, it’s easy to fall in and out of your routine. I want to stick to my current routine and make sure that I am being as productive as possible…. like I said, I need to get my sh%t together, and that isn’t going to happen if I start to get lazy.

Try Out A New Recipe

This year I am cooking for myself rather than eating at my school’s dining halls. This was a big switch for me considering I rarely ever make any food for myself other than cereal. I have been whippin’ up some basic dishes with chicken and veggies but would really love to spice things up and try something fun this month.


Head Over To Starbucks

Let’s be honest, is it really the Fall if you’re not sipping on PSL’s every day!? These drinks are seriously addictive, and I love it.

PRO TIP: if you want to ditch some cals on this drink or just think they’re a bit too sweet in general, ask for only one pump of pumpkin rather than the normal amount!

Keep Up With Goals

Goals are awesome… when you actually achieve them. Something I want to do this month is check in on my goals and make sure I’m on the right path to complete them. Whether it is a long term goal or a short term goal, I want to achieve at least one this month! Cheers to a new semester with lots and lots of new goals to achieve.

Have A Picnic 

Picnics are awesome. The Fall is such a beautiful season to enjoy outside, I would love to have a lil’ picnic sometime during this month. There is a lake close to my school that is very inviting and open. Hopefully, I’ll be able to gather some friends and get my butt over there sometime this month so that we can have a picnic!


Apple Picking

Apples are awesome and picking fruit is awesome… so why not combine the two and go get some fresh apples?! I personally never been apple picking so I feel like this would be awesome to try.


The college I attend has a certain program for all education majors: you have a single major in education itself and then another major in whatever it is that you are concentrating in. For example, I want to teach English Language Arts, so I have one major in English Language Arts but also have a major in Education. My point is- as an English major I get assigned a TON of reading. I have read so many novels for my assigned classes, and they have been great (for the most part). BUT, something I really want to do this month is to try and read a book of my choice, rather than just the assigned novels that I am required to read for class.


Updates to come with this checklist, hopefully, I will be able to complete everything on it! Do you have anything on your September check list? I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoy it!


IMAGES 1/2/3

How To Balance College & Everything Else


I can confidently say that I am the queen of stress. I get stressed out so easily, usually for reasons that so not stress worthy. College is a place where stress comes easy. I literally get into class, hear about a homework assignment and immediately start stressing, even if the assignment is something that really won’t take much time at all.


Although I do get stressed out a lot, I have found a ton of ways to cope with it. The combination of tough classes, part-time jobs, a social life, and overall,  just living on your own can be a lot on anyone’s plate. If you constantly find yourself stressing over things in college I promise you will get at least something out of this blog post. Here are my top tips when it comes to dealing with stress in college:


1.Wake Up Earlier:

I am a firm believer in waking up early to get things done. I wrote a blog post about waking up at 6 a.m. last year and I still stand by everything I wrote in it. I get up a few hours earlier than I normally would every day so that I have time to start my day on a relaxed note. I use this time to do odds and ends that I know need to get done, write out to-do lists, and eat a filling breakfast.


2.Visualize Your Day:

When you wake up, take time to visualize your whole day. Think about what you need to get done and when you need to get it done. I like to almost think of this as an internal schedule. Keep note of how much time you will need for each given task that you would like to complete.


3. Plan, Plan, Plan!:

Knowing exactly what you have to get done on each given day is a huge help when it comes to being stressed. Sometimes the amount of assignments, tests, etc. can be overwhelming and lead to stress. Keeping a planner and writing everything down in it will allow you to view everything that you need to get done at one glance. I have found that color coordinating things also helps to diminish the stress of them.

Look at your class syllabuses and schedules and write down any upcoming assignments, quizzes, presentations, workshops, or exams.  This will take about 10 minutes a week and make keeping track of everything a breeze.


4. Disconnect When You Can:

Sometimes it can be tough to shut your phone off, and disconnect yourself from some of the things around you. BUT hey, I’ve heard that it’s good to turn cell phones off sometimes! No but really, take time to enjoy life without the mini computer in your pocket buzzing every second.  If this means that you have to uninstall certain apps or even shut off your notifications, do it. Giving yourself a set amount of time each day to disconnect from the outside world will allow you to decompress and relax.


5. Let Your Positives Outweigh Your Negatives:

We constantly think about what doesn’t get finished, or what we forgot to do. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the positive rather than to dwell on the negative. Think about what you are capable of, what you have completed, and how far you have come. No one is perfect, it’s very important to understand this and work on praising yourself for everything that deserves to be praised.

