how to conquer mondays- sincerelykenz
  • How To Travel For Crazy Cheap!

    How To Travel For Crazy Cheap!- sincerelykenz
  • The Secret Morning Routine Of Successful Bloggers

    the secret morning routine of super sucessfull bloggers- sincerelykenz
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how to conquer mondays- sincerelykenz

The start of yet another week… Happy Monday guys! I hope you all have a great day and enjoy these last few Mondays as summer begins to wind down to a close.  As you read this, I’ll be on my way down to Ocean City, Maryland to visit my friend, Haley. My best friends Alex, Alessia, and I decided to take a lil’ road trip and venture off to somewhere new and visit our friend Haley ,who stayed there for the summer.


In today’s post, I wanted to chat about Mondays. Mondays seriously get such a bad wrap all of the time. I mean think about it, out of all of the days of the week Mondays are known as the worst. Everyone loves Fridays – we can even handle Wednesdays (*sometimes). But Monday, no one can even try to deny – Mondays suck.


Mondays are the oatmeal raisin cookies that you thought were chocolate chip. Mondays are that puddle you parked next to, that you now have no choice but to step in. Mondays are the people who request for you to play games with them on Facebook every other day. Mondays are everything that happiness is not. Now I can’t say I disagree with any of this, but I do believe that you can make your Monday a bit better if you just push yourself to try.  Here are a few of the things I like to do to have a better Monday:


1. Wake Up With A Positive Mindset

I just wrote a whoooooole post about this, here. Having a productive morning can lead to such a productive day.  Wake up a bit early, get some things done and internalize how good your day is going to be. Waking up with a negative attitude because it is a Monday isn’t going to do you any good. Fuel your body with a great breakfast and get ready to start your day on a high note.


2. Naps

A Monday can be a lot better if you are not awake for half of it. Taking a nap allows your body to get rest and gives you a break from well, Monday. I suggest taking a nap ranging anywhere between 45 minutes to 7 hours, whatever works best for you.


3. Have Fun! 

It’s Monday, be happy!  A fresh start to a brand new week where you can conquer whatever it is that you set your mind to.I personally don’t mind Mondays because they are like a brand new slate, a start to a new week that can go however your attitude leads it to.  Be sure to treat yo’self on Mondays. If you really hate the day so much, do something that you enjoy to take away the Monday pain. Buy  a little snack from your favorite food stop, hang out with friends, and have fun!


4.Help Out Others

Unite with all of the other Monday haters out there and help each other out! Hold the door for someone, buy someone a cup of coffee, just generally take time out of your day to be courteous towards others. While you may be in a bad mood just because it is a Monday, other people may be in a bad mood because of something much more serious/important.


5. Remember That You’re Alive

How sucky would a Monday be if you weren’t alive to live it? As much as a Monday can suck, at least you’re still here to take part in it! Be thankful that you are healthy and well on this Monday and embrace it! There are some people who aren’t lucky enough to even have to opportunity to say they hate Mondays.



I hope you all have an awesome Monday, hopefully this post can help add a bit of positivity to your day and lead you off to a great week! Wednesday’s post is up in the air, because (like I said) I will be away and am not sure what the wifi situation will be like- but be sure to check back Friday for a definite post! 🙂

How To Travel For Crazy Cheap!


How To Travel For Crazy Cheap!- sincerelykenzEveryone gets bit by the travel bug once in a while. The world has so many great things to see and so many opportunities to create so many memories, it’s hard not to want to explore and see everything that the world has to offer.


Even as a college student, I am always looking up unique spots to drive to. I’m always itching to take a road trip to adventure somewhere new. I am also studying abroad in the spring of next year (if all goes as planned) and have been doing a ton of research on ways to save money when it comes to traveling.



