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Coffee Chat: Where I’ve Been And What I’m Up To!


Hello, beautiful human beings of the Internet! I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday, and have an excellent week ahead. You may or may not be wondering what I have been up to these past few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram you might have an idea of where I’ve been. Currently, I am coming to you live from a cute lil’ coffee shop in Boston, Massachusets! Yes, you heard right, I am living in Boston for the next few months while I finish up my last semester of collegeHello, beautiful human beings of the Internet! I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday, and have an excellent week ahead. You may or may not be wondering what I have been up to these past few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram you might have an idea of where I’ve been.

Currently, I am coming to you live from a cute lil’ coffee shop in Boston, Massachusets! Yes, you heard right, I am living in Boston for the next few months while I finish up my last semester of college. If you did not know (I feel like I’m constantly mentioning it on the blog), my college area of study is on Adolescent Education with a concentration in English. The School Of Education at the college I attend consists of a four year program, with the last half of the fourth year being a hands-on learning experience in a classroom- this is called student teaching! I work alongside a professional teacher, and basically “take over” the classroom throughout a four-month period.

Hello, beautiful human beings of the Internet! I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday, and have an excellent week ahead. You may or may not be wondering what I have been up to these past few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram you might have an idea of where I’ve been. Currently, I am coming to you live from a cute lil’ coffee shop in Boston, Massachusets! Yes, you heard right, I am living in Boston for the next few months while I finish up my last semester of college

The whole thing is definitely an experience for the books. I pretty much moved to a completely new city, where I basically know no one annnnnnd I’m also being immersed in a real classroom and implementing lesson plans that I create on a consistent basis. Both of these things are totally out of my comfort zone but word on the street is that you aren’t living unless you are breaching your comfort zone. SO here I am, just a little uncomfy.

I am working on getting acclimated as best I can, but a few bumps in the road have left me feeling a bit out of place and kiiiiiiiind of anxious. Aside from those few things, I am pretty happy with my student teaching situation. I absolutely love the school that I have been placed at, and the cooperating teacher who I am working alongside is very helpful and always willing to aid me in improving all aspects of my teaching abilities. The students are SO respectful and it’s awesome to teach them every day.

Hello, beautiful human beings of the Internet! I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday, and have an excellent week ahead. You may or may not be wondering what I have been up to these past few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram you might have an idea of where I’ve been. Currently, I am coming to you live from a cute lil’ coffee shop in Boston, Massachusets! Yes, you heard right, I am living in Boston for the next few months while I finish up my last semester of college
The one thing I like best about living in a city is that everything is LITERALLY at the tips of your fingers. It is so easy to run to a specific store, or check out a new coffee shop on any given day. I love being able to head out the door and immerse myself in new areas of the city whenever I feel so inclined.

In other news, I tried Soul Cycle for the first time earlier on in the week. Safe to say that I am straight up OBSESSED with it! Buuuuuut I really think it’s extremely overpriced, so this might be a once or twice month leisure for me. It is definitely a different type of workout, and I think everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime. Soul Cycle like a combination of meditation and a high cardio workout at the same time? That’s the best way I can describe it. You leave the classes not only dripping with sweat but also with a fresh, level headed mind.

Hello, beautiful human beings of the Internet! I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday, and have an excellent week ahead. You may or may not be wondering what I have been up to these past few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram you might have an idea of where I’ve been. Currently, I am coming to you live from a cute lil’ coffee shop in Boston, Massachusets! Yes, you heard right, I am living in Boston for the next few months while I finish up my last semester of college

I also found a bookstore in an area of Boston called Coolidge Corner. I thought this place was absolutely adorable and spent a big amount of time reading bits and pieces of novels hidden between the bookshelves. One really cool thing about this place is that the basement consists of only used books! If you’re not an avid bookstore shopper (I could literally LIVE in Barnes And Nobles, lol) believe it or not books can get pretty pricey! I was excited to find some books marked as half of their original price in the basement of this shop.

I have been trying to get back into the swing of blogging things, and am working on creating content for my site. Lately, I have been spending a good amount of time exploring blogs and checking out new ones to get motivated and inspired to create new content. Blogging is something that I am passionate about but trying to balance it with creating lesson plans and studying for my teacher certification exams is getting kiiiiind of tough.

That about sums up how my life has been going lately. Be sure to check back in on Wednesday for a new post! I hope you all have a lovely week! xoxo



Watch Your Health With These 5 Quick Travel Tips

Hello, beautiful human beings of the internet! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and are getting pumped for the New Year! Today on Sincerelykenz the wonderful Jordan Greene has written a guest post. Enjoy!  



Planning to go travelling anytime soon? Your health is paramount when seeing the world, with many tourists allowing it to take a backseat and then effectively facing complications further down the line. If you’re planning a getaway, make sure you have these five quick travel tips in mind in order to keep on top of your health.


