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48 Hours In Berlin


Rob and I spent last weekend in Berlin, Germany. Berlin itself is only about a 3 and a 1/2 hour bus ride from Prague. We were able to save about half the amount of money we would have spent on a plane ticket by opting to take a bus instead. We used the website GoEuro to find the best bus company that worked for us. This website is awesome because there are search filters which allow you to separate different bus companies by departure times, and prices.We ultimately chose to travel through the company EuroLines.


We arrived in Berlin at about 11 a.m. Saturday and headed straight to our first destination, the Brandenburg Gate. To get to the gate we utilized Berlin’s public transit bus lines- these were totally affordable (as most public transport is) and were very easy to get the hang of.


Saturday was seriously freezing, we were supposed to take part in a walking tour but had just missed it. Can’t say we were too upset about this though because it was actually painfully cold outside.


Berlin is a very “hipster-esque” city and is full of a variety of art. We spent most of our day Saturday exploring different art exhibits and galleries. I would totally recommend this as art is such a big part of Berlin’s history and culture. It was awesome to check out some of the different pieces that the city is known for. There are actually tours which focus specifically on the art in Berlin, and I have heard from numerous people that they are well worth the money!


Saturday night we explored the city center and went to a restaurant that a ton of locals go to (or so our research told us). Here we each tried some traditional German foods, including some German beer of course.


Sunday was a bit warmer than Saturday, so it was awesome to explore the city without worrying about frostbite on our fingers and toes. We opted to purchase hop on hop off tickets for the day. We really wanted to do a bike tour of the city, but most tours weren’t running due to the inclement weather conditions.


The hop on hop off bus tour was definitely worth it. Rob and I had always thought that these tours were a waste, but we actually found the tour to be awesome and very much worth the 17 dollars that it cost.


The bus tour operated through two different bus routes. The green line was geared more towards Berlin’s famous monuments and history, and the red line was geared towards some of the creative aspects of Berlin. While on the buses, there were guides teaching us about all of the monuments and histories behind them. The bus tour made it easy to get from point A to point B while learning a ton of history all at the same time.


The Berlin dome was probably one of my favorite monuments throughout the city. This thing is massive and pictures don’t do it any justice. After taking way too many pictures in front of this dome we headed to one of Berlin’s famous chocolate cafes. Here, we shared a waffle covered in chocolate and ice cream and DANG was it good.


I wanted to break down our weekend as easily as possible so that others could find this post helpful if they are looking to spend the weekend in Berlin like rob and I did!


Cafe Einstein– Got an amazing cappuccino here- yum yum yum!


Maximilian’s– This is the traditional German restaurant that lots of locals go to. I got a traditional vegetarian German dish (mashed potatoes and grilled veggies topped with 2 fried eggs) which was weird but surprisingly delicious! Rob got a Schnitzel, which is a traditional German sausage/hot dog type of thing. This restaurant was reasonably priced and had a very comforting atmosphere!


Primo Cafebar– This cafe was very modern and had the cutest lil’ atmosphere. We each got a cookie from here and they were awesome. Something good to keep in mind about this cafe is that they have free water! For those of you who aren’t aware, most restaurants in Europe charge for water.


Distrikt Coffee– Okay this was by far my favorite food place in Berlin !!!! We went here for breakfast on Sunday and I was obsessed with both the food and atmosphere. This restaurant was “hipsterish”, and so was the menu. I got pancakes which came with berries, citrus butter, and powdered sugar. Rob got avocado toast with herbs and beets. My one recommendation for this cafe is to get there when it first opens! We got there right away and 10 minutes in every table was already booked.



Holocaust Memorial– This is must see if you have the time to check it out. This memorial consists of 2,711 concrete slabs which were created to symbolize the Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. There is a list of 3 million names of those who were murdered that can be found at this memorial.

Brandenburg Gate– I would recommend getting here super early if you want some pictures in front of the gate with no tourists in them!