One of the most expensive parts of traveling is the process of actually getting to where you want to be. We have all had to deal with the overwhelming, tiresome, time-consuming process of trying to find the cheapest flights/means of transportation possible. Whether it’s a flight or a car ride, traveling costs both time and money. I don’t travel very much via flight but I have seen a few different websites with tools for finding cheap flights. One of which being, Google Flights. Google Flights is a search tool that pulls up flights from every airline after you type in the important details of your trip such as where you’ll be going and when you’ll be going. Another awesome tip for finding cheap flights is to always search for them on private browsing mode. Believe it or not, the prices of flights increase when they are repeatedly searched in the same browser.  Using a private browser is simple, in Google Chrome or Safari, hit Command (or “Control” if using PC), Shift, “N”. If you are using a different web browser such as Mozilla or Internet Explorer (lol talk about a throwback), hit Command (or “Control” if using a PC), Shift, “P”. Doing this will allow you to complete a “private” search and erase all of the old cookies from your last search.


Another awesome way to save money on flights is to sign up for certain reward credit card programs. A bunch of different companies take part in these credit card reward programs- basically, for every dollar, you spend you receive a set amount of points, these points can be used towards the prices of flights. In the long run, you could be getting a free flight somewhere!



Figuring out where to sleep is also a hefty expense when it comes to traveling. Hostels are probably your best bet if you want to stay somewhere for cheap. Hostels are like giant dorm rooms that sometimes even up to 10+ people per room.  Hostels range in budget and can sometimes even be as cheap as $10 USD. Hostels are a great opportunity to meet new people and stay in city centers without having to pay the pretty penny that other hotels charge.


Air BNB is a website that recently became popular this past year. Air BNB is a website where people come together to rent out their houses, and spare bedrooms to fellow travelers. The website even has a review section so that you can get a feel of where you’ll be staying. This option allows you to stay in a comfortable location without the hotel price tag! Weekly and monthly rates on Air BNB are quite competitive against what locals pay in terms of rent, and are almost always much cheaper than hotels.


Signing up for rewards programs can also help to save a chunk of change when it comes to staying in hotels. A lot of booking sites and even hotel agencies offer these rewards programs, where you basically earn money for every dollar you spend. This is similar to those airline programs that I touched upon before. Booking.com is just one of the many websites that has a rewards program.



One of the great things about being a college student is all of the perks that come along with it. A lot of companies have college student rates because they understand how poor we are. One specific website to check out is  StudentUniverse. This website has some discounted flights and some tips and tricks on saving money when it comes to traveling via public transportation. Make sure to ask about student discounts wherever you go, because for the most part a ton of companies have programs for you! Sometimes receiving these discounts is as simple as showing a form of your college ID, but other times it can be much more elaborate where you need to show your full-time class schedule. Always have both of these on hand when asking for student discounts because you never know what will be needed.


Other great resources for coupons when traveling are Groupon and RetailMeNot. Always check these websites before booking vacations because more so than not, they have special deals and discounts. Sometimes they even have full travel packages at a discounted price. A friend of mine once booked a cruise for nearly half the regular price because of a deal she found on Groupon!



So there you have it, a bunch of ways  to save some cash when it comes to traveling. Seeing the world doesn’t always have to cost you your life savings! As long as you take the time to do your research and use rewards programs and coupons to your benefit, you’ll be very pleased with the amount of money that you’ll save in the long run. What are your money saving tips for traveling?



The Secret Morning Routine Of Successful Bloggers


the secret morning routine of super sucessfull bloggers- sincerelykenzWaking up and having a plan in mind based on how I want to start my day is crucial for me. Mornings are extremely important to me, they set the tone for the rest of the day and are a fresh, clean start from whatever occurred the night or day before.


One of the biggest reasons why I like mornings so much is because they are allotted amounts of time where you can get inspired, feel motivated, be productive, and overall just start your day on a high note.  Here is my every day ( aside from when I have obligations such as work or anything of that nature) killer, productive morning routine:


The Night Before:

Believe it or not, I actually start my morning “routine” the night before. I like to take about a half hour the night before to tidy up my room, get myself organized and most importantly, write things down. I don’t know what I would do without lists, these things are like magical tools that can help you take over the world. I seriously write so many lists each and every day- I guess you could call me a “listaholic”. No, but really, taking some time to list out everything that you would like to get done the following day is very important if you want to have a productive morning. Taking the time to write these things down the night before allows you to get in the right mindset and focus on what you need to get done.