Liaise With Your Doctor Before You Go:

Jordan Greene GuestPost Sincerelykenz

One of the most important steps to take in terms of your health happens before you even board the plane. Be sure to pay a visit to your doctor beforehand, whether it’s for a general check-up or querying whether any vaccinations are necessary depending on your chosen destinations.

Some tourism hotspots around the world actually play host to a variation of potential illnesses and diseases, often contracted through insect bites. Avoid any health complications by getting vaccinated beforehand. Illnesses such as malaria are yet to receive an effective vaccination, but others – dengue fever and rabies, for example – you can be protected against. Your doctor will have all the information you need to know.


Stock Up On Your Medication:

Depending on where you’re going and whether you have any pre-existing illnesses, make sure you’re bringing a sufficient amount and range of medication in order to stay on top of your health during your travels. Whether it be something as simple as paracetamol for general aches or pains or prescribed medicines, don’t leave anything at home – travel could bring on symptoms easier than you may think, what with things such as the heat and constant movement being potential triggers.

If you have got medication you need to bring upon the plane with you, make sure you discuss with customs otherwise complications may arise. Strict security measures mean you may have some trouble bringing your medication on board, so let them know in advance why you need it – doctor’s notes are a great way to back up your reasoning.


Ensure That You Wear Sunscreen:

Jordan Greene GuestPost Sincerelykenz

No matter where in the world you travel to, it’s absolutely crucial you’re layering up on the sunscreen. Even if cloud is blocking the sun, if you’re exposing your skin it’s absolutely necessary you have sunscreen to protect yourself from any damage or burning – especially on your face, upon which you should wear sunscreen or moisturiser with an SPF every single day.

If you do get burned by the sun whilst travelling and don’t do anything to prevent it, you could find yourself at risk of more severe illnesses such as sunstroke and even sun poisoning, the latter often requiring hospitalisation due to its extremity. Stay protected, and try to avoid the sun in the hottest, brightest periods of the day.


Watch What You’re Eating And Drinking:

Your diet is crucial in ensuring you stay healthy on your travels. Try to avoid overindulging; despite how desirable and tempting the diverse cuisines can be around the world, they often come at a calorific price. Feel free to treat yourself every once in a while, but don’t make it a common occurrence – you and your body will pay for it once you’re home.

And make sure you’re staying hydrated and regularly drinking water, too. Travelling can be strenuous and, when paired with a hot country, you’ll become quickly dehydrated which could lead to serious health issues should you not be drinking enough.


 Exercise When You Can: 

Jordan Greene GuestPost Sincerelykenz

Whenever you find time, try and fit some exercise into your daily routine. Whether it be something as simple as a few stretches or a more strenuous workout, it’s important you don’t slack off – your body will definitely thank you for it if you take even fifteen minutes out of your day for a bit of exercise.

Skipping is a great choice for a quick fat-burner whilst you travel. It’s been said just ten minutes of skipping equates to 45 minutes of running, so for an effective cardio workout in a fraction of the time, it could be the best choice.


*Once again, all credit to this post goes to John Greene! 

*All photos retrieved from Unsplash.com 


ultimate list of blogmas post ideas- sincerelykenz

Before I get all sentimental and start talking about how it is already December, and how the year flew by, blah blah blah, I figured I would cut to the chase and just say WOW. There, that’s it. That’s all I have to say about it being December 1st. No rant here, don’t mind me.


For my fellow bloggers out there, I’m sure you are aware of what Blogmas is. For all of my nonbloggers out there (hi mom, hi dsd) Blogmas is basically a countdown until Christmas on a blog. The goal of Blogmas is to create a blog post every day throughout the month of December, with the last post published on December 25.


Blogmas is quite the challenge, and very time-consuming. A lot of work goes into creating the posts themselves, but also editing them, taking pictures, and promoting everything on social media outlets.


I tried to participate in Blogmas last year and it was honestly a mess, I think I posted maybe 8 blog posts in total? Definitely a fail, and quite honestly I’m not even sure why I decided to do Blogmas if I wasn’t going to follow through with it. I’m assuming finals got the best of me, or maybe I just lost interest? I’ll have to send my past self a letter or something, to get the inside scoop.


I totally had no intentions of doing Blogmas this year. I mean who has time to create a blog post every day for the month of December? Definitely not a senior in college, trying to finish up her last semester (plot twist: this is me, I am referencing myself). I got anxious just thinking about Blogmas, I couldn’t even maintain my three blog post a week schedule these past few months.


BUT then I sat down this morning and had my usual cup of coffee in my adorable new Christmas mug (thanks mom) and I got to thinking…. Can I do Blogmas? Should I do Blogmas? The answer to both of these questions is probably no. I kind of want to challenge myself, and see if I can actually do Blogmas (for the whole 25 days this time) Should I do it? I really just can’t decide. Updates to come… I guess?


