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    Non-Caffeinated Ways To Wake Up | Sincerelykenz

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Non-Caffienated Ways To Wake Up

Non-Caffeinated Ways To Wake Up | Sincerelykenz

What better day to put a post up about coffee than on a Monday, right?! Okay, I’ll admit it- I am a coffee addict. Like most people, I seriously rely on coffee every morning to give myself that extra lil’ kick to get the day started. I mean, can you blame me, though? Coffee is like magic, it helps my brain function and is the backbone for a lot of my productive days.


Although I love coffee, and would not mind continuing to use it as my morning fuel everyday,  there is some backlash about the drink itself. The caffeine in coffee is what gets ya’, if not consumed in the proper amounts coffee can cause headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and a whole bunch of other things that you would probably rather not hear about.


With the help of Pinterest (duh), I found some alternative, noncaffeinated ways to wake up in the morning. No promises that any of these work, but I think they’re definitely worth a try. Here are 5 noncaffeinated ways to wake up in the morning:



With or without the  aid of coffee, it is going to be tough to wake up feeling energized and motivated  if you did not get good nights sleep the night before. It is so so SO important to have a constant sleep schedule. Try and aim to get 8-9 hours of sleep a night if possible! This means that you need to let go of the distractions that are keeping you up all night. Studies show that if you shut your electronics off an hour before you plan on going to sleep, you will fall asleep faster and get a better night sleep all together. I know, I know, it’s tough to shut down FaceBook before bed, you obviously need to spend a good 3 hours watching videos  of grandmas dancing BUT if you get a good nights sleep, it will help you immensely. Other activities that can be done the night before to prep for a noncaffeinated wake up include working out, reading a book, or doing anything relaxing. Doing something relaxing before hitting the sheets will calm your body down, and prepare it for a good nights sleep.

Non-Caffeinated Ways To Wake Up | Sincerelykenz


How many times have you heard the saying: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”?! Well, guess what, it’s true and you need to eat your breakfast! So many people think it is okay to skip out on breakfast….it’s totally not! When you first wake up from a nights sleep, your body is basically in starvation mode- so eat your breakfast! Giving your body the proper nutrients will help you gain energy and have a productive day. Choose a healthy option for breakfast that will keep you full and energized.



One of my favorite things to do every morning when I first wake up is to chug a cold glass of water. Water aids in helping the brain get oxygen, and keeps your body from getting dehydrated. When you get dehydrated, you get tired. Drink water, your body needs it!

Non-Caffeinated Ways To Wake Up | Sincerelykenz


While a long, hot shower might be the first thing that you want to do when you wake up, it can actually hurt you in the end! Try using  a bit of colder water in your showers in the morning to wake yourself up and get your body ready for the day. Timing your showers is not a bad idea either! Taking a 45-minute shower in the morning isn’t exactly going to wake your body up. Taking a quick shower in a certain time frame every day, and being weary of the time will keep you alert and on your toes. Aromatherapy is also a great way to wake yourself up in the morning. I personally use Bath and Body Works “Stress” body scrub and it is actually amazing.



Do you ever have those days when you wake up and literally nothing can get you out of bed? Those are the absolute WORST. The reasoning behind days like this is that your alarm clock does not know your sleep schedule. Your alarm could be waking you up when you are in your deepest sleep every morning and you would not even know it (unless you were super tired of course, then maybe you would know it). There are a TON of different apps and fitness devices that can help to wake you up in the proper timing of your sleep cycle. I use the FitBit and it is seriously a game changer. This device tracks when you are in your lightest and deepest sleep cycle and wakes you up when you are in a lighter cycle.


Have you ever tried waking up without caffeine?! Has it worked for you?! Let me know in the comments below! 

Non-Caffeinated Ways To Wake Up | Sincerelykenz





Hello, beautiful human beings of the internet, happy Hump DayYyYyYyY!!!!! To be completely honest with you all, I am so surprised that I survived the first half of this week. I have had a crazy amount of homework lately and for some reason, I just can’t seem to catch myself up with everything that I need to do. So

So naturally I figured I might as well spend my time blogging rather than getting a head start on my homework that’s due tonight… priorities people, priorities. I recently saw someone in the  library reading a book that I have been wanting to get my hands on for a while now. This instantly gave me the idea to create a blog post with a list of inpsiring books that millenials should read.