IMAGES: 1/2/3/4

Junior Year Dorm Room

JUNIOR YEAR DORM ROOM TOUR- SINCERELYKENZGood morning party people… happy Monday! I took a bit of a blogging hiatus this past couple of weeks and am very happy to get back and post on here! Last Monday (August 29), I had my first day of classes. I am now a junior in college, which is a pretty scary, but exciting step for me. Before I know it I’ll be graduating college and entering the real world (that’s what all my professors keep telling me at least). For those of you who had your first week of college classes last week, I hope it went well!



Last year I blogged about my dorm room and to this day, it generates the most traffic to my site! A photo of my dorm room from last year has been featured on a ton of different websites and has over 61.k pins on Pinterest…. still can’t believe that but hey, I’m not complaining. If you want to check it out feel free to look at it here.


My friends Jessie, Vanessa, Melissa, Taryn, and I opted to get a suite on campus. This year I was fortunate enough to get my own bedroom. I am living in a “suite” with those four other girls. A suite is basically three bedrooms, a common room, and a bathroom. A post all about our common room will come eventually, once we figure out how we want to set it up.




I’m not really sure what to call the “theme” I went with this year, to be honest, I wouldn’t really say there is any theme. I kind of just pieced together a bunch of different things and hoped for the best. My room ended up looking pretty jazzy (so I like to say) and I am super happy with how it turned out.



As for bedding, I went with white everything (standard). I absolutely love the color white (if you have seen my Instagram feed, you would know this). I find the color to be so simple and relaxing. I have a ton of pillows which are all from a series of different stores. If you are interested in purchasing similar pillows, I would check out Target, Kohls, and Homegoods. Those stores would definitely have what you are looking for. My bedspread is plain white and is hands down one of the comfiest things I have ever slept on. I added a lil’ throw towards the end of my bed to accent the burlap colored board hanging above my bed.


Above my bed I have a map of Europe that Rob (isnt he just the best?!)  bought me last year! I love the colors of this poster, they’re very vintage, I guess you could say.  I also hung up a lil’ DIY that my bestfriend, Lacey, and I made this summer. It’s basically just a foam board covered in burlap fabric with pictures and quotes pinned all over it. I absolutely love how it turned out!


As for my desk area, I kind of used the same decorations that I used last year. I am loving the colorful tapestry that I opted to hang up behind my desk! I surprisingly found this tapestry at Marshalls.



Let’s not forget about the best part of the room… the boquet of flowers that Rob sends me every year on our first day of classes. I seriously am the luckiest girl in the whole world becuase he is so adorable:



So that about does it for my junior year dorm room blog post! I hope you all enjoy this and maybe even pick up a few ideas for your future dorm room after seeing mine. Wishing you all a happy and productive week!








Let’s face it, college is a big deal. The constant struggle of balancing classes, keeping up with a social life, and participating in extracurricular activities can get extremely overwhelming at times.  Adding a blog to this mixture makes things even more hectic- trust me, I would know.


Blogging is something that definitely requires a lot of time (if you want to be a successful blogger that is). Amongst writing posts on a regular basis comes social media upkeep, promotion, networking, and a TON of other things.  Adding the work of maintaining a blog onto the work that comes along with college was definitely a big adjustment for me. I have learned a lot from keeping up with these two things.


Although the balance is tough, and it is a lot of work, I do believe that maintaining a blog while succeeding in college is totally doable if you set your mind to it! With enough determination and motivation you will be able to figure out how to manage your time accordingly and give your schoolwork the attention it needs as well as your blog the attention it needs.


In this post, I’ll be touching on some tips and tricks that have helped me balance my blog and college life, I hope they help you too!



As a college student with a lot of things going on, my planner is literally my savior. I seriously don’t know how I would function in life if it wasn’t for my planner. I plan out each day by setting a list of things/goals that I must get done.  I use my planner to write down my upcoming assignments, exams, and any other extracurricular activities I have in the near future. My life seriously goes out of whack when I don’t use my planner, it has become one of my best tools in aiding me to keep up with my blog and college life! I highly recommend purchasing a planner if you do not have one already, it seriously works wonders!