I’m going to finish up some assignments this morning, and see where I’m at after that. To Blogmas or not to Blogmas? I really just don’t know.


While debating whether or not to participate in Blogmas I figured I would throw around some Blogmas post ideas, for those bloggers out there who actually have their sh*t together, and are capable of participating in Blogmas:



  • December Bucket List
  • Best Christmas Movies Of All Time
  • Your Favorite Holiday Recipe
  • Go To Winter Coffee Order (gingerbread Starbucks latte? I think yes)
  • What Christmas Means To You
  • Winter Night Routine
  • How To Have A “Cozy” Winter Day
  • Winter Skincare Routine
  • Blogmas Post Ideas (hi)
  • Goals For December
  • Christmas Gift DIY



  • Healthy Holiday Snacks
  • Cookie Decorating Idea
  • Gingerbread House Creating Vlog
  • Best Christmas Cookie Recipe
  • On The Go Holiday Snacks
  • Pinterest Baking Ideas
  • Fun Christmas Drink Ideas
  • The Ultimate Hot Chocolate
  • Review Of Holiday Meal Out
  • Favorite Holiday Latte



  • Gift Guide For Him
  • Gift Guide For Her
  • Gift Guide For Mom
  • Gift Guide For Dad
  • Gift Guide For Grandparents
  • Gift Guide For Couple
  • Gift Guide For Gym Junkie
  • Gift Guide For Jet Setter
  • Gift Guide For Fashionista
  • Gift Guide For Artsy Person In Your Life
  • Gift Guide For Hostess
  • Gift Guide For Beauty Guru
  • Gift Guide For The Little Ones



  • How To De-stress During The Holiday Season
  • How To Organize Your Gift List
  • How To Stay Fit And Healthy During The Holiday Season
  • Hot To Finish The Year Off Strong
  • How To Be Safe And Healthy On NYE
  • How To Plan For An Exciting And Stress-Free Christmas
  • New Years Resolutions


Kudos to you if you are participating in Blogmas this year! It’s definitely a challenge fit for a hard worker! Happy first day of December! Xoxo










Life can get hectic. Balancing the many facets of life, such as relationships, social aspects, and your relationship with yourself can sometimes seem daunting, and overwhelming at times. It’s important to properly get away from the stress of these things from time to time.


Stress is unavoidable; it’s always going to be there. Instead of thinking about ways to cut stress out completely (pretty sure this is impossible), it’s important to think about ways to minimize it. Here are fifteen simple ways to lower your stress, and better your life:


1. Make Time For Friends And Family:

When life gets stressful it can be hard to even find time for yourself, let alone your friends and family also. However, friends and family are probably the people who are closest to you, it’s important to stay mindful of these meaningful relationships with the ones you love. Try to check in on those who mean the most to you a few times a week. A simple text wishing them luck on an important job interview coming up, or a five-minute phone call to see how their week has been going can go a long way.



2. Take Care Of Yourself:

When life gets busy it is often easy to put ourselves on the backburner. Forgetting about the little things, like drinking enough water, eating the proper foods that your body needs, and getting adequate hours of sleep every night seem to be constant issues when life gets busy. Take time to give your body what it needs, and love yourself.


3. Break A Sweat:

I can’t be the only one who thinks that the gym instantly relieves stress. It’s actually scientifically proven that working out produces endorphins, which boost your mood and make you happier. Spending a chunk of time exercising every day can do wonders for your mindset, and obviously, your physical health. Lately, if I only have a small amount of time to workout, I love doing some cardio while catching up on emails, or even reading Harry Potter. Is this weird? Does this make me one of those weird gym people that read on the treadmill? I have only fallen off of the treadmill once, while reading and speed walking at the same time.



Listen to your parents, and clean your room!!! Seriously though, being surrounded by a clean space always motivates me to get more work done, rather than jumping back into bed and forgetting about all of my responsibilities. Making your bed literally takes no longer than 3 minutes. If your bed is more elaborate to make than that, you might have a slight problem. One of my cleaning “tricks” that I like to utilize every night before I go to bed, is to set a timer for ten minutes, and simply do nothing but clean for that time period. You would be amazed at just how much you can declutter, and tidy up in that short amount of time.


5. Find Something That Sets Your Soul On Fire:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a hobby/ passion that you could spend hours and hours working on? Think about this, and find something that sets your soul on fire, and sparks your creativity, and desire. Spend time working on whatever this may be, for a little chunk of time every day.