English major over here blogging about books that she wants to read. Sounds typical right?! Wrong. I have been eyeing these books for quite some time now but literally, have to read a TON of required books for my classes every night.  Don’t get me wrong, the classes I am in are interesting and so are the books that I have to read for them buuuuuuut sometimes you want to read a book of your choice, not one that your professor assigns you. My goal is to read all of these books during my winter break off of college


INSPIRING BOOKS ALL MILLENIALS NEED TO READ- SINCERELYKENZYou Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

This is an awesome book ( see what I did there? 😉 ) for people who need a lil’ work on their confidence, or just want to improve their life in general. This book has been on the NY Times Best Seller list and is basically like a giant “how to” guide for being… well,  awesome. Jen Sincero, the author of this book, is a life coach who wrote this book to help people find and identify themselves throuhgout the crazy roller coaster of life.





Are you even a blogger if you haven’t read this book?! No, I’m only kidding but almost every blogger I know has this book! The author of this book writes about her journey, and how she worked her way up to be where she is today. Sophia Amoruso grew up in a bad area and was not exactly a poster child.  She committed a lot of crimes and was often found dumpster diving or hitchhiking on the side of the road. Amoruso is now one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world and can be attributed for NASTY GAL, a 100 million+ fashion retailer. The key takeaway from this book is that how successful you become has nothing to do with where you went to high school or what college you attended. Amoruso wants readers to understand that your success is on you. However much work you put into yourself is exactly what you will get out of yourself.


INSPIRING BOOKS ALL MILLENIALS NEED TO READ- SINCERELYKENZLeave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.

This book isn’t really strictly about anything inspirational but is a great pick for anyone who has a business or blog that they want to work on. Leave Your Mark is full of “real talk” from an author who has seen it all. The author of this book is the global fashion communication executive…. think of PR queen and Twitter superstar and yep, that’s her. This book can be utilized as an aid for those who need a bit of guidance when it comes to kicking off their business and kickstarting their career. Definitely an inspirational read for those of us who need a bit of work with any type of buissness or career journey.


INSPIRING BOOKS ALL MILLENIALS NEED TO READ- SINCERELYKENZMake it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.

Make It Happen is a story for anyone who is looking to enhance their life. If you want to become something greater than you are, or want to take the next big step with whatever it is you’re working on, this is the book for you. This cultivating read is about breaking down fears, working hard, and achieving greatness. Author, Lara Casey writes:

“Make It Happen is the story of how I surrendered my fear, took the leap, and got a life. In my case, a perfectly imperfect, fulfilling life as a mama, a working woman, and a grateful wife. This is the story of how I chose to make “it”―a greater purpose than mine―happen, and how you can too.”




This book was written to inspire readers to fulfil their dreams of living creative, positive lives. If you are looking to change the way you live and add positive aspects to your life, this is the book for you. The author of this book gets into the deep aspects of how she achieves creativity; she writes through a unique lens that shows readers what it is like to utilise creativity in every aspect of life. This book features a series of tips and tricks on how to utilize creativity in our lives every day and the attitude and approaches we need for certain situations to maintain a positive mindset.



INSPIRING BOOKS ALL MILLENIALS NEED TO READ- SINCERELYKENZYear of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person

Whenever I hear about this book my mind ALWAYS jumps back to that Jim Carey movie where he is required to say yes to everything for the rest of his life. I can’t even begin to think of anything close to what the name of this movie is, but it cracks me up every time. ANYWAY, this book is about taking any opportunity that comes your way and always saying “yes” when you can. This book is actually written by Greys Anatomy producer, Shonda Rhimes. In the book, she writes about what her life was like before she took opportunities that came her way, and before she said “yes” to everything.

“This wildly candid and compulsively readable book reveals how the mega talented Shonda Rhimes finally achieved badassery worthy of a Shondaland character”



Why Not Me?