Berlin Dom– This is an obvious must see if you are spending time in Berlin. This cathedral is massive and incredibly beautiful.  It is located on Museum Island in the Mitte borough. There are many cafes and shops close to the Dom, as well as a cafe in the basement of the Dom!


Mitte– We spent a ton of time in Mitte, Berlin. This is a part of Berlin where a lot of younger crowds hang out. This area consists of many different shops and cafes.

Checkpoint Charlie- Checkpoint Charlie was one of the major crossing points during the Cold War. It is actually called Checkpoint Charlie because that was the name given to it by the Western Allies. Around this checkpoint, there are a few informational exhibitions that are open to the public. I would totally recommend checking this out if you are interested in the historical aspects of Berlin!


Berlin Wall Remains– It’s crazy to actually see parts of the Berlin wall that are still present in Berlin. Fun fact: all of the small holes and chips you see on these walls are actually from people who tried to steal parts of the wall and sell them!


East Side Gallery- This was probably one of my favorite parts of our Berlin trip. It was so interesting to see the different types of art displayed amongst the wall. The only downside of this was that the wall had been fenced off! This obviously had been done to preserve the artwork but made the artwork look a little less unique.



Berlin was such a unique city, I would totally recommend checking it out if you have the chance!



Definition of Comfort Zone:

: the temperature range within which one is comfortable
; the level at which one functions with ease and familiarity.


Cooped up in your home with a warm cup of coffee, a comfortable ambiance, and your favorite TV show streaming in front of you… sound familiar? It’s called a comfort zone- we all have one.


These little “comfort zone bubbles” are essentially keeping us away from what the world has to offer. I’ve definitely lived in my comfort zone for a majority of my life, and I rarely stray far from it. Since I have been abroad I have done and experienced things I could have never seen myself doing at home; all thanks to me being less fearful of what would happen if I left my comfort zone.


I have planned and booked weekend excursions with people whom I only met 5 days ago, I have stayed out until 4 in the morning with new friends for countless nights (jet lag helped a lot with this), I have savored foods that I normally would not even think about touching, and I have allowed myself to be innocently and purely happy without thinking about anything else.


I have tried my best to say, “yes” to everything, even if that calls for late night burritos and unnecessary money spent at dingy pubs and overpriced restaurants. I have made an immense effort to be in my cozy, comfortable, room as little as possible. The time I would have utilized to binge watch Netflix at home has been transformed to time being spent immersing myself in a new culture, and making relationships with people that I hope will last a lifetime.


I’m learning that straying far from my comfort zone is leading me to things far greater than I could have ever seen myself doing. I have been living a much more ambitious, and exciting life than I normally would have at my home university.


Straying from my comfort zone is leading me to achieve happiness and create memories that will stick with me forever.


Life is right in front of you, and it is filled with endless adventures, experiences, and possibilities. You won’t be able to achieve these things if you’re submerged in your home, consciously living life inside of your own boundaries. Fearing of straying from your comfort zone does no more than allowing life to pass you by.


I’m definitely not an expert, and I have only started living outside of my comfort zone two weeks ago. But, my advice to you is to say “yes” as much as possible and not let fear overpower the opportunities life throws at you.


The quote, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” is definitely true. Whether it’s launching your own business, or starting a new hobby that you’ve been itching to do for as long as you can remember, you should not let fear win.




One of the big struggles of studying abroad is trying to pack. Lucky for you, I am here to help. Fitting four months worth of clothes, toiletries, and all that other junk that you utilize every day into suitcases that are limited by size and weight isn’t as hard as it seems. If I can do it, you can do it.


Like most programs, I’ll be abroad for both colder temperatures as well as warmer temperatures. Because of this, I had to pack cold weather items such as scarves and gloves as well as warmer weather items such as flip-flops and shorts.