6. Rid Yourself Of Toxic Relationships And Energy:

Why surround yourself with toxic people that cause you nothing but unhappiness? Focus on surrounding yourself with people who bring out nothing but the best in you. People who do nothing more than generating negative energy should not be prevalent in your life, especially if their negativity affects your energy. Be mindful of dealing with these rude, insulting, and degrading people, because ultimately your self-worth should be defined by you, and only you.


7. Throw Compliments Around Like Confetti:

Okay, I know that this phrase usually entails the word “kindness” rather than “compliments” but I do what I want, and I’m gonna go ahead and preach that you should be complimenting people as much as you can. See a classmate’s shirt that you absolutely adore? Let them know! Think a stranger’s hair is looking extra gorgeous? Tell em’! Simple compliments, like telling friends they’re rocking their school work, or just doing overall awesome in kicking life’s butt, can go a long way. Think about how good you feel when you receive compliments, and reciprocate this feeling by complimenting others.


8. Set Goals:

Set goals for yourself, crazy, obtainable, lifelong goals! It’s so important to set goals for yourself and to work towards them every day. In the end, you can achieve whatever goals you dream of achieving, so write them down, and start advancing towards attaining them!


9. Say Adios To Your Mobile Device:

Get rid of your phone! I recently learned in my communications class that the term, Phubbing, is defined as when you decide to spend time on your phone rather than having a real conversation with someone who is sitting right next to you. Think about how often you are phubbing people!! Stop phubbing people! ENOUGH WITH THE PHUBBING! Life is so beautiful, and you can miss so much of it when you are constantly invested in your phone. Take time to look around and take in everything that you are surrounded by. Life is too short to waste time watching Facebook videos when you could be devoting your time into real life, meaningful conversations with those who are important to you.


10. Cook Wholesome Foods For Yourself:

You would be amazed at how much better you will feel if you start cooking healthy, wholesome food for yourself, rather than dining out. There is also something special about cooking; it’s like wow I made this, I created this delicious, nutritious, food that my body will be happy to consume.


11. Give Yourself Pep’ Talks:

It’s always awesome to receive motivating pep talks from other people, but have you ever thought about receiving a pep talk from yourself? Now that’s a game changer. Having a rough day? Let yourself know that everything is going to end up working out and that you are capable of achieving those goals that you have set for yourself! Spend time with yourself for a few minutes every day, and let yourself know that you are a fabulous human being and that you are fully capable of achieving whatever it is that you want to.


12. Find Your Happy Place:

Find your happy place and immerse yourself in it as much as you possibly can. For some of us, this may be a bed, but I don’t mean this kind of place, lol. I mean find your happy place where you can clear your mind, or get some things done. I guess if your bed is where you are the most productive then that’s fine? My happy place is anywhere that I can have a coffee in one hand, and a book in the other. I’ve recently also started to jam out to music whenever I’m walking to class and this is amazing. Blaring Bruce Springsteen party tunes through my ears at 8:30 am on a Tuesday? I think yes.


13. Focus On What You Need To Focus On:

Put all of your mind and energy towards positive vibes, and the goals that you want to achieve. Focus on what you need to get done and get it done! Focus on bettering yourself and improving your wellbeing. Going along with toxic relationships, focus on those who make you happy, and radiate positive energy, not those who are only adding negative vibes to your happy lil’ world.


14. Less Complaining, More Doing:

I feel like this is definitely not how this phrase works, but I tried right? Work on minimizing the number of times a day that you complain. Now, I’m all for a good venting session, or a complaint every once in a while, but when you think about it, what does complaining really do for you? Not much. Rather than complaining, work on the things that you want to complain about, and make your life better.


15. Keep A Journal:

Being able to write freely about your feelings, or anything really is amazing. Buy yourself a journal and write in it whenever you need to. I actually find writing very therapeutic. I try and write in my journal every morning. I also find it very gratifying to write about things that I am thankful for or am happy about, rather than only venting through writing in my journal.




I hope you beautiful human beings of the Internet all have a fabulous hump day! Do you have any go-to things that make your life better? Let me know in the comments below!

I’m… Alive?

Yes, you have heard it right, I am in fact, still alive!

I haven’t spent time writing a blog post in God only knows how long. These past few months, up until December 19th,  make up my last full semester of college (aside from student teaching). With that being said,  my blog has pretty much fallen to the bottom of my list of worries, along with my health, and mental sanity, but that’s a whole different story…. But seriously, my blog has been on the back burner and I am super upset about it! I’m eager to get back into the swing of things, and start to post regularly… like the good ol’ days.

I guess all I can say on that note is: To all of my fellow senior college students out there, you will prevail!!!! I have been telling myself this for the past few weeks and although it doesn’t seem that promising, I’m hoping that if I can convince myself enough that everything will end up being okay, things will end up being okay. This of course, means that I will complete all my assignments on time, and end up achieving good grades in all of my classes.