Mindy Kaling is probably one of my favorite actresses. For those of you who live under a rock, Mindy Kaling starred as Kelly Kapoor in The Office, which is arguably one of the best TV shows to ever be produced. In her book, Mindy writes about her journey to find peace and happiness in her adult life. I find Mindy Kaling to be hilarious, and this is evident throughout her book. Mindy’s book was numer 1 on the New York Times Bestseller List for quite sometime and still has very positive reviews to this day. If you are looking for an inspirational read, with some humourus aspects, this is the book for you.




Have you read any of these books? Do you have any ideas that you think should be added to this list? Let me know in the coments below! I hope you all have a fantastic hump day and as always, be sure to come back Friday for another post!


If You Have Trouble With Time Management- READ THIS NOW


Good old time management. This is one of most college students’ biggest struggles and a great enemy of mine. It’s difficult to manage time efficiently in college, there are always so many things going on and it can get tough to stay on top of everything on a day-to-day basis.


I personally have a time management problem. There are some days when I am crazy productive and almost do too much annnnnnd then there are some days when I am crazy productive and almost do too little.


It’s like an endless cycle of sucky time management for me; I can never get it together. I decided I wanted to conquer this struggle of mine and did some research on Pinterest (duh). I found out that conquering time management issues are in fact, possible! Yes you heard me; there are real ways to fix your time management struggles. Here’s how:


  1. Use A Planner & To Do Lists

Plan..Plan..Plan, I feel like that is all I ever do and all I am EVER talking about on this blog. I have said it a million times, and I’ll say it again: my planner is my lifesaver. I write literally everything and anything in my planner and it is sosoososo helpful. I currently do not create “hour by hour to-do lists”- apparently these are a thing?!- But I have heard that these are the most beneficial when it comes to time management, and actually getting things done. If you want to plan your day using an hour by hour to do list, there is a ton of blank ones on Google as well as Pinterest. Utilizing this style to do list will enable you to set hourly goals and keep you on track throughout the day. I have yet to try this style of to do list out yet but I’m sure by the time finals to roll around, I will be all about them!


Something essential to getting things done on to do lists is to take breaks. It is scientifically proven that your mind looses focus after twenty-three minutes. Thus, if you are trying to cross off everything on your to-do list in a timely fashion, be sure to take a break after every 20-25 minute increment. I usually do this when I study, and spend a couple of minutes checking emails, texting, or scrolling through Insta on my “breaks”.


  1. Keep Yourself Motivated

No one can make you do anything more than yourself. It is up to YOU to get the things you want to accomplish, accomplished. It is up to YOU to stay on task and get what you need to get done in an timely manner. Whenever I am feeling low or feel I need a lil’ inspiration I always look up quotes on, you guessed it, Pinterest.


I usually always set my desktop background and phone background to an inspiring and motivating quote. It is easy to get off track and lose sight of what you are actually doing, but being able to motivate yourself and get yourself back on track is a strong trait to have. Think about this: you’re freakin’ awesome, you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. If you want to get a certain amount of things done in a certain amount of time you sure as heck can! It’s up to you to push yourself and get it done.


  1. Utilize The Hours You Normally Wouldn’t

You know that awkward hour and fifteen-minute gap you have between classes every day?! Use these awkward breaks to get things done! I actually have an hour and a half break every Tuesday-Thursday and have strictly made myself utilize this time for blogging. Using these minimal breaks for work, and productive tasks are way better than using them to take a nap or something (I’ll admit I was guilty of this last semester). These awkward gaps in between classes are the best times to get work done. You can get your work done before you go home, which is awesome. This means more time at home to watch Netflix and eat cookies people, very important! Even if you only utilize this time to check emails, and go over notes, at least you’re doing something! Bang off some of the small items on your to-do list during these hours, and you will see how beneficial it will be in the long run!