As forgetful as I am, I figured that packing a few weeks early rather than one week before leaving was my best bet. Packing bit by bit a few weeks early allowed me to minimalize the chance I had of forgetting things.


I started three weeks before I left by simply going through the clothes hanging in my closet. From here, I sorted which clothes I needed to take, which clothes I possibly wanted to take, and which clothes I definitely didn’t need to take. Rather than folding up these clothes and packing them so early, I just sorted them to the left of my closet (leaving the clothes that I wasn’t bringing abroad to the right side of my closet).


The second week prior to departure I began to sort out the rest of my clothes. This included items in my dresser drawers and closet floor such as pants, shorts, and shoes. I didn’t actually go through the process of physically packing my suitcase until the week before my departure.


To keep my suitcase underweight, I packed only travel size bottles of my hair care products. I purchased full-size bottles of these products once I arrived in Prague. I also wore both of my coats, and my heaviest shoes on the plane.


To save space, I rolled all of my clothes up and tightly packed them into my suitcase. I also put smaller items like socks and underwear inside of my shoes.


Below is a PDF of everything that I packed for my time abroad. Feel free to utilize it if you need some help packing!


study abroad packing list



WHAT YOU WILL LEARN DURING YOUR FIRST WEEK ABROAD- KENZIE NEGRON, SINCERELYKENZLast Sunday (or technically Monday, I guess) I arrived in Prague for a semester abroad. I’ll be studying abroad here for about 4 months. I took a six-hour flight to Dublin and from there, took about a two-hour flight to Prague. It was crazy to finally end up here because I have literally been planning this trip for what feels like forever.


After stepping out of the airport I immediately knew that Prague fell nothing short of what I expected. The whole city looks like a fairytale land and leaves no room for complaints at all.

After arriving at the airport we immediately were driven to the dorms that we would be staying in for the semester. I am living in Kolej Komenského, which is one of the two international dormitories. As far as the living spaces go, they are okay. Each room is equipt with a lil’ kitchen that contains a fridge, hotplate, and counter space/cabinets, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. I am living in a single room, and share my “suite” with another person who is in a single room as well. I won’t lie, the outsides of the dorms are a bit dingy, but the bedrooms themselves do the job just fine. I finally purchased a rug, and a plant to make my room feel a bit more “homey” and it helped a ton.


The dorms come with bedding and towels but kitchen utensils and pots/pans, etc. can be found in the community room. You can basically take whatever you need from the massive surplus in the “community room”. You just have to return the dishes after you use them. This isn’t a bad deal at all, as I was expecting to purchase all of my own pots and pans when I first arrived to my room.


Our dorm rooms are also extremely close to two different tram stops. Prague is essentially a walking city. However, destinations further along can be easily accessible through the public transportation tram system. I’m still trying to get the hang of the routes for these trams, but so far they have been extremely helpful for navigating the city.


Although I have only been in Praha (that’s Czech for Prague by the way) for 1 week, I definitely feel a bit more connected to the city already. Last week Rob and I spent almost every day exploring the “ins and outs” of the city and it has helped a lot. After a night of walking, we found out that our dorm building is a 5-10 minute walk from the Prague Castle, and Charles Bridge. I’m looking forward to warmer weather, so I can run down to the city center every morning and get some good ol’ fresh air!

Last week we also started our intensive Czech language course. Here, we learn the basics of the language and some important cultural aspects that the Czechs follow. What have I learned so far? First of all, Czech is a HARD language. I spent 10 hours (each day of class is 5 hours) in class, and one of the only vocabulary words I retained was Pes (the Czech word for dog). I also learned that Czech people don’t like to smile or make small talk.


In other words, you typically don’t ask a Czech person how they are doing, you don’t smile at a Czech person, and you don’t say hello to any Czech person whom you don’t know. I find all of this a bit tough, as I am used to making small talk with strangers in places as simple as the grocery store at home, BUT I guess this is something that I will become accustomed to eventually.