This past week or so I was back home with my family for Thanksgiving break. It was so nice to be back in my cozy, house with my family and of course my amazing dog (follow me on Instagram for weekly updates on this lil’ guy). I also find it much more pleasant to work on school work on my living room couch than anywhere on campus- Is that just me? Am I weird? Anyway, this break has been very relaxing. I have been lucky enough to spend an adequate amount of time with friends and family, and got the chance to catch up on school work and my blog!

A much needed lil’ facelift has been done to SincerelyKenz….or should I say just started? I have some big plans for this site, and am very eager to start putting more time into it, and to achieve some of the goals that I have set for it/myself. If you didn’t notice, I updated my banner, my “signature” for each post, as well as my color scheme. I always love updating these types of things, because all though it is time-consuming to create new graphics, and customize my blog, in the end it does make a big difference. I use Canva for most of my graphic design work, if you were wondering. Canva is a great site that is similar to Photoshop, but it is a lot easier to understand and work with (or that’s what I think at least).

Tomorrow (or today, as I’m writing this the day before this post goes live) I will be on my way back up to Oneonta to finish off my last full semester of college… ever! This is still so crazy to me, but I am definitely ready to see what else life has to offer, and finish off my college career student teaching.

I guess that about does it for my first blog post in over a month (almost two months, OMG). I was hoping to come back with a big bang, but figured a little bit of explanation was needed prior to me coming back on the internet and firing posts out left and right, after being on a hiatus for a pretty long time. So, cheers to me being alive! And cheers to me finally having the proper time management skills to squeeze some blog’ time into my very hectic schedule!

Be sure to check back Wednesday for another new post!



Babbleboxx- sincerelykenz

Three words. I have three words for you. WHAT A MONTH. September was easily one of my most stressful months this year. Getting back into the swing of school things, after spending my last four months in Europe was a bit more challenging than I had thought. I have found myself really fighting for that extra “push” to get things done, and have been oddly more stressed than usual.


I guess because of the combination of my senior year, eeeeek! And my absence from Oneonta last semester, I have been very stressed.


When I get stressed I tend to do one of two things:

  1. Lie down somewhere (anywhere really; floor, couch, shower, etc.) and literally do absolutely nothing for hours, or,
  2. Go to the gym.


Only one of these two things makes me feel better when I’m stressed –can you guess which one?


This month I have spent a lot of time at the gym. I find that calming workouts such as light cardio or yoga, clear my mind and make me feel awesome. I never feel worse after a work out. Burning some cals while distressing? Now that’s a win win in my book.


When Babbleboxx reached out to me, and asked me to join in on their yoga month box I was absolutely ecstatic. I have taken a fare share of yoga classes this month, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this box, which was totally jam-packed with some fitness goodies.


Here’s a lil’ round up of what the box contained:


Babbleboxx- sincerelykenzAscent Protein Powder:

Am I the only one who always feels totally ripped when I drink a protein shake after a good gym sesh?! I have tried a ton of different proteins (even pea protein, which I 10/10 do NOT recommend. this tastes like literal peas). Ascent is definitely up there at the top of my list when it comes to proteins. The flavor of this stuff made it refreshing, and throwing some into my smoothies was quite a treat! If you would like to try some of Ascent Protein Powder, you can use the discount code “YOGA” for 10% off.


To learn more about Ascent, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9rk54ntCdI&feature=youtu.be


Babbleboxx- sincerelykenzLove Warrior:

As busy as I have been this past month, I did go out of my way to make time for this book, and I’m so happy that I did. I am a big fan of self-help books and Glennon Doyle’s New York Times best selling novel; Love Warrior was an amazing book. I found myself continuously reaching for it every night before bed.


Babbleboxx- sincerelykenzKevita Kombucha:

Not gonna lie, Kombucha has always freaked me out a bit. The idea of living probiotics in a drink is kind of iiiiintereting? Anyway, I actually LOVED the kombucha in this box and am so happy that I took the plunge and tried it. I can’t really describe the flavor to a “t”, but it was different, a good type of energizing, yummy, different.


In The Raw:

I have been using this stuff for as long as I can remember! In The Raw is a form of Stevia, and is a non- GMO natural sweetener. I love throwing this in my oatmeal and sometimes coffee if I’m feeling adventurous.


Summers Eve:

Let’s not kid ourselves; everyone can use one of these after a good gym workout. These personal care wipes get rid of bacteria and have been approved by gynecologists. These are conveniently tiny, so they’re perfect to throw in a gym bag, or any bag really. If you have never heard of them before I recommend!