  1. Do Things Right Away

I won’t lie, I am guilty of this BUT try and finish assignments and study for exams the second you find out their due dates. If you continue to push assignments off and delay the things that you need to get done you will loose motivation and forget about them all together. Completing a task the second you hear about it makes things a lot less stressful in the long run and allows you to cross one more thing off your never ending to do list!


  1. Be Willing To Sacrifice

I get it; it totally sucks to have to give up things that make you happy to get work done. BUT it will help you in the long run. There are days when I have to skip out on a blog post because I’m too busy completing assignments and writing papers, but think about this…what will matter more down the road? Skipping out on something that makes you happy for just one day or not completing a major assignment that is due for a class? Being able to prioritize things is something that is very important when it comes to time management. You need to be able to know what has to get done, and make that your first priority.


Each and every day we have to decide what we want to dedicate our time to. I hope this post helped at least someone else who has time management issues like I do! What do you do to cope with time management struggles? Have you ever tried anything on this list? Let me know in the comments below!



The beginning of a new semester is always great… you join clubs, you keep yourself organized, you prioritize what needs to be prioritized, and overall you have a great mindset about the upcoming year.

Buuuuuut, then mid-semester comes, and things start to go a bit downhill- the workload starts getting harder, you begin to miss home, and things start to get stressful.


I have been spending a lot of time trying to maintain my sanity and have been trying my best to stay positive during this past couple of weeks. I really think the “mid-semester slump” is unavoidable…when it hits ya’, it hits ya… and it sucks. Here are a few different things that I do when I feel the “mid-semester slump” coming my way:

what-every-college-student-needs-to-read-during-mid-semester- sincerelykenz

Take Care Of Yourself

Often times when things start to get stressful, the first thing to get pushed aside is your wellbeing. It’s easy to forget about taking care of your body when you are busy trying to balance a billion other things on your plate at the same time. Although it can be tough to prioritize at times, taking care of your body is a necessity. Your body does a lot for you and needs to be energized, loved, and prioritized. Some simple ways to take care of yourself include getting enough sleep, keeping up with good hygiene, fueling your body with the proper nutrients it needs, and doing things to keep yourself happy.

You should never forget to do certain things every day that makes you happy- even if times get stressful, and you are feeling down. Make sure that you are taking the time to do what you love and allotting a set amount of time in your busy schedule each day to relax, unwind, and do things that make you, you. Don’t loose yourself when things get stressful.

what-every-college-student-needs-to-read-during-mid-semester- sincerelykenz

Stay Positive

Like anything else in life, nothing lasts forever. Even if you think this so called “mid-semester slump” is  the end of the world, and are struggling to maintain a positive mindset, try and remember this: It is perfectly normal to feel down sometimes, and a lot of college students go through the “mid-semester slump”. It is also okay to have a bad day every once in a while.  Just make sure that one bad day doesn’t turn into several bad days. It’s important to not always focus on the negatives and try your best to create positives in all situations.

what-every-college-student-needs-to-read-during-mid-semester- sincerelykenz

Plan, Plan, Plan

I can’t stress enough how much my planner helps me in basically every part of my life. Creating goals, to do lists, and planning almost everything and anything can seriously work wonders. Although it may seem tedious at times, taking the time to plan out your days and what you need to get done can lead to less stress and a better chance of actually getting things done. Did that just make sense? I feel like it totally didn’t. My point is, is that if you plan your day out ahead of time you will be on track with your life, and will have a greater chance to prioritize what needs to be prioritized.

I personally love to create to-do lists every night before I go to sleep. This allows me to envision how the following day will go and what I must do to complete all of my goals.

what-every-college-student-needs-to-read-during-mid-semester- sincerelykenz

Know Your Worth

Just because you may be feeling down at a certain period of time does not mean that you are not an incredibly awesome individual. Know your worth, and do everything in your power to never ever ever EVER forget it.  Your energy, confidence, and attitude are the things that other people interact with. You should want to prove to other people that you are awesome and that you are capable of great things. Both of these characteristics can be shown through the attitude you have,  and how you carry yourself around others.


Have you ever felt the “mid-semester slump”?! What do you do to conquer it?