Another important aspect of the Czech culture is beer, or Pivo (wow, I’m surprising myself with the remembrance of this vocabulary word). Most Czech people have beer with almost every meal. I’ve noticed that it isn’t uncommon to see a Czech person causally drinking a beer during their lunch break. Beers are sold on the streets, in cafes, in restaurants, and even at McDonalds.

So far, Prague has treated me very nicely. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the semester has in store for me! Have you ever been to Prague? What did you think?!


 HOW TO STOP STRESS FROM RUNNING YOUR LIFE- sincerelykenzThe inkling of being “stressed” has become an art, or almost something similar to that of a status. To be completely honest, I’m not so sure when this switchover occurred. It is almost as if people brag about being stressed these days. People complain about being so busy, and they permit stress to have such a robust impact on their day-to-day lives.

I can not say I disagree with this, though. I am a full time college student, try to maintain somewhat (lol) of a social life, am a part time blogger, and have a part time job. See? Right there I just started bragging about everything going on in my life right now. Did I mean to? No. Does it happen all the time? Well sort of…. Our society has fallen into such a state that we become victims of stress.

We think that it is okay to let the burden of stress be the reasoning behind every factor of our daily lives. Guess what people?! Stress isn’t what life is all about.

Since when is it okay for stress to run our lives? Since when is it acceptable for stress to be the motive behind our everyday tasks and decisions?

I constantly see so many of my fellow college peers writing endless to-do lists, engulfing themselves with venti, even trenti, sized coffee cups and running around like chickens without heads to get all of their assignments completed.

But, is that really what we aspire to be doing every day? Do we really want caffeine to be our only fuel as we pull all-nighters and head back to work the following day? This whole stress thing needs to end; it’s overwhelmingly taking over people’s every day routines and tasks.

So instead of continuing to stress about everything that you need to get done, and all of the things that you want to achieve in a given amount of time I will leave you with this:



You should not have to work towards happiness. You are allowed to simply be happy. Maybe this is easier said than done, but think about it: you are alive, you have a purpose, and whether you like it or not you have one life to live- be happy!


Think about quality over quantity. In other words, think about what you are inputting vs. what you are outputting. Make sure that you are working with the right, positive mindset. Get what you need to get done, done but do it in a way that you can be proud of. Don’t work to work, but work to produce things that you can be grateful of.


Caring for yourself, and your body are two major ways to reduce stress. Instead of making an effort to achieve these two things, make it a non-negotiable part of life that you must work on every day. Quit stressing about the small stuff and spend time on yourself. Go on a shopping spree, take time away from your to-do list and do things that bring you joy. Spend time with family, friends, and most importantly, yourself. Do everything in your power to achieve happiness without even trying at all.


There are a TON of different ways to limit stress. Relieving stress is different for everyone. For me, this usually calls for eating a whole entire pint of Ben and Jerrys ice cream. I know that this isn’t the healthiest thing on the list, but then again I also love going to the gym when I’m stressed so I feel like the two cancel each other out? Before anyone makes fat jokes about me I would like to defend myself in that I have other ways to relieve stress as well. Here are some of my go to destressers when ben and jerrys isn’t easily accessible:

Watch some Netflix.

Take a walk.

Exercise/Go to the gym.

Eat a whole pint of ice cream.

Scroll through Twitter.

Do some online shopping.

Go to Starbs.

Plan a fake vacation.

Hang out with friends.

Take a nap.

Think about traveling the world.

Go to office hours– THIS HELPS!

Call my parents.

Take a hot shower.

Create a “to-do” list.

Scroll through Bloglovin’.

Catch up on YouTube subscriptions.

Blog about being stressed out… ha.

Write a letter to someone.

Go to the library.

Create a new Spotify playlist.

Order takeout.

Create an inspirational Pinterest board.

Read a book.

Find the perfect Insta picture.



Do you feel that stress runs parts of your life? What are your go ways to de stress?