Babbleboxx- sincerelykenzB.O.S.S Bar:

One word: DELISH. I love bars, going to Whole Foods and exploring the bar section is one of my favorite things to do; it’s like choosing a candy bar, but a healthier, protein packed candy bar. The B.O.S.S bars that I was sent were absolutely amazing. They’re made with real, gluten free, paleo ingredients, no BS. Lucky for us, they are sold on Amazon Prime! Delicious healthy goodness delivered to your door in two days. OH YEA. If Amazon isn’t your thing, you and get free shipping here until October 15th using the code “BABBLEBOSS”.


All in all, I enjoyed all of the products in this box. I would totally recommend trying them. Let me know in the comments if you do, I would love to hear what you think!






5 To-Dos To Get You Through Every Week


5 To-Dos To Get You Through Every Week- sincerelykenz

HuUuUuUmp day… already!? Every time I remember that it’s Wednesday I immediately have the image of that crazy camel trotting through my mind. Am I the only one who gets this? I don’t think I can be the only one.


Aside from Friday and Saturday, hump day is one of my favorites. I don’t mind most days of the week, but a Wednesday is a pretty good day in my book.


Like most people, I usually make a hefty to-do list at the beginning of the week. If I am feeling productive and actually crossing things off my to do list every day (like I totally try to do every week), I make another list for myself on Wednesday.


Wednesday is the turning point from the beginning of the week up and go to the end of the week relaxation and winding down (usually, for me at least). Here are a few things I try to get done every Wednesday:


Finish Off The Week Strong:

You probably started the week feeling ambitious and ready to take on all of your goals. Make sure to end the week with a bang, and continue to work towards your goals, whether they are long term or short term. If I have a bigger goal that I want to achieve by the end of the week I find that it helps me to stay motivated if I take a glance at the goal every day. I usually write down my major goals for the week in my planner, and look at them every time I write something down in there.


Think About The Upcoming Week:

It’s never too early to start to plan the week ahead! Think about all of the goals you want to accomplish the following week and get crackin’ on figuring out what and how you can do to accomplish them.


Take Some Time For Yourself:

If you know me, you probably know how strongly I feel about alone time. I believe that alone time is so so SO important when it comes to having a strong, stable, mental state of mind. If you can free up some time, get your mind ready for the upcoming week and declutter a bit. Grab a lil’ midweek pick me up like your favorite coffee or donut(s, box of 12 donuts), and treat yo’self because hey, you deserve it.

Plan Out Something You Can Look Forward To:

Wednesdays are weird. It’s like the beginning of the week is a blurred memory and the following week is so far away. Plan something fun and exciting for the upcoming weekend. This will give you something to look forward to and will stand as a reason to keep pushin’ through the work week.


Celebrate Your Accomplishments:

Celebrate what you have already accomplished throughout the short beginning of the week! It is important to celebrate the little things and know how much you are capable of accomplishing. The middle of the week is the perfect time to get your life organized, and work on completing your weeks goals. Don’t forget to reflect on your successes too!



Our Engagement

Kenzie and Rob Engagement- sincerelykenz

Yesterday I took a trip to the bank to make a quick deposit. The first thing the bank clerk asked me was: “you have a wedding savings account?” At that point, I was just standing there like “helloOoOoOoOo obviously I have a wedding savings account???- the only reason why you asked me that is because you can see the account on your screen this very second”. Which, by the way… am I the only one who finds it odd that bank clerks can see all of your information? I know it’s their job, but I still find it weird that they can look at every single account I have, even if I’m only making a deposit into one of them.


The bank clerk than apologized for asking about my engagement, claiming that I probably get asked questions about it every day (which I do). The truth is that I actually love getting asked about my ring. In fact, I will flaunt said ring in your face UNTIL you ask me about it. I do this just so that I can brag about how cute Rob is and how I get to marry my best friend.


Which leaves me to the reasoning behind this blog post. I realized this morning after my conversation with this woman that I never got a chance to talk about my engagement on the blog! You’re probably wondering why the heck I never blogged about such an important part of my life. Rob and I actually kept our engagement pretty low key, just because we wanted it to be special between the two of us.


It has been a few months since we got engaged and I feel like it’s totally time to talk about our big day on the blog. Here’s the story:


Kenzie and Rob Engagement- sincerelykenz

Rob and I were studying abroad last semester so we got engaged in the city of Prague. One day we had a school “field trip”. You and I both think field trips are great. Whenever I think of field trips I immediately think of the good old days when I went to unique, fun spots in middle school. Places like the Bronx Zoo and the Aviation Museum. I guess when you’re in Europe and have access to such important historical sites, field trips aren’t as fun. We took a field trip to Lidice. A town, that was once full of life but ultimately was completely destroyed by the Nazis. I learned a ton from this trip but it was obviously a very sad experience.


After we got home from the field trip Rob had told me that we were going out to dinner. You know, one of those cute lil’ date nights that he had already planned and set up prior to me even knowing. Normally I’m all about this type of thing, but after a day spent learning about all of these families who had lost everything for no reason at all, I was in no mood to selfishly indulge in dinner.