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Not gonna lie, Mondays usually suck- I think everyone knows that. Mondays are just Mondays and there is nothing you can do to change em’. BUT this particular Monday I am home from college, and am off from all of my classes! This particular Monday doesn’t suck, and I am one happy camper because of that.


I wanted to take some time to brighten all of your Mondays (for those of you who don’t have off) and tell you about an awesome company that I recently had the opportunity to work with!


A while back, I was fortunate enough to work with CaseApp to create my very own customized iPhone case! I ended up absolutely loving this case and have used it quite frequently ever since I received it.


I was recently contacted by StickerApp (they also own CaseApp) to test out their latest sticker products! I figured I would give it a shot because I mean let’s be realistic, who doesn’t love stickers?


After working with the customization tool on the website, I found out that StickerApp is actually pretty awesome! This website offers customers a variety of different finishes for stickers. You can customize a sticker to basically anything you would like and can work with a series of different customization tools to select what shape cut out, size, and firmness of what you would like your sticker to be.


If you are not sure about what sticker type you would like, StickerApp even offers you the opportunity to test out a sample pack for just two dollars! This enables you to check out all of the different types of stickers, without having to fork out all the cash of actually ordering them customized. Here are a few of the different sticker finishes that StickerApp offers for their customers:


screen-shot-2016-07-22-at-11-03-14-pm screen-shot-2016-07-22-at-11-03-26-pm

If you aren’t really looking to customize anything specific, StickerApp also has a bunch of stickers that range from basically anything and everything. You can buy different types of premade stickers and add them to whatever you would like. I personally love throwing stickers on my  laptop, phone, and water bottle.


While StickerApp did sponsor this post, all opinions are my own. I personally love the products that this company produces and was so pleased with how easy the customization tools were to work with.


I wanted to give you guys the chance to check out everything that StickerApp has to offer too! You can use the code:


to receive 20% off of your next order from StickerApp! I would also love to share the stickers I created with some of you! Feel free to comment down below if you would like me to send you one of my stickers 🙂






October Check List


Friday- we meet again! I could not be more excited that this week is over, I get to go home today! This week has been pretty good so far. For starters, I got accepted into the university I wish to study abroad at in, Prague.  Aaaaaand I think my dormitory hall FINALLY decided to turn the heat on this morning. So what does this mean?, I’m sure you are probably dying to know.  A. That I will be blogging about all things study abroad of course! and B. It also means that I can finally go to sleep without 76 layers on!

Speaking of 76 layers….happy October! The Fall weather is finally starting to kick in where I go to school, no more Birkenstocks for me :(. With a new month comes a new “checklist”, here is a list of things I hope to complete in the month of October


1.Get Ready For Halloween:

Halloween is by far the BEST part of October. I need to start decorating for this magical holiday, and of course, figuring out what costume I want to wear. I think the actual best part of the whole Halloween season is getting the candy that is marked like 95% off the day after Halloween!

Another awesome part of Halloween is the movies- duh! The Nightmare Before Christmas might be my favorite movie. I watch this every year before Halloween. Some other faves are Halloweentown and The Corpse Bride.


2.Go Pumpkin Picking:

This is an obvious October activity, but who does not love to go pumpkin picking?! I have never been a five-star pumpkin carver, but I would love to take up the challenge.

I have always wanted to check out the “pumpkin walks”- is that even what they’re called?, I’m not sure. These “pumpkin walks” are basically a crazy amount of carved pumpkins that line up a specific walking route, each pumpkin is carved in a pretty intense way and is obviously lit up.


3.Pumpkin Everything:

Pinterest seriously has SO many different recipes, all including pumpkin. I would love to try and make some pumpkin marble bread, my own PSL, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin pancakes. I do not think I have ever made anything with this ingredient, so these recipes would definitely be interesting to try.


4. Drench Myself In All Of The Fall Scents:

Bath and Body Works is always on top of their game during the month of October. Scents like Pumpkin Cupcake, Cinnamon Apple, and  Pumpkin Apple Cookie were just released these past couple of weeks. BBW also has a bunch of jazzy candles that are perfect for the Fall.