The Ultimate Guide To Student Discounts

student disconuts for college students- sincerelykenz

Student discounts are like magical little, life savers for college students. So many different stores voucher student ID cards and are willing to give a variety of different types of discounts for students.


If you are reading this, you are probably aware that college definitely isn’t cheap. Most, ifi not all, college students are aware of this. However, what most college students aren’t aware of is the money saving power that their college ID’s hold. You wouldn’t believe how many stores feel for us “broke college students” and do their best to save us a pretty penny.

I haven’t tried all of these discounts, but a ton of research concludes that they are valid. Even better, I have friends who have verified that they work.


Here’s a list of the best deals you can get with your student ID:


J.Crew– student discount of 15% off in store purchases- fun fact, teachers also receive this discount!

Necessary Clothing– student discount of 20% off your purchase of 100 dollars or more.

Top Shop– student discount of 10% off any online purchase.

Toms– student discount of free shipping on all online orders.

Banana Republic– student discount of 15% off on in store purchases.

Charlotte Rousse– student discount of 10% off in store purchases. *Not all stores participate in this, but it’s worth a shot!

Juicy Couture– student discount of 15% off in store purchases.

Made Well Clothing– student discount of 15% off in store purchases.

Kate Spade– student discount of 15% – God bless my bank account after finding out this one!

Vineyard Vines– student discount of 15% off in store purchases.

Loft/Ann Taylor Loft– student discount of 20% off in store purchases.

Steve Madden– student discount of 10% off in store purchases.

Urban Outfitters– student discount of 10% off in store purchases *just like Charlotte Rousse, not all stores participate in this, but it’s worth a shot!

Goodwill– student discount of 10% off in store purchases- does Goodwill even have an online store?!

Alex and Ani– student discount of 10% off in store purchases!


Like I said, I haven’t tried all of these discounts, but they all have been verified! You should totally ask about student discounts at other stores that weren’t mentioned in this list and let me know if you find anything! Also, for the online purchases most of the time all you have to do is sign up with your college email (it ususally ends in .edu or something like that) to receive the discount!



Subway– student discount of 10% off your purchase.

Burger King– student discount of 10% off your purchase.

Chic-fil-A– student discount of a free drink at participating stores!

Chipotle– student discount of a free drink at participating stores!

Arbys– student discount of 10% off your purchase.

TCBY– student discount of 15% off your purchase.

McDonalds – student discount of 10% off your purchase.

Buffalo Wild Wings– student discount of 10% off your purchase.



AMC Theaters– Discounted tickets on Thursdays! * I know a bunch of movie theaters have discounted ticket days as well, so definitely check out your local theater!

Radio Shack– student discount of 10% off in store purchases.

SONY– student discount of 10% off in store purchases.

Spotify– student discount of 50% off premium membership packages!

Apple– student discount of 300 dollars off select MacBook’s and 30 dollars off select iPad’s!

Ski/Snowboarding– Do you go to school upstate? I know a bunch of mountains by my school have pretty big discounts for students! – in fact one mountain I go to actually has a certain day of the week where college students can hit the slopes for free!

Redbox– Get a free movie rental when you create a RedBox account and like them on Facebook!

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum– student discount of 15% off your ticket!



Pottery Barn Teen– student discount of 10% off your dorm décor purchase!

Amazon– Amazon offers a special discounted price for students who would like to purchase Amazon Prime!


Along with Amazon and Pottery Barn, I know that there’s a bunch of other companies out there that have discounted memberships or percentages that can be taken off of a students purchase. Be sure to keep your eyes open for any other student discounts that company’s feature and let me know if you find any, I’d love to add to this list!


Hope you all have an awesome Friday and found this post helpful! Embrace those student IDs!




The Spring 2017 (can’t believe it’s actually 2017?!) semester is fast approaching. Are you ready? Although I’ll be in Europe, I still have to put a lot of preparation prior to each semester at school, which I usually start a few weeks before each semester.