When it came down to it, I decided not to pass up free food. I ultimately ended up dragging myself out of bed and going on a cute dinner date with Rob.


On our way out of our dormitory building we passed by two friends of ours. Rob asked them if they wanted to come to dinner. Weird right??! I was so confused as to why he was asking our friends to join us, on what I thought was a date night.


As we started walking towards the restaurant I knew something was up. The sun was just about setting, Rob was acting a bit off, and he had just invited our two friends to come to a fancy, romantic dinner with us.


Grab your popcorn… Here comes the good part.

As we passed by the Prague castle, which happened to be our favorite view of Prague, Rob asked if I wanted to take a picture with him. I wasn’t totally thrown off about this because the sun was setting, but usually I’m the one begging Rob to take photos with me, not the other way around.


Sure enough as Rob was asking me to take a picture with him, he got down on one knee and popped the question. To be completely honest, I have no idea what he said. But apparently his memorized speech got mixed up anyways, so I guess it’s for the best that we both don’t know exactly what was happening.


After that we frolicked off to dinner and had ourselves celebratory night with three different desserts and quite the amount of champagne. As you probably guessed, our friends didn’t actually end up coming to dinner with us.


And that about does it! That is the beginning of our story!

How I Create 3 Blog Posts A Week, Every Week Of The Year

How I Create 3 Blog Posts A Week, Every Week Of The Year - sincerelykenz

Whenever I spend time on different blogs I always wonder what kind of process the blogger goes through when creating their content. I believe that most bloggers have their own, unique, process for creating content which is learned and utilized with practice over time. After all, creating a process is a process…. Ha…ha


Believe it or not, creating a blog post is a lot harder than it may seem. A small idea can turn into hours of writing, editing, revising, and promoting. I have finally learned (it took long enough) that having a routine to create blog posts is much easier than trying to do it at random. Today I’m giving you an inside look at my everyday blogging routine.


I have found that this is probably the toughest part of creating a blog post. It’s important to me to think of post ideas that my audience can relate to, I always keep my audience in mind when I brainstorm post ideas. I have found that my most beneficial way to think of blog post ideas is to go on websites such as PinterestBloglovin‘, and even sometimes StumbleUpon. I usually spend chunks of time each week to jot down all of my ideas on paper, then end up actually deciding what I would like to blog about.

I find myself thinking of post ideas at the randomest of times. Because of this, I use the notes app in my phone to keep an ongoing list of blog post ideas. This makes it easy for me to quickly keep note of any ideas that come up throughout the day when my computer or a notebook isn’t nearby. If you want to learn more about apps to keep notes in click here


  • To help diminish the last minute scramblings of thinking of blog post ideas, I have recently begun to use an editorial calendar. If you are unfamiliar with the term, an editorial calendar is basically a calendar with a set schedule of blog post ideas. This way you always know what you’ll be blogging about on each given day (and hopefully) will never be in a last minute rut debating what to post about.


My favorite part of my blogging process is writing the actual blog post itself. I have a much easier time getting my thoughts down with a pen and piece of paper than I do with a screen and keyboard. I enjoy writing most in the morning, I try to get up pretty early each day. You can probably imagine that the morning is usually when it’s the quietest in the college setting, you’re right. (I get distracted easily in loud settings). After I get all of my thoughts down on paper, I’ll head over to the computer and type them all out. After I have my thoughts typed out in front of me, I’ll usually leave it as is. I don’t go back to edit or revise my posts until about a day later. I do this because I like to see my work with a fresh set of eyes.

  • Editing is pretty boring, I won’t lie. I just reread over the post a bunch of times and try my best to catch any grammatical mistakes or funky sentences. An awesome editing tip that I learned in one of my composition classes is to read the work backwards. Not literally backwards, that would be tough, wouldn’t it? What I mean is,  backward as in reading the last paragraph all the way to the first rather than the first to the last. Does that make sense?


What’s a blog post without some cute pictures and graphics to go along with it? I use sites like Canva or Picmonkey to create my graphics- both of which are free! Canva is my favorite graphic creating site because it allows you to save previous templates. This lets me go back to them in the future with just a few simple clicks. For pictures, I usually stick to my own or head over to sites like Unsplash, which is basically like a database for pictures that photographers will willingly let you to your own desire.


After I finish writing, typing, editing, and reviewing my blog post, I’ll go ahead and publish it! After publishing comes the promotion part. My favorite promotional tool is Hootsuite. This free website allows you to schedule social media postings. For example, when I create a new blog post, I’ll head over to Hootsuite and schedule it to be tweeted five times that day. I also use Pinterest as a promotional tool, it is one of my blog’s greatest traffic sources. Lately, I have been trying to figure out StumbleUpon. A TON of people have told me so many positive


What is your blogging process? Do you have a blogging routine or do you just kind of do your own thing with each of your posts?