5.Figure Out Study Abroad Things:

As I said before, I got accepted into a study abroad program! I thought the application process was a bit tedious, but the steps I now have to take make the application process look like a piecea’ cake. I need to do a TON of research, fill out paperwork, and basically just get my life together.


6.Embrace Vest Season:

I like to think of October as the month of vests. The temperatures in October are a bit on and off, it’s not cold enough for a winter jacket but it’s also not warm enough to go jacketless. This is where vests come into play. I love love love vests, they seriously make any outfit look so put together. I can’t wait to start rocking vests during this month.

What is on your October check list? I would love to know in the comments below!

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Sleep: every college student’s best friend.  Although this activity is envied by most college students, it rarely comes in good moderation. Getting a full night’s rest is an essential if you are trying to maintain a healthy, productive lifestyle.


Going to bed at a feasible time every night sounds like an easy task, but it can actually be tougher than you think. Constantly trying to meet deadlines, complete  homework assignments, as well as maintaining somewhat of a social life, getting a good night’s sleep is probably the last thing that you prioritize.


You have probably all heard this before, but it is recommended that young adults should get about eight hours of solid sleep every night. You probably also know that this isn’t usually the case, especially in college.  If you are feeling like you are not getting enough sleep, and are looking to change that, you have come to the right place!

Create A Routine

Creating a routine, and following it on a regular basis is an awesome way to get a better night’s sleep. For those of you that have IOS 10, there is an awesome new feature called “bedtime”, which sets an alarm for when you should go to bed according to when you want to wake up to get a full nights rest… does that make sense?  This feature is a great way to make sure that you are hitting the sheets at the same time every day.

Your routine should include all of the things that you normally do before bed each night. My routine usually consists of cleaning my room, packing my backpack for the following morning, washing my face, brushing my teeth, completing some odds and ends, and of course- getting in bed.

Try to mold your nighttime routine into a habit. Start your routine at the same time every day and complete the tasks in the same order every day. This will help your internal clock- if you go to bed at the same time every night, your body will eventually know when it is time to slow down and get some rest.

Prep For A Better Tomorrow

Something I seriously love to do every night is visualize the next day in my mind. This helps me organize my thoughts and figure out exactly what I need to do the following day. I usually create an internal to-do list every night when I am laying in bed.

Along with the to-do list prep comes some small odds and ends that I do every night before bed. Checking the weather for the following day and selecting an outfit to wear has helped me SO much. I am a disaster when it comes to deciding what to wear, so having this picked out ahead of time leads me to less stress and let’s be honest, a much cleaner room.

One of the last things I like to prep before I go to bed is the breakfast that I will be eating the following morning.  Even if it is something as simple as a bowl of oatmeal, leaving out a bowl, utensil, and the ingredients the night before can be very helpful and ease your mind of stress when you are falling asleep!

Take Some Time To De-Stress

Stress is sleep’s worst enemy. Whenever I feel stressed I can barely get any sleep. Following all of the “prepping” steps, I just listed as well as taking some “you” time every night before bed can help to limit stress a TON. Having some tea and leaving myself enough time to read a bit before bed every night helps me fizzle away all of the stress that is constantly floating around in my head.

Get Rid Of Your Phone

This is probably one of the toughest things to do when it comes to trying to get a good night’s sleep. Aside from utilizing your device to set an alarm, you should really shut it off when you are getting ready for bed. Phones are a huge distraction! I know personally, I could sit on Pinterest every night before bed for hours and hours on end. I like to leave my phone on the opposite side of my room at night so that I cannot hit the snooze button in the morning and so that when I am in the process of trying to fall asleep, I am not distracted by it.


What do you do when you are struggling to get a good night’s rest? Let me know in the comments below!



Aside from a select few people (hi mom, hi dad), my audience is primarily college ladies, like myself.  I usually blog about college-related topics because I’m in college, duh, and because I’m surrounded by college related things every day.