Similar to planning out college related things, I also plan out everything and anything when it comes to blogging. My editorial calendar is my life saver- I use it to plan out all of my posts ahead of time and make sure that I am on track for upcoming posts. I also have a notebook strictly for blogging, where I plan out all of my posts, brainstorm ideas, and generally, write down anything that comes to mind blogging related. I have found that “batching”, or writing a bunch of posts on one single day has also helped me balance  my blog and college. Whenever I have a free day during the weekend, or some free time during the week that isn’t dedicated to school work, I “batch” posts.



While updating your blog on a constant basis, keeping up with social media, and staying up to date with all things college sounds ideal… things don’t exactly always work out as planned. Be realistic when it comes to the balance between your blog and college workload. Don’t set goals that you know you won’t be able to accomplish and don’t over work yourself. Time management is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a blog and living a college lifestyle.

You really need to zero in on how you are using each of your days and be sure that you are allotting the right amount of time for everything. Don’t stress over getting a blog post up if you know you have a test that you have to study for! Take days off and figure out what works best for you. Don’t burn yourself out.



Be productive and choose your time wisely. Maybe watching Netflix for three hours when you still need to finish a blog post isn’t the best idea. Constantly keep track of what you need to get done and prioritize it as much as you possibly can.

Use the free time you have for the things that really need to get done. Update your social media, answer emails, and engage with other bloggers whenever you have some extra time on your hands. This may be tough when you have a 30-minute gap between classes and a nap is seriously calling your name BUT think about the long run and do what is beneficial for you.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! Write down what you need to get done and go from there. Ultimately, college should be your number one priority. Complete all of your college-related things first and then head over to your blogging work if you have the time.






Sometimes I feel like naps are  the only way that I can make it alive throughout a given day. I know I’m not the only one who has days where I just feel like a straight up zombie because I am so tired. When you feel this tired it’s tough to want to do things and be motivated to get stuff done.


You know when you just feel like there isn’t enough coffee in the world to wake you up and get you prepared to take on the day? Most of us account for these days with things like working so much, or just an overall busy lifestyle. While we may be right about these reasons sometimes, there could also be other issues that are causing us to feel this tired.


With that being said, here is a list of some reasons why you’re constantly feeling so tired:



This is kind of self-explanatory but if you aren’t getting enough hours of sleep a night, you will be tired the next morning. In addition to this, if you’re sleeping too much you will also feel tired.  One of the most frustrating things for me is when I wake up at a certain time in the morning, and feel wide awake (for example, 7 a.m.) BUT I want to catch some extra zzz’s, I eventually wake up feeling so much more tired!
Point is, listen to your body and wake up when your body is telling you it’s time to wake up. Also, going to bed and getting up at different times every day can really take a toll on you, try and get to bed at the same time every night and you will see a difference in how awake you are the next day!


If you are the type of person who skips out on certain meals throughout the day or eats a lot of junk food- this is a reason as to why you’re so tired! MAKE SURE YOU ARE EATING BREAKFAST. And I’m not talking a bowl of cereal, grab some eggs, toast, fruit, heck even a pancake if you’re feeling daring.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When your body wakes up from being asleep (it’s basically in starvation mode) you need to fuel it with the nutrients it needs so that you can get the energy you need to get throughout the day.


Que the SpongeBob episode where SpongeBob is at Sandy’s house dying of dehydration… ha. But seriously, like your body needs the right foods, it also needs enough water.
Try and drink at least a gallon of water a day. Doing this will improve how you feel and will give you the extra energy that you may have been lacking.


When you are constantly sitting down and not moving very much, your body goes into a sluggish sort of state. Continuously resting may cause you to be even more tired than you originally were.
Take a walk, or go for a short run! Do something to get your body moving and you will see a difference in the amount of energy that you have.


Stress isn’t good for anyone. Stress can wear you out and cause major exhaustion. Instead of letting your mind run to a billion different places each night before bed, try to zero in on only a few things that you need to get done rather than a bunch.


Wow, I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth (or should I say my keyboard????). I am coffee’s biggest fan, and would never want to completely cut it out of my diet. BUT sometimes when you have too much coffee it can actually cause you to get tired rather than wake you up.
If you are having more than two cups of coffee a day it might be affecting you negatively. You don’t want your body to be relying on coffee every day.





Sometimes fatigue is a sign of a bigger problem. Feeling tired or worn out all the time is a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid disorders, anemia, polycystic ovary syndrome, and other health problems than many women suffer from.

Again, if you feel like you might have one of these problems (or a different one) you should consult a doctor.