After creating this, it’s lights out! Using your phone for an elongated period of time before you go to bed can actually alter how much deep sleep you get. I try to put my phone on airplane mode about a half hour before I plan on going to sleep just so that it doesn’t affect my sleeping pattern. One thing that I always make sure I do before going to sleep is to set my alarm. Waking up a bit earlier than you’re used to won’t kill you- I promise! Waking up earlier gives you more time to get the things you want to get done, done. When I was still up at school I woke up most mornings at 6 A.M. I know it sounds crazy but I actually really really enjoyed this! Getting up this early allowed me to get some homework done, edit some blog posts, and enjoy my morning without rushing and cramming. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!

talked about where to find college textbooks for cheap on the blog today - check it out!

The Initial Wakeup:

Please please please don’t immediately check your phone when you wake up! Other people’s Instagram pictures and tweets really aren’t that important, I promise. I love to wake up and do something calming. I usually take some time to go over my mighty to do list and fuel my body with some water. Drinking water in the morning is extremely important because your body is basically in “starvation mode” all night long. Also, for all of my fellow coffee lovers out there- drinking coffee without drinking any water beforehand in the mornings is very bad for you! Be sure to drink a few cups of water before diving into your delicious cup of jo’.


After hydrating and  drinking my coffee (favorite part of the morning) I usually head over towards my to-do list and get some stuff done. Science says that your brain needs a 15-20 minute break after about 90 minutes of doing one single task. Stepping away from an activity can help new ideas flow and you can tackle work faster. Because of this, I usually take small breaks in between completing each of the tasks on my to-do list. I usually will check emails, scroll through social media, clean up my room, or get ready during these breaks.

the secret morning routine of super sucessfull bloggers- sincerelykenz


Fuel Your Body:

After I complete a few tasks on my to do list I’ll head over to the kitchen and whip up some breakfast. I almost use breakfast as a “reward” for getting things done, I won’t let myself eat until I get at least one thing completed on my to do list. Personally, this is a great incentive for me because I love food. As you all probably know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They don’t say this for nothing- breakfast starts your body’s metabolism for the day and gives your body the energy it needs to get through the day. My breakfast isn’t usually too elaborate, I usually either have Raisin Bran and fruit or some type of egg white omelette and a half of a bagel. I love having big breakfasts because they keep me full for the rest of the day and give me enough energy to get done what needs to get done.


Back To Business:

After I get most of the things done on my to-do list and fuel up with a good breakfast I usually head to the gym to get a good workout in. People say this all of the time and I didn’t believe it for awhile, but working out seriously does make you feel so much better about basically everything. Exercise releases endorphins which really just make you happy. I love finishing up my morning routine with a tough workout at the gym because I love the feeling afterward. It’s always great to know that you got a good workout in.


That’s basically it! I love having a productive morning because it seriously leads to such a better day. Do you have a morning routine- what do you do?!


How To Find College Textbooks For CHEAP


Good morning party people and happy Friday! I am currently typing this post at a local library because the power in my neighborhood decided to go out this evening (it’s Wednesday btw). I guess it wasn’t the power’s choice to go out, but for whatever reason, my house has no power and I am not a happy camper. It is kind of sad, though. It really puts into perspective how much we/I need technology these days.


For those of you who don’t know,which is probably most of you besides my parents- Hi mom, Hi dad, I have been working two jobs this summer. If all goes well, I will be studying abroad in the Spring of the upcoming year and I wanted to pick up an extra job so that I would have enough money to do everything that I wanted to do. That being said, I work a LOT. Which brings me to the reason why I am writing this blog post…


I wanted to take a quick second to complain about how expensive college textbooks are.  Here I am working two jobs, trying to save up for something and I have to spend over 300 dollars on stupid college textbooks. The thing that bothers me the most about this is that tuition is already a ton of money- textbooks should seriously be included.. am I right?!