Like myself, there are a ton of amazing bloggers out there who primarily blog about all things college. I constantly find myself stalking these blogs, and heading to them whenever I’m having some serious writer’s block or just want to read some jazzy posts. Here is my list of the best college bloggers out there:



Kayla’s blog was one of the first blogs that I really admired when I started blogging. Kayla writes about everything and anything lifestyle, as well as a handful of great advice for college students. My personal faves from Kayla are her reading lists- always so on point and super helpful if you’re looking for a new read!


The Young Hopeful, known as a  “girls guide to thriving in college” is SO helpful. TYH happens to be one of my absolute faaaaavorite blogs because of the content produced on it. This blog was founded by Hope Young, but now has a series of different contributors who produce amazing content every day. This blog is awesome if you need some inspiration or motivation on anything college related.


Gabby and Hannah work together to publish amazing content on this blog. In addition to all of the college blog posts they have, they also feature a ton of posts about blogging advice, which is always helpful!


Amelie runs this blog and she is totally fabulous. A ton of Amelie’s blog posts are about college advice. Other types of posts she writes include lifestyle pieces and book recommendations!


Stephanie’s blog isn’t strictly about college, but a majority of her posts focus on tips and tricks about getting through college! I love Stephanie’s traveling posts, she always includes beautiful pictures with them.


Abigail writes about such great topics on her blog. Posts about time management, how to stay healthy in college, and how to prepare for college are just a few of the wide range of college-related things that she writes about.


Sara from the infamous Sara Laughed, started College Compass in hopes to help readers “navigate their college years”. This blog is strictly about all things college. It is like a giant whirlpool of all things college, and is SO helpful because each post is written through a different perspective.



All of these blogs are absolutely great. There are so many college bloggers out there who write awesome content. If you are interested in finding more college bloggers I would advise you to utilize  Pinterest!!- so many college blogs are floating around Pinterest!


Friday Faves: 9/23/16

Friday…..Friday…..Friday…..FRIYAY! I am beyond happy that it is finally Friday… could you tell?! I have been swamped with homework this week and don’t think I have ever been more excited for a weekend. Another awesome thing about today? It’s a national holiday- how could you forget!? It’s the Boss man’s birthday, Bruce Springsteen turns 67 today.



Naturally, Bruce’s birthday is my first favorite on this list. I am actually (seriously, not kidding) meeting Bruce next Wednesday. He is holding a few book signings/appearances in the upcoming months to promote his autobiography, Born To Run, which will be on sale September 27th. Becuase of my genuine awesomeness and ability to do awesome things all of the time, I was lucky enough to get tickets before they sold out.



Another Friday fave for this week is Starbucks Mocha Lattes! As we all know, the PSL is back. So naturally, I have been spending a lot of time in Starbucks lately (thanks for the gift card, Grammy). I wanted to switch it up and try something different. I’m a big fan of Starbucks hot chocolate, so when I found out that they made their mochas and hot chocolates with essentially the same syrups, I was hooked.  Deff adding this one to my list of Starbucks faves. Just kidding, I don’t actually have a list but if I did this would totally be on there.



It’s official, Fall is finally upon us! You probs live under a rock if you didn’t know that yesterday marked the Fall equinox… lucky for you I’ll always be here to update you on this kind of important information. ANYWAYS, Fall is hands down one of the best seasons, October-December is just a series of magical months and I really don’t know what else there is to say about it other than yay. I’ll be spending a lot of time on Pinterest these next couple of weeks because I’m obsessed with all of the Fall outfit inspiration, Fall D.I.Y, and Fall recipes.



I have had my Birkenstocks since mid-summer and can honestly say that they are the best thing I have purchased in a loooong time. I wear these bad boys almost every day and refuse to wear any other shoe until the weather doesn’t cooperate. These shoes have awesome arch support and are so so so comfortable. I totally recommend purchasing them if you are thinking about it.



Are you really a blogger if you don’t add blogging to your favorites list? But seriously, I was in a bit of a funk with the whole blogging thing, and was having a lot of trouble figuring out what to write about. I finally brainstormed for a while and made a massive list of blog post ideas. I am so so happy that I took the time to do this because it has inspired me to get back on track and continue to post.