Here are my top 5 tips on preparing yourself to have the best semester you possibly can:


Get Organized:

People will tell you this time and time again, but really, organization is the key to success. I highly recommend investing in a planner as well as a calendar. Being able to have a big picture of every assignment, exam, or paper that is due each day does wonders. Another organization tip I love is color coordinating. Having the same color folder and notebook for certain classes allows me to quickly run out the door with the proper books when I’m rushing to class.

 Fun Fact: color coordination is also an amazing tactic for taking notes; you should definitely invest in highlighters before your next semester if you plan on doing this!

Anyway, organization goes much further than just schoolwork. I don’t know about you, but when I have a messy room or even something as small as a misplaced shirt that I want to wear, I go insane. Having a clean, organized room allows you to enter a calm, relaxed environment before or after class.

FOR MORE ON COLOR CODING: Did You Know This Could Help You Take Better Notes In College? 
FOR MORE ON ORGANIZATION: What Every College Student Needs To Know About Being Organized

Set Goals:

Not gonna’ lie, I feel very strongly about this one. Setting a goal allows you to work to your fullest potential each and every day to achieve it. A goal can be something as small as writing neater notes to something as big as maintaining a 3.6 GPA in the upcoming semester. Whether they are long term or short term I like to write my goals down somewhere that I can constantly see them. This serves as a reminder for me to give that extra push when I really want to achieve something and find myself straying away from my objectives.

FOR MORE ON GOALS: Achieving A Goal A Day 

Learn About Your Professors:

So, you might get stuck with a professor you don’t care for, but ultimately (most of the time) there is nothing you can do about that. Sites such as ratemyprofessor.com allow you to search your professor by his or her name and find out all about them. At least if you’re going to have a bad experience, you can use this as a tool to learn what qualities your professor holds which categorize him or her as an unfavorable professor. Another way to learn about your professor is to shoot them a quick email prior to the start of class. Something as simple as: “Hey! My name is so and so and I am extremely excited to take a class with you next semester!” can go a really long way.

Find Balance:

I’ve always struggled with creating a steady balance between time with my friends, my boyfriend, my schoolwork and myself. I have learned that stress is inevitable if you try to please everyone and constantly try to do everything. You need to set priorities based on what matters most to you and go from there. Going along with this; all school work and no fun isn’t going to get you anywhere. Taking a break from schoolwork is something that you must do every once in a while. If you stay organized and don’t procrastinate, you’ll be able to find down time.

Be Positive:

I am a super nerd and really enjoy learning. However, I know most people aren’t like this at all and actually dread the thought of schoolwork. If you’re one of these types of people it isn’t going to be easy for you to work to your full potential. If you want to achieve something or learn something you have to invest enough time and effort into it. You’re not going to want to invest any time or effort if you’re completely turned off by it as a whole. The best remedy for this is to be positive. I won’t lie, a lot of homework and exams suck but think about how lucky you are to even have the opportunity to learn and go to school. There are many people out there who aren’t lucky enough to have that privilege.


I hope these tips inspire you to do the best you possibly can next semester. After executing them for a few years in college I have found that they work wonders for me! Whether it be college or high school, good luck in your up coming semester!



For those of you who don’t know (I feel like I talk about it in every other post), Rob and I will be studying abroad in Prague, in the Czech Republic next semester! We’ll be in Prague from late January to late May. During this time well be taking classes, and hopefully traveling on some weekends as well.


It wasn’t until recently when I realized just how soon we will actually be leaving. I got one of those “oh shit” moments, that we are probably all familiar with, and realized that I had to start getting a move on planning our weekend trips.