Becuase I am so cheap and hate forking over a ton of money each semester for my college textbooks, I have done a bit of research and have found some awesome resources for saving a couple pretty pennies on textbooks.  Here are a few of my tips and tricks :



Unless you are positive… like REALLY positive that you’ll need to use the same book/s for more than one semester, do not buy them! New textbooks are usually very expensive, and by the time you want to sell them back to your school or any other textbook company, you usually get less than half of what you originally paid. Renting textbooks is a great alternative because of this. Most rental websites will send you emails notifying you when it is time to return your textbook and make it very simple for you to get the shipping label and actually go through the process of shipping the book back. Chegg and Amazon Rentals, are  usually my go to websites for renting my books.



Chances are if you are all studying at the same college there has to be at least one other person on campus who has taken the class that you are currently taking. A great way to snag textbooks for cheap is to ask around on campus and try to purchase it from a fellow student. As college students, we’re all in the same boat so, for the most part, your classmates will probably cut you some slack on the price of the book. Most colleges have Facebook groups for each graduating class level. I know at my college, a ton of people post about textbooks that they are either looking for or are selling in these groups. For the most part, most students are negotiable.



Similar to the whole asking around to buy textbooks from other students on your campus comes actually purchasing a textbook with a friend or classmate. After a while, you learn who has the same major as you because they’ll usually be in a bunch of your classes. Unless you NEED to use a given textbook every night, splitting the price of one between the two of you can save you some both some cha-ching.



Sometimes ( a lot of times) the textbooks that professors make you buy aren’t even actually needed. I have had a few classes where I didn’t even open up the textbook once throughout the whole semester. This can be frustrating because sometimes the books are actually a LOT of money. It is basically like throwing your money out the window. For some of my classes, I wait until the first or second week of class to actually decide whether or not I want/need to purchase the textbook.



Ask around and see if anyone else has taken the class you are taking before, ask and see if you really actually need the textbook. if you are only going to use it once or twice throughout the whole semester, it is not worth purchasing it- you can just head to the library and can probably  find it there. RateMyProfessor is also a great website for this, you can read reviews from students who have previously taken the class with the given professor. Most of the reviews usually contain a small “yes” or “no” box for whether or not  you actually need to purchase the textbook for the class.




There are so many websites, forums, and a bunch of other things out there that can be to your benefit to take a look at. One of my favorite places to find cheap books is SlugBooks. SlugBooks is a website that shows you a ton of different options for buying a given textbook. You type in the title of the book in the search bar and the website will categorize where you can buy the book based on a low to high price scale. This website is seriously awesome because it cuts a lot of time off when it comes to looking for cheap books. ThriftBooks is also another awesome website for buying cheap books. One of my best friends from school actually introduced me to this website and it has been so awesome. The name of the website is pretty self-explanatory, it’s basically a bunch of books that are used but really cheap! The books are in awesome quality as well.



I hope this lil’ blog post helps at least some of you when it comes time to buy the dreaded college textbooks- wishing you all a safe and happy weekend! Talk to ya’ on Monday!








You Need To Check Out This Flat Iron!!!


irrisistable me- sincerelykenzI can’t believe that July 4th is already over. Am I the only one who thinks that July 4th is a benchmark meaning that summer is halfway over?! Hopefully the rest of the summer goes as slow and steady as the beginning has been, because I am totally not ready to do homework or take tests yet. Good thing there is about two more months left of summer before school officially starts.


I wanted to take some time to tell you all about an amazing company that I recently worked with.Ever since I begun to style my hair, I’ve had many flat irons, but they are constantly evolving and improving the technology, so when Irresistible Me invited me to give their Diamond flat iron a try, I couldn’t possibly say no.


Irresistible Me  was nice enough to send me one of their Diamond Professional  hair straighteners. While this company specializes in different types of hair extensions, they also offer products such as hair straighteners (duh, I just said that they sent me one), wigs, accessories, and hair care products. All of their products fall into different price ranges, and are for the most part, affordable.

irrisistable me- sincerelykenz

The Diamond Professional Flat Iron actually contains crushed diamond particles. These particles are coated into the ceramic plates so that your hair’s natural oils, colors, and moisture are protected. The company claims that the straightener should maintain frizz, hold style, and keep your hair looking healthy and strong.