What are some of your favorite things this week? Do you like Bruce, Mocha Lattes,  Fall, Birkenstocks, or blogging?! Let me know in the comments!



Hump day….we meet again- am I the only one who thinks these past few weeks have been flying by?! Maybe it’s because the new semester just started? My body has been primarily running on coffee (lots and lots of coffee) and minimal sleep. My classes and assignments are beginning to get into full swing, and it has been a rough couple of days.


Speaking of college, today were talkin’ about note taking! The class lecture style in college is waaaay different than that of high school. In college, professors expect you to retain the information that they speak about in class as well as whatever information may be on their power point, worksheet, etc.


As scary as it may sound, taking notes in college is not as hard as it seems. I like to consider myself a pretty good note taker. That being said ,I know a few things that could enhance your note taking skills. I have decided to compile some of these tips to help all of my fellow college homies out there who could use a bit of help in the note taking department:



An extremely important factor of college notes is to make sure that they are organized properly. Organizing your notes in a specific, redundant way will help you when you are studying, or need to gather information in a timely manner.

Personally, I write all of my major headings in a larger font. This allows me to differentiate the information and is the first thing to catch my eye when I got back over my notes. For subheadings, I’ll usually use a mid-sized font, something that still grabs my attention, but nothing too crazy.

Titling different sections of your notes is also a huge help. You want to make sure that the titles to the different sections of your notes are complete and concise. You should be able to know exactly what the notes will be about, solely by glancing at the title. Try to make your titles minimal, as something too elaborate may confuse you.



Something that has helped my college note taking skills immensely is the use of different colored pens, highlighters, and markers. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to add a bit of color to their notes? Color coding certain sections of notes will help when help when skimming through notes quickly. Color coding makes trying to find the information that you really need to know a piece of cake. I like to create a system that helps me quickly understand the color coding that I do on my notes.

For example:

BLUE= Important terms

YELLOW= Key time periods

ORANGE= Notable people and figures

Creating a system for the color coordination of your notes is a big help. This will allow key terms, periods, and figures to immediately jump at you when you glance over your notes any certain time. Adding some color to your notes can actually be a lot more fun than it sounds! Here are some of my favorite products for color coding my notes:


  • Sharpie Highlighters:  I’m a big fan of anything from Sharpie. I love these particular highlighters because they come in a pack of 10. They also have a chisel tip, which enables users to create very fine lines. These highlighters also come in packs of 6, without a chiseled tip.
  • SharpiesHonestly, who doesn’t love sharpies?! I have this pack of 24 and use it almost everytime I need to write down anything. Although these bad boys are on the pricier end of the spectrum, they are still totally worth it because of how long they last!
  • Gel Pens:  Okay, call me a five-year-old but I think gel pens are fabulous. These are perfect for creating diagrams in your notes or underlining specific terms. If you aren’t too crazy about the whole gel pen thing, these Bic Pens are seriously perfect.



A trick to taking down as much information in as little time as possible- A.K.A when the professor keeps rattling off information that will be on a test but you physically can’t keep up writing it all down- is to shorthand. Think about the language that you use when you text, this is the kind of language that you should write your notes in. Any type of shorthand that you will be able to identify whenever you’re going back over your notes in the future can help you take notes at a faster pace. Personally, I use shorthand for long terminology and simple words. For example:

BC= Because

W= With

Y= Why

Special Education= Sped


Something that has been super beneficial for me, is to go back over my notes at a later time. I usually will spend some time rewriting the notes that I previously took on a given day. Rewriting notes and comparing them to slide shows, textbooks, and even a friend’s notes can be extremely helpful when it comes to retaining the information.


As intimidating as it sounds, taking notes in college doesn’t have to be that bad! I use all of these tips/tricks whenever I take notes during lectures and so far, I have gotten all of the information that I need for tests and exams on the given content. I also totally recommend checking out some studyblrs for  motivation and inspiration on taking college notes. Jessica, wrote an amazing post all about studyblrs that is very helpful- check it out! 



Note: This post contains affiliate links.