 How I Saved Up Enough Money To Live In Europe For 4 Months

 How I Saved Up Enough Money To Live In Europe For 4 Months- sincerelykenz

One of the first questions people ask me when it comes to the whole study abroad subject matter is how I saved up enough money to do everything that I did. If you were to spend some time creepin’ on my Instagram, you would probably take note of just how much Rob and I did and saw during our semester in Europe.


A little disclaimer though, this isn’t in any way a “how-to” post about saving up an extreme amount of money. I’m just writing about my personal experience saving money, and if it helps no people or 1,000 people then that’s cool with me.


It’s quite obvious that studying abroad costs money. Think about it, you are traveling the world, and living in a different country for four months. Living anywhere can be expensive, but starting fresh in a completely different country is a bit different. Prices will most likely be different than what you are normally used to (I found certain countries to be crazy expensive, and drastically different than what I am used to), and most students try to travel during the weekends or when they are off from school. The combination of these expenses adds up a lot quicker than you’d think.




Rob and I knew that we wanted to study abroad the summer before we actually left. Because of this, we had time to figure out how to get the funds we needed. We spent a lot of time creating a plan and budget for ourselves based on what we wanted to see and do during our time abroad.


It can be tedious, but taking some time to plan out and budget can go a long way. We determined how much money we needed while overseas by first figuring out how much traveling we wanted to do during our semester. Like a lot of people, Rob and I wanted to travel most of the time that we didn’t have school. Our mindset for our time abroad was to basically go “all out”… with caution.  I had never been to Europe prior to our trip, and I was ready to see everything I had always heard about. Rob and I both knew that we wouldn’t be able to do something like this for quite some time, so we decided to sensibly live it up as much as we could.




Living a fancy lifestyle with a “no limits” mentality is obviously a bit pricey. Our mindsets were more like hello bougie four months in Europe, hello 2 jobs this summer ha … h a


The biggest way that I earned enough money to live in Europe for four months was picking up another summer job. I worked almost every day, and most of the days I worked mornings at my first job and nights at my other job. This combination left me with 10 extra pounds (PSA: bagels for breakfast every day and sundaes for dinner do not mix well) and a ton of money to frolic comfortably around Europe with.


I also made a good amount of money from the combination of my blog and social media outlets. I collaborated with a few brands and did a few sponsorships as well. If you are looking to learn about monetizing your blog or social media outlet in any way click here or here.



Rob and I saved a ton of money by beginning to live what we like to call a: ~peasant~ lifestyle. We barely went out to eat and kept our celebrations and date nights as cheap as possible. Yes, this was lame while it was occurring but in the end cutting back on our usual spending habits together paid off our plane tickets to Dublin and Italy.


This newly acquired lifestyle also included a minimal amount of spending on materialistic items that I would purchase every once in a while. I’m normally a pretty frugal type of person, but I do have a few things that I like to splurge on every now and then. With small choices to live more simply, these things did add up in the long run. I began to paint my nails on my own, and cut out unnecessary spending habits, like going to the mall every other week to pick up one or two things, and my trips to Target which never really end well when it comes to my bank account.



You WANT to go see the world and have a fantastic time studying abroad. So passing up a movie night with friends or date with your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t a necessity. If having a “no limits” attitude while studying abroad is a priority for you, then make sure to treat it like one when it comes to spending. If you know that traveling is a priority for you, then don’t forget it! Spending money on materialistic things can be tempting, but think about what you could be spending that money on when you’re actually abroad. Like skydiving or plane tickets.




I also utilized apps like Poshmark and Mercari when it came down to the wire. I took a look through my closet and organized my clothes by what I had and hadn’t worn in the past month. Everything that didn’t fall into the “worn” category got uploaded to both Poshmark and Mercari. Lil’ pro tip: Mercari has different, cheaper shipping methods than Poshmark and takes a lower percentage out of your earnings!


I ended up making a few hundred on these apps. Although I didn’t get full price for the clothing items that I sold, what I did get quickly added up.


I think the easiest way to earn money before such a long trip like studying abroad is to save saves save. Also, get creative! About two or three weeks before leaving Rob and I began making and selling choker necklaces (you can probably guess who’s idea this was) through social media. These days, it’s so easy to get creative and set up some sort of online business. With the help of Venmo and Paypal we easily made transactions with people who were miles and miles away from us.


Although studying abroad cleared out a good chunk of my bank account, it was totally worth every penny. Living in a different country for four months is a once in a lifetime thing for most people, why limit yourself when you’re there?


Have you ever saved up for something very expensive? Do you have any tips or tricks to help?