One of my favorite things about this product is the packaging that it came in. The box was sleek and overall, very appealing to the eye. I also love the color  of the straightener, it is a deep red which makes it stand out.

IMG_2120 copy

Now onto the product itself, when I first turned on the straightener I was surprised at how quickly it took to reach the temperature I set it to. The website claims that the straightener can heat up within 15 seconds from when it is first to turn on. I didn’t actually time how long it took to heat up, but I would definitely agree that it took around 15-30 seconds.


I really only straighten or curl my hair if it is a special occasion or if I am feeling jazzy primarily because I hate taking extra time to get ready, and don’t really mind my hair when it is natural. I currently have the CHI hair straightener and have been using it for a few years. I guess because it is old, it really doesn’t work too well anymore and my hair takes way too long to straighten when I use it. Using a new hair straightener was a game changer for me, the  Irresistible Me diamond flat iron blew my old Lil’ CHI out of the water.


The Diamond iron features an accurate electronic temperature display, which updates in real time, so I don’t have to guess when the iron reaches the temperature I want. The controls to set the temperature are actually on the inside of the straightener, this way you don’t accidently click them when you are styling your hair. This straightener also comes equipt with an auto off feature, this is a plus and will prevent me from setting my house on fire, which is always good.


One of the most interesting things about this product is that it has dual voltage. This is going to come in handy when I study abroad in the Spring of next year-I won’t have a tough time or blow fuses with voltage converters.


After using the straightener, my hair looked absolutely fabulous. It was very sleek and shiny and didn’t look dead at all. I was amazed at how quickly this straightening iron styled my hair and was so happy with the results!


I totally recommend investing in this flat iron if you are in the market for a new one, the product is amazing and I am so excited to use it again in the future!


A special thank you to Irresistible Me for sending me this product, all opinions, and thoughts are my own. I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week! Have you ever used the Irresistible Me flat iron?! Let me know in the comments below!

Eating Dessert For Breakfast Could Help You Lose Weight?!?



I know why you’re here. You probably read the title of this post and instantly clicked the link below it. No worries, I would do the same thing. When I first read about a study claiming that eating dessert for breakfast could help you lose weight I was confused- confused and ecstatic.


Someone once told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day but I’ve always told myself that dessert was the most important meal of the day. If you know me, you know that I have a big sweet tooth… a REALLY big sweet tooth. Ice cream and cookies are just a few of my personal favorites. But I do know that desserts are not exactly good for you and in the long run, can do a lot of damage if you aren’t watching how much of them you are actually consuming.


It’s a scientific fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the first form of energy that your body is receiving after being in starvation mode all night long. Breakfast sets the tone for your whole entire day, including how you perform both physically and mentally. Fun fact: when doing a lot of the research for this post, I found that carbohydrates are your best bet when it comes to breakfast. Good ol’ carbs fuel your body with the energy that it needs to get through the day- hellllooooo bagels and pancakes for breakfast every morning!


Anyways, back to the study. This study was ran by Professor Daniela Jakubowics from the Tel Aviv University in Israel. The study was based upon the idea that eating dessert for breakfast could actually promote weight loss. Jakubowics was well aware that making breakfast your largest meal of the day led to a loss of pounds, but what she wanted to figure out was if eating dessert for breakfast could entail the same benefits.


The study was conducted on a group of over 90 obese woman. The woman were instructed to make breakfast their largest meal of the day AND to top it off with dessert. These woman were split up into two randomized groups, each group given a different caloric limit for each meal. One group was instructed to eat 700 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, and 200 for dinner. The other group was instructed to do the complete opposite, eating only 200 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, and 700 for dinner.  Both groups ate the same foods for each of their meals.


I bet you’re dying to find out what the study actually revealed… the women who were eating a 700-calorie breakfast WITH a dessert lost an average of 10 pounds more than the other group, who were only eating a 200-calorie breakfast. Basically, the group that ate dessert for breakfast lost more weight than the group of women who were restricting themselves to a limited breakfast. Crazy right?! I know.


Am I going to start eating ice cream sundaes and cookies for breakfast every day now? Well, I already do that sometimes, but no, I don’t plan to make it a habit. Should you start eating ice cream and cookies for breakfast every day? Honestly let me know if you try it because I would love to hear about the results.