Believe it or not, planning weekend trips can be more tedious than you think. There are a lot of factors that go into traveling, especially to places in foreign countries that you have never been to. Here is a guide that I created which will hopefully aid you in planning your weekend trips (or any trips really) when you are studying abroad:



Personally, I think selecting the dates that you would like to travel is the first and foremost important part of your trip. Different areas of the world have different things going on at different times. For example, you may want to visit Amsterdam during tulip season, and you may want to visit Dublin during St. Patrick’s day. Keep in mind traveling during important events like these may lead you to have more trouble finding available rooms, and flights. It’s always a good idea to plan super early if you are looking to visit somewhere at a busy time.



This may be kind of obvious, but a major factor of planning a weekend trip is to actually choose where you will be traveling. There are so so many amazing places across the world, and it can be tough to narrow it down to one single place. My best advice would be to check out Pinterest and see where others went and loved.



You can’t exactly travel anywhere if you don’t have a flight to get yourself there. Some of the simpler ways to save money on flights include:

  • Booking the earliest or latest flight in the day:
    • The latest and earliest flights during a day are usually the cheapest.
  • Book your flight as far in advance as possible:
    • This is an easy way to save a ton of money. If you know where you would like to travel in advance, book your flight right away! This especially goes for busy time periods (tulip festival, St. Patrick’s day, etc.)
  • Use websites like Skyscanner or STA travel:
    • Skyscanner is a website that does the tedious work of searching for cheap flights for you. Skyscanner sometimes mixes and matches flights, so keep in mind that you could be traveling on two different airlines. I also recently found out about STA travel, a site for students and adults that have crazy cheap airline prices. I was able to book a round-trip ticket to Prague for only $400 on this website.
  • Sign up for rewards credit cards:
    • I have yet to do this, but these rewards programs can hold amazing benefits, especially if you plan to travel frequently. Every mile you spend in the air will add up into points, or essentially money off your future flights.



When it comes to traveling, there are a variety of different places where you can choose to stay overnight. Some of my favorite websites to use for finding places to stay include Hostelworld.com and Airbnb.com. I have found that AirBnB and Hostels are a lot cheaper than standard hotels. If you click this link you can receive $40 off of your next AirBnB stay! Yep, I just basically handed you an $40 gift card– you’re welcome!



Instead of creating a very specific itinerary, I would just create a few different lists of possible things to do. Some examples of these lists include:

  • Cheap Eats (cafes, street food, etc.)
  • Restaurants
  • Things To Do (that cost money)
  • Things To Do (that are free)
  • Tours
  • Parks/Nature

Obviously, the lists that you decide to create will depend on where exactly you are going, so feel free to adapt them to your destination! I find that Pinterest and Trip Advisor are both awesome sites to check out things to do, places to eat, etc. I also found that companies with weekend trips that are already planned out for you have pre-made itineraries which are usually open to the public. Some of these include Bus2Alps and WSA Travel!



I hope this post eases at least some of the stress that comes along with planning weekend trips. Are you planning to travel anywhere during 2017? Let me know in the comments below!



What I Hope The New Year Holds For You


What I Hope The New Year Holds For You - sincerelykenzWhile entering the New Year, life threw me a few setbacks. Now, I won’t discuss these setbacks because nobody wants to hear about them and I wouldn’t want to get that personal with you all; that’s just not how I roll.


I have thought long and hard about some of my new years goals, or resolutions…. heck, let’s call em’ intentions. I spent some time sitting down last week and thought about all of the goals and yes, intentions, that I had for 2017. I revised these intentions a few days later, after life decided to throw a lot at me.


With that being said, this is what I wish the New Year holds for you:


I hope that you are able to set resolutions for this New Year that you are able to keep, and actually achieve. Stay away from the basic resolutions that most people go for, and think deep and hard about what you are capable of achieving throughout this year. You’re capable of a lot more than you think, you know… you just have to push yourself to see that.


I hope that you focus on the positive things in life, and withdraw yourself from the negative. Cut ties with the undesirable aspects of your life and get rid of people and things that bring you down. Life’s too short to be unhappy- learn to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t jump puddles for you.