I found this study to be really interesting and couldn’t pass up writing a blog post about it. Ice cream sundaes and chocolate chip cookies are always getting such a bad wrap- turns out they aren’t always bad for you!







Fitbit Alta Review

whats all the hype about the fitbit- sincerelykenzWhen I was first looking to purchase a “tracking” bracelet, (I really don’t know what else to call them), I did a TON of research. These bracelets aren’t exactly cheap and I didn’t want to spend my money on something that wasn’t worth it. After a ton of research I found that the JawBone was the best bang for my buck…. so I thought anyway. Long story short, I bought the JawBone UP2 and it sucked. It fell off of my wrist anytime I did any form of exercise and aside from its appearance, there wasn’t really too much to it.


I eventually returned the UP2 and bought a FitBit Flex instead. The Fitbit totally blew the Jawbone out of the water, and I am so glad that I purchased it instead. The differences between the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone UP2 were small but noteworthy. I guess the most important difference was that the Fitbit actually stayed on my wrist. I wrote a whole blog post on these two bracelets so if you are interested feel free to  learn more about them by reading it here.


I rocked the Fitbit Flex from the day I bought it until about a week ago when I was introduced to the Fitbit Alta. I’m not usually big on spending money and the Fitbit Flex was working just fine, but because I use my Flex so much I felt that buying the Alta would be a good investment. I was right about this  (I’m always right) because the Alta is seriously awesome.


As I said before, when I was looking to buy a tracking/fitness bracelet I did a ton of research prior to actually purchasing it. I wanted to share my honest opinion and thoughts about the Fitbit Alta so that I could help any of you who are looking to buy the same product.


The Alta is about thirty dollars more than the Flex– the Flex being $100 and the Alta being $130. Similar to the Flex, the Alta comes in a series of different colors. Blue, teal, black, and silver are just a few. I opted to purchase the black primarily because I feel that it goes with everything and is simple enough for everyday wear. You also have the ability to change the color of your band if you desire to do so. Bands are sold as separate pieces at stores like Target, Walmart, and even Amazon.

whats all the hype about the fitbit- sincerelykenz

When taking a look at the Fitbit Alta, it definitely is a bit different from the Flex. The Alta is thinner and looks a lot more appealing than the Flex. The Alta also has an OLED screen that the Flex didn’t have.  One aspect of the bracelet that I found to be important was the closure because duh, you don’t want this dang thing flying off your wrist all the time. No worries, though, I found that the closure on the Alta is the same as the Flex and works just as great as it did on the Flex.


The screen on the Alta is known as the “tap display” and by tapping it with your finger, a series of different things pop up.  Tapping the screen twice will allow you to see the date and time. Each tap after that will show you stats such as your steps, your calories burned, the miles you have walked, and the amount of exercise you have completed.  A new feature also allows you to get text and calendar notifications on the OLED screen. I personally didn’t care for this feature and chose to turn it off.


The app for the Alta is the same as it was for the Flex. All of Fitbit’s bracelets connect to the same app. The app is awesome and has tools that track your sleep, track your calories, and even a “coach” section to help you achieve your fitness goals. The Fitbit app is constantly being updated and changed, I have never had any problems with it yet!


Overall, I think the Alta is a great step up from the older, Flex. I totally recommend investing in this bad boy if you are willing to use it regularly…. It’s not really worth the money if you are only going to use it every once in a while.


I  hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and that this post helped any of you who are looking to purchase a tracking/fitness bracelet!







Boston Adventures 2016

This past week Rob and I took a trip to Boston. We had a ton of fun and were so excited to take some time to explore one of our favorite cities for a couple of days.


Even though a major part of traveling is to experience new things and make really amazing memories, we are both still college students and don’t have all the money in the world. We tried our best to have a great couple of days while saving a few of our pretty pennies.


We opted to take the ferry into New London, Connecticut because Boston is about a 4 1/2 hour car ride from where we live on LI. We thought that the ferry would ease up the trip a little bit. We ended up taking a 7 a.m. ferry and getting into Boston at around 11 o’ clock. Naturally, the first thing we wanted to do was eat so we headed straight to the Public Gardens to have some lunch. We had purchased bagels prior to entering the city so that we didn’t have to spend a lot of time sitting at a restaurant once we got there.


We had a lil’ picnic and both enjoyed an egg everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese (my personal favorite).  I love the Public Gardens because there is always so much going on there. Whether it be street performers or farm stands, there is always something different on every corner of this area of Boston. I also love people watching, and the gardens are the perfect place for that.


After enjoying our lunch, spending some time people watching, and exploring the gardens we eventually made our way towards Newbury Street. Like I mentioned before, we both didn’t want to spend too much money so we really didn’t buy much. Rob ended up getting a t-shirt and I got an adorable pair of shorts from Aerie.


After exploring the city some more and walking for what felt like forever we finally made our way to our friend Tony’s apartment! We got a quick snack with him and then headed to dinner where we had an amazing meal. Rob got a lamb burger (ew, lamb) and I got a taco salad. The restaurant that we went to had outdoor seating which is one of my favorite things.

IMG_5756 IMG_5771IMG_9889 IMG_9891 IMG_9892We ended our eventful day at Fenway park. This was a lot of fun because we both had never been to Fenway before and both enjoy going to baseball games. The Sox won by a lot and it was a great game to watch! After stopping into JP Licks for some ice cream we called it a night. Rob got a waffle cone with mint oreo chip and peanut butter cookies and cream and I opted for a standard cookie dough and brownie batter in a cone.

IMG_5805 IMG_5802IMG_9895 IMG_9896 IMG_9897 IMG_9899 IMG_9903

On Thursday we headed towards the Charles River Esplanade after getting breakfast- this place was gorgeous and I totally recommend if you are planning to go to Boston anytime soon. There were a ton of people kayaking in the river/running along the river/ and there were even a few art classes taking place in the same area! Shortly after spending  awhile here we made our way back to the ferry port and headed home. We both had a great couple of days. It was really nice to  take a break from work and spend some time in a new place.

IMG_9916 IMG_9932 IMG_9938 IMG_9952

Have you ever been to Boston? What did you do there?





Pros & Cons Of Blogging

Pros and Cons Of Blogging- sincerelykenz

Hey party people I am here to wish you a very happy Monday! Another start to another week, I am SO excited for this week because Rob and I will be heading to Boston on Wednesday! We’re going to see a Sox game but other than that we are just going to kind of wing it… hopefully the city has some awesome things in store for us!


I woke up this morning to the glorious sounds of my neighbors cutting down trees with chainsaws (duh it’s 2016 what else would you be cutting a tree down with?) :-‘) … BUT being the super positive, awesome, person that I am, I figured I would use this unannounced morning wake up call as a positive rather than a negative and wrote this blog post instead of trying to go back to sleep.


Let’s get started…


I started consistently blogging a while ago. When I first started my blog I really had no idea what I was doing and it wasn’t until about a year or so later that I actually began to schedule out my posts, and really do some research on maintaining a successful blog.  One of the biggest things that I have learned is that writing posts isn’t the only thing that comes along with having a blog. Answering emails, connecting with the community, creating graphics, working with sponsorships, and a bunch of other things also come along with blogging.  That is why I am here on this beautiful Monday, sippin’ on some black coffee (feeling like a badass), and uploading my idea of the pros and cons that come along with having a blog. I feel like I could make this list (or the pros part of it at least) go on forever. I am going to try my best to keep things short and sweet.


Pros Of Blogging:

I guess the biggest pro that comes along with blogging is that you are able to express yourself on your own time, with your own voice. If we are being realistic, I could write about anything I wanted and post it on this blog and it would reach at least a few people. Having your very own blog is like having a little space of your own, where you ultimately get to decide to do whatever you want with it. A blog is a creative outlet where you can share your thoughts, opinions, and whatever else you are feeling. It’s really great to have a place where you can unleash your creativity.