I hope you are able to live each day like it is your last. Take in all of the beauty that life gives you; it’s one of the few amazing things that are free in this world.


I hope you smile more, and laugh too. I hope you are able to make an immense effort to be conscious of the good in every situation and work on finding reasons to be happy each and every day. Instead of becoming angry over the small things, think about how blessed you are to actually run into those small things each day. There are much bigger things in the world to worry about.


I hope you allow yourself to have down days; days where you don’t leave your bed, days when you have candy for breakfast and Taco Bell for dinner, days when nothing matters but your own happiness and comfort.


I hope you are able to find happiness in every situation that you come across. Sing at the top of your lungs while driving to work, belch out your favorite song and dance like no one is watching. Don’t let anyone tell you that your musical talent is horrific (even if it truly is).


I hope you make the time each day to look at yourself in the mirror, and feel totally perfect in your own skin. You’ve accomplished so much and come so far in this life and it’s time you start giving yourself some credit for it.


I hope you put yourself in situations where you are afraid. Situations where you are so afraid that your stomach drops and your heart hurts. The kind of afraid where you don’t know what to do with yourself, the kind of afraid where at that given moment in time, you’re completely paralyzed. You should learn how to master this deep kind of fear and conquer and accept it. I hope you can learn about what scares you.


I hope you start living actively. Your bedroom should be a disastrous mess because you’re too busy gallivanting around doing wonderful things with wonderful people every chance you get. I hope you are able to be so busy enjoying every small detail about how amazing your life is. I hope you have the chance to live your life to the fullest and loose track of time to the beautiful things life entails each and every day.


I hope you have everything you need, but lack everything you want. How could life possibly be any good if you have nothing you want to wish or work for?


I hope you become happier, braver, less focused on what other people think of you, open minded, and more willing to open your eyes up to the little details in life that make it count. You should tell the ones you love that you love them and make a generous effort to make that noticed. You should battle whatever challenges may come over you and be thankful for whatever blessings that may be brought to you.



I hope you can disregard your basic resolutions, but instead make an effort to become a better person each day. You should achieve endless goals and be mindful of all the possibilities this wonderful world holds.


I hope you are able to do it all.



Blogger Secret Santa

Hello beautiful human beings of the Internet, I am finally back after dropping off of the face of the Earth for the past few weeks. The last post you probably read from my blog might have been from my “Blogmas” series. Blogmas was the time period from December 1st to December 25th where bloggers post every single day. Blogmas is kind of like a challenge, and it’s a fun way to connect with other bloggers during the holiday season. Buuuuuuut stuff happens, and I ultimately had to prioritize my finals and schoolwork over my blogging goals. Hey there’s always next year, right?


After returning home from school on the 21 of December, I headed out of the country, to the Dominican Republic with my family to celebrate Christmas. Thus, I am a tad late on my Secret Santa Post! You probably have no idea what I am referring to, but don’t worry I’ll explain:


This year, I took part in the Blogger Secret Santa! Abigail and Cathleen hosted this amazing lil’ gift swap this year!


I was fortunate enough to receive a gift from Victoria of OhMissEngineer. Victoria gifted me a ton of different things that I was excited about!


One of my favorite things that Victoria gifted me was the cute notebook! You could kind of call me a notebook hoarder I guess, but I seriously love notebooks. I always look forward to using up all of the space in an old notebook so that I can move on to a new notebook.

sincerelykenz- secret santa sincerelykenz- secret santa

I also loved the samples that Victoria gifted me! I love trying new products and samples allow me to determine whether or not I actually want to purchase the full size of the product.

sincerelykenz- secret santa

Overall, I was very happy with the secret santa present that I received from Victoria! It’s always fun to connect with other bloggers and spread some holiday cheer. The one thing I found so funny about this Blogger Secret Santa is that we all are so similar, and have such similar tastes/gift ideas!sincerelykenz- secret santa

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season and are ready for the new year!