Another awesome thing about blogging is the community of people behind it. When I first started my blog I really had NO idea how many other people out there had blogs as well. It’s crazy to think about the amount of new “blogging friends” I have made just because I started a blog. The best part about this is that fellow bloggers are always willing to give a helping hand when you need opinions, have questions, or just want to chat.  There is so much to learn about blogging and fellow bloggers are usually always willing to share their knowledge with you.


Sponsorship opportunities are also great. It’s awesome to know that your hard work is valued and that business owners/companies actually want you to work with them to promote their products! It’s really a great feeling when you open up your email and realize that a company is interested in what you have to offer. Being compensated for your hard work isn’t too bad either ;).


I feel like having your very own blog is almost like an asset to who you are– not to mention that it probably looks great on resumes! But really, it’s a very cool feeling to be able to tell people that you are a “blogger” because it is something that is pretty unique… and awesome. I love talking to people about my blog and I love that it is something that separates me from most people.


This list could really go on forever and ever and ever, there are so many amazing things that blogging has brought to me and there are so many amazing things that I know are in store for me if as I continue to blog. As far as cons of blogging go, there aren’t really that many! Buuuuuuut I definitely can think of a few….


Cons Of Blogging:

I guess one of the biggest cons of blogging is all the work that goes into it. Sometimes it is very frustrating to work really hard on a post and then not get as many page views as you were hoping for. It gets stressful to keep up with posts sometimes and nothing is worse than being underprepared on a day that you usually post. At the same time I guess that all of the hard work usually or eventually pays off… so I guess this could almost be considered a half pro half con…is that allowed on pros and cons lists?


Another downfall of blogging is the social media upkeep that comes along with it. I get a lot of beef from my friends about how I post on Instagram a ton and about how I try and maintain a theme on Instagram. What most people don’t understand is that by doing this I am ultimately creating a brand for myself and promoting my blog. Keeping up with social media is kind of a must have if I want to promote myself. It’s tough to constantly know in the back of your mind that you have to make a tweet about your latest post, or post on facebook, or Pinterest, or really any social media platform for that matter. The sucky thing is that social media really is one of the biggest ways to connect with other bloggers and to promote your content.



I can’t really think of any other cons that come along with maintaining a blog- I guess that’s a good thing though, right? Can you think of any pros or cons that come along with blogging? I would love to here your thoughts in the comments below!

Friyay Thoughts & Workout Shirts – June 10/2016

sincerelykenz workout shirts- http://sincerelykenz.com

FRIYAY ! I feel like this week has gone by so fast…crazy, abnormally fast. If you were wondering how my week went, (I bet you probably weren’t, but I’ll tell you anyway), it was just as good as any other week. I am surprised at how fast this week went by considering how much of nothing I really did throughout it.


I am here to ramble on about how expensive Nike sneakers are… and my question is WHY?! Seriously, I have had the same workout/Nike sneakers since my 8th-grade year of middle school. As you probably guessed, I am in dire need of a new pair of sneaks’, but I just can’t get myself to purchase a pair of shoes for over 70 dollars! Maybe I’m just cheap, but I really do think that a pair of sneakers should cost fifty dollars at the most.


Aside from expensive sneakers, I can’t complain about how things are going today. I had work this morning and will be heading to work again in a few hours. I’m actually about to kick back and have a cup of much-needed coffee before I run out the door for my next shift.  Not complaining, though, I need money!


On a completely different note,  I have recently found some fabulous workout shirts that I would love to share with you guys because they’re honestly all great (I picked them out, obviously they’re great)  and deserve to be appreciated. I actually laughed a little when I found these:

1a82a0088c1a02c73716f50c9198dafe 240d00554d2a9cfd0393808ee968d42e 579bde54aecc18860ec95472cb88d105 ac1b9e2de97141606ac998c673570a8a

sincerelykenz workout shirts- http://sincerelykenz.com

sincerelykenz workout shirts- http://sincerelykenz.com sincerelykenz workout shirts- http://sincerelykenz.com

I love love love going to the gym and getting a good workout in, but some of these shirts really do a perfect job of summarizing how I feel when I am in the process of working out. Anyways,  I hope you enjoyed this quick lil’ rambling and have a great weekend! Be sure to check back Monday for